Spice Farm

Time for Tea Please?

While in Goa I had the chance to visit a spice farm. It was actually really interesting, who knew that 5 spice was from plant not 5 mixed together or that pineapples grew like this ….

Not me !

Another major plus was that the spice tour included lots of Tea, a freshly made brew of their own Lemon grass , cardamom and ginger tea. Which was the perfect first quencher with being 34 degrees.

Served in glasses not much bigger than a shot glass, it was the perfect refreshment.

On first sip it wasn’t overly strong in flavour , but it’s one of those teas you are able to taste every part of each flavour as an individual. Particularly the lemongrass and ginger. It was only at the end of the Tea that the cardamom is overly obvious. It was perfect sip by sip and it was unlimited ! Safe to say I took advantage of this.

I was also quite surprised how un sweet it was compared to similar teas you’d get within the UK. I’m guessing this is down to how fresh the ingredients are.

In India like many other countries the use certain herbs and spices for illnesses and ailments. I’m all for herbal remedies so it was interesting to see the Indian thoughts on this.

I also had one of those once in a life time opportunities and fed two elephants !!!

Happy Sipping and Happy Travels 🙂

Karma-Cafe Bakery

Time for Tea Please?

In my next instalment of my Goan adventures is Karma-Cafe Bakery.

A Patnem road side cafe, I found this while mopeding and the sight of a bakery caught my attention. Unlike other cafe and food outlets I’ve seen while in Goa it offers gluten free options. Seeing as it felt like Tea Time it was the perfect time to try. Tea and Cookie Time!


Vanilla tea.
One thing about ordering teas here is that it always comes served already brewed so you never know what sort of strength your going to get. You just have to hope they know what there doing!

The aroma of the tea is light on vanilla scent and presuming it’s a black based tea due to its colouring.

It’s not until siping the tea that I have a feeling this may actually be a kind of rooibos based tea. As it’s got that distinct flavouring you’d expect from it.

The only difference is that the vanilla does a lot of the talking. So they weren’t lying that it was vanilla but like many things in India they tend to get lost in translation.

Banana, Fruit & Nut Cookie

Its not a traditional cookie in the sense it’s not super sweet and not crunchy ! The banana is a clear taste and it made sweeter by the the nuts and raisins. Mixing its with the sprinkling of seasmae sees and the pomegranate for a nice sweet treat but also being healthy too ! It was delicious.

Happy sipping and travels 🙂

Tea Travels – Goa

Time for Tea Please?

I love going to new places to see different cultures and of course trying to discover new teas. So let’s fly away to Goa, South India.

This was my longest flight ever! 9 hours from London, Heathrow to Mumbai with a further 50 minutes from Mumbai to Goa. It was a long day including the time difference.

I was very amused by my inflight meal with the first taste of my Indian adventures,


Oh and a very much needed cup of tea, even it was quite weak, but I wasn’t complaining!


I was even greeted with tea while waiting for my connecting flight !


After what seemed like a life time of traveling , I was met at Goa airport by Lacto the owner of Lacto Cresida Coco Huts in Palolem , South Goa. Just look how beautiful it is and only 200m from beach.