Goa Tea Travels

Time for Tea Please?

This is my last instalment of my Tea Travels to Goa. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my mini adventure but there was just a few more pieces I wanted to share with you.

For my base while in Goa I stayed in Palolem , with its amazing Palm tree lined beaches. Not only that but from there you can hire kayaks and mopeds or go on dolphin and eagle boat rides.

The sunsets are also pretty amazing here too


Or take a Tuk Tuk / Rickshaw

To explore the market stall lined streets and even come across a few surprises strolling down the street….


You’ll also see a lot of Tea Stalls !

However while there I was informed by a local that it’s all the same tea and it’s only the aroma you can smell and that it won’t taste like your expecting. So the risk is up to you. However it does still look good.

The food is pretty tasty too and not needing an excuse to have curry for breakfast was also pretty cool!


For a further piece of paradise I’d highly recommend Cola Beach, where a natural river almost meets the sea. It’s such a tranquil place.

Or travel further a field and discover the monkeys

At Dudhsagar Falls (which translates as Sea of Milk ) , a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi River.

While here the freshly squeezed sugar Caine is well worth a try and only 50 rupees, it is a bit sweet but a must try.

I also couldn’t not have a henna tattoo..



I absolutely loved my time in Goa and would love to go back again one day.

Thanks for reading my tea travels and Happy Sipping 🙂

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