Teekanne – Brasilianische Limette

Time for Tea Please?

I love trying new teas , especially ones that I’m not able to purchase in England. While the other half was a way on photography mission in Estonia he brought me back a box of Teekanne – Brasilianische Limette. Translated to Brazilian Lime. To create a taste of South America the tea blends lime (juice &flavour) , the aroma of acerola and mint, apple, orange peel, blackberry leaves, white hibiscus, liquorice and cinnamon.

On opening the tea box you are instantly hit with a powerful fruity aroma. It’s not just the lime that sings through but a full on fruity experience. I just hope it tastes as good as it smells.

Let’s get brewing !


I did notice that Teekanne recommend a 5-8 minute brew time. As with a lot of herbal teas I like to leave a long brew time or even never take it out ! (Anyone else do this?) So brewing for the longer the better seems to be the way to go with this tea.

The brewed liquid has a yellowy green tinge which is fitting for its lime name.

While brewing the aroma itself didn’t overly change , it just got a lot stronger and more Limey.

First sip certainly packs a punch ! It’s super zingy and really refreshing. The lime is on the right side of intense, instead of being the sharp taste you expect from a citrus based tea but a balance of a sweet and sour taste sensation. It’s such a light yet crisp sipping experience , the lime just works with other fruity flavours to produce a sharp yet refreshing fruit cocktail. Almost sherbet like in its taste.

Now if only like the name suggests I was sipping this on a beach in Brazil. It’s one of those teas that you just know would taste great hot or cold. It’s through the refreshing qualities of this tea that is really uplifting the perfect zingy fruity pick me up.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚


Bunny Infuser

Time for Tea Please?
I found these cute bunny tea infusers while in Tiger, at a ยฃ1 each what a bargain!


Matcha Store UK- Matcha Latte

Time for Tea Please?

Courtesy of Matcha Store UK, for sending me their Matcha to try , so I’m going to have a go at making a Matcha Latte.

What I love about the packaging is that although it’s more aimed at Chinese drinkers you are still able to tell what it is.

I also love the cute illustrations on the back of the packaging as well as some instructions in English. Which is handy for as me being a novice will come in handy.

I’ve been wanting to try matcha for a while now as I’ve seen a lot about the potential health benefits of using it.

Matcha Benefits


Now let’s get sipping!

1. Mix the matcha with some warm water for form a paste.

2. Add in the sweetener of your choice if required , in this case o,musing honey , but maple syrup , vanilla or cinnamon I’ve also seen in other recipes so use what you like for your own taste.

3.Pour your choice of hot or cold milk (of any variety) onto the matcha while stirring.

4. Get sipping!

My thoughts

For a first time attempt I’m quite impressed!
When trying teas for the first time it’s sometimes hard to know if your doing right. For example have I used too little or not enough match powder , have I added the right amount of sweetness etc. Finding the right balance for you is the main thing. It was the perfect sweetness for me I didn’t want it to be too sweet so chose to use honey rather than a sugar syrup.

Based on the colour of the matcha latte maybe I didn’t quite use enough of the matcha powder. However based on the flavour it was just right alongside the smoothness of the milk (I chose to use soya milk) . Unlike green tea it didn’t have the distinct grassy tonnes which I tend to dislike. It added more a bitterness to the flavour and was almost a rich undertone to the milk. Maybe if I hadn’t used soya the flavour may have been different so maybe next time I’ll use almond milk.

Other uses for Matcha:

* cakes and cookies / baking
* seasoning
* ice cream sprinkles
* smoothies and juices

Tazo Tea – Vanilla Bean Macaron

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Tazo Tea, Vanilla Bean Macaron.

This tea is made up of black tea, chicory root, cocoa peel, licorice root, roasted Yerba matรฉ, cinnamon, cardamom and natural flavours (vanilla) It always intreagues me how the tea will taste based on the name and it not overly seeing a link to it in the ingredients. However Tazo know what there doing so can’t wait to get sipping.

The dried aroma is typically black tea with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

Mmmm the brewed liquid smells delicious! It’s very sweet in its aroma and from its smell you wouldn’t overly know that it’s a black based tea.

As expected from a black based tea, the brewed liquid is of a dark brown tone. I’m also chose get to drink this tea with out milk.

First sip is delicious ! It’s the perfect balance of black tea and sweet vanilla. It’s only after a few more sips that I can really start to identify the almost nutty almond like tones which must be the macaron side of the tea. The combination just fits together even if (and this may sound weird) one is an initial taste and the other an after taste. It all just adds to the sipping experience with this 2 part sip!

What I love about this tea is how sweet it actually is! You won’t need to add any extra sweetness to it. So perfectly matches Tazos desert delights range.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Tea Treat – Easter Cake

Time for Tea Please?

Use up those Easter eggs with my easter cake!

For the sponge you’ll need:
125g Butter/Marge
125g Sugar
125g Self Raising Flour
2 Eggs
1/2 tsp B.Powder

Using the all in one method mix it all together ! Pop in the oven for around 16 mins till golden brown.

Once cooled time to decorate !

I’ve used a basic chocolate glaze from icing sugar and cocoa mixed with some water and decorated with some crushed smarties eggs.
But use what ever left over eggs you’ve got or add them to the sponge mix it’s totally up to you.

Perfect tea treat for a black based tea.

Happy Baking ๐Ÿ™‚

Theodor Paris – Carpe Diem

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to fellow tea blogger pinkiebag I’m able to bring to you today’s tea Carpe Diem by Theodor Paris.

Theodor Paris started in 2002 by Guillaume Lele and views โ€˜The only way to have a cup of tea, is by loving itโ€™. Well I couldn’t agree more so let’s hope the same can be said for this tea.

Carpe Diem is blend is a Red rooibos based tea with Pineapple pieces, Coconut flakes, Flavors (Strawberry, Raspberry, Almond, Hazelnut, Cream, Vanilla, Muffin) and Strawberry pieces. Now that does sound delicious!

Upon opening the tea pouch you are engulfed with the berry tones of the strawberry and raspberry with a underlying tones of the Rooibos.

While brewing the aroma only intensifies. It’s still fruity but the nutty almond notes are coming through now too.

The brewed liquid is of a redy amber colour.

First sip is very intriguing! From all the flavours mentioned in the ingredients not one of them shouts out at being the main one. Together it very much tastes like berry flavoured cake with a few nutty tones for some extra depth. It’s a perfectly pleasant sipping experience but the Rooibos just doesn’t come through enough for me.

Now just because the tea flavour doesn’t take all the glory it’s the balance of all the other flavours and ingredients which really brings this tea together. Particularly the marriage of fruits and caramelised nuts.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚