Whittard – Christmas Tea

Time for Tea Please?

With there only being 3 sleeps to go it only seemed appropriate to have a festive brew. Today I’m sipping on Whittards – Christmas Tea .

For this blend Whittards uses a Black Tea with Flavouring. Reading the box it says flavours of spice and citrus.

Let’s get Brewing!

Each tea bag is individually wrapped.

Upon opening the tea envelope you are instantly engulfed with the orangey notes. With underlying tones of the black tea and spices.

Whilst brewing the aroma of tea really changes from its dry state. The black tea is now very much at the forefront of smell. With the spiced and citrus flavour aspect is now taking a back seat.

Like most black teas the brewed liquid is of a dar brown colouring.

As this tea is a flavoured a black tea , then I’m choosing to drink it black with no milk. However if you want to use milk , go for it , as teas unique to you.

Let’s get Sipping !

First sip is just tealicious! It’s rich in flavour and depth. The black tea really sings and packs a punch. However this tea is unique in which it has a two part sip.

This is where the first part of the brew tastes of one thing in this case black tea with the second part of the sip almost an after taste but not quite is where the citrus and spices start to shine.

The citrus side of the tea packs an orangey punch but adds an almost lightness to it . Taking the edge off the black tea. Which on the second part of the sip the black tea mixes with the spices where I’m getting aniseed and cinnamon notes.

The three aspects of the tea work together in perfect harmony with a strong fruity spice kick sip by sip. The perfectly warming blend just screams festiviTEAs and is the perfect tea for the Christmas period.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Pink Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

What better drink to have during the summer months is a lovely refreshing cold brew! Today I paid a much over due visit to my local Whittard for a little tea tasting and to see what’s new on their summer menu.

Today they had their Pink Lemonade on sample.

The aroma of this tea is super sweet but that’s exactly what your after with a lemonade so I’m hoping it tastes that way too,

The colour is just spot on too. With a pinky peach colour tone.


First sip is just tealicious !

As its aroma hinted at it is very sweet in its flavour. It certainly packs a punch and it tastes exactly like it says on the tin. It just screams pink lemonade but it also has an added floral tone to it with an almost rose like tang. I do love a good bit of Rose in tea !

I can just picture myself sipping on this tea sat outside on a hot summers evening with a super iced version of this tea. It just screams summer ! It’s slightly naughty but way too nice miss out on !!!!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Strawberry Serenade

Time for Tea Please?

What do most of enjoying lots more of than normal in the weekends, yup you’ve guessed it drink TEA!!!!!!!

Well I know I do anyway!

Plus any excuse to pop into my local Whittards to see what’s on offer. With christmas now a distant memory it’s time to try some new teas.

Today I’m sipping on Strawberry Serenade . It’s a been a bit of a blustery dull day today so the I was drawn to this tea based on its vibrant colour.

The tea combines : Apple, Hibiscus, 11% Rosehip, 8% Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Flavourings, 1% Strawberry Pieces, 1% Safflower Petals


Pouring a little sample does mean the aroma can sometimes be a bit lacking but with this tea it’s fruity vibes hit you straight away. Mmmm berrylicious !

Considering the ingredients which make up the tea it is surprisingly strawberryish. However while sipping on the tea I feel more of the serenade side of the tea comes through and less of the strawberry. This isn’t a bad thing as its a lovely fruity boost to a dull day regardless and allows for the flavour of the other ingredients to sing through.

This tea is also very versatile as its a perfect hot or cold tea! Some fruity and warm for winter but ice cold for the summer would be perfect too.

Whittards – Cucumber Mint

Time for Tea Please?

It’s getting to that time of year where I’m on the look out for that perfect summer tea. I’m talking about one of those teas that is lovely to sip on hot but is versatile enough to be drank cold too. I think I might have just found the perfect contender in Whittards – Cucumber Mint.

This tea blends: Peppermint, Apple Pomace, Apple, Cucumber, Acid: Citric Acid, Rosehip, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals

As soon as you pop off the lid you are instantly hit with minty cucumber tonnes. It’s such an attractive loose leaf blend full of cucumber and actual pieces of cucumber and the colour is just beauTEAful.

I hope it smells as good at it tastes !

Get that kettle on ….

The tea aroma doesn’t overly change in relation to its not brewing state. It’s still minty and fruity embodied with the cucumber tones. It’s brewed colour wasn’t as green as I suspected it would be!

On first sip it is delicious , you are instantly hit as expected from the aroma is the mint. It’s not until the after sip that the cucumber really kicks in. There’s just something about the tea that is light and refreshing. I’m quite enjoying the minty zingy sensation the tea leaves in the mouth.

What I love about this tea is the fact I don’t have to rush drinking it. In fact it’s just as nice sipping hot as it is once cooler. Add some ice cubes and it would be the perfect bbq blend. I’m sure you could even get away with popping in some alcohol for a lovely tea cocktail or if you like me and prefer a mocktail I’m sure some frozen berries would be just as nice!

Happy Sipping 🙂


Whittards – Covent Garden

Time for Tea Please?

I’ve just got back from London celebrating my birthday !!!!! Obviously i couldn’t make a trip without being on the look out for tea! So as soon I accidentally on purpose stumbled across Whittards in Covent Garden I couldn’t wait to have a little sample of some of their teas ! 

Red Velvet 

As a massive cake fan and red velvet being one of my all times faves I was super excited to see their version as a TEA ! I was literally having my cake and drinking it and also a lot healthier! As a fruity combination the tea was light and perfect and reminded me just of the cake but maybe without the cocoa. The only thing missing when trying this was holding the cake your hand. 

Cranberry and Raspberry

I love a fruit tea especially at the moment where I’m feeling the need for a little bit of detox from all the Christmas and Birthday Treats! This tea was light in flavour (a bit too weak for my liking but I love a strong brew) with neither the cranberry or the raspberry over powering each other made for a perfect combination. I could also see this tea being just as nice ice cold.

English Fruits 

As a black with fruity flavours I was a bit ominous about trying it but I have to say I am a total fan ! It was brewer to perfection, no need for milk in this brew as the fruity tones took the blackness of the tea away. I can just imagine it being perfect for a cold night warming up by a fire. It’s almost English traditions in a mug ! 

Blueberry Rooibos

As I like most teas black (without milk) Rooibos is a perfect one to suit this. Obviously if you like yours with milk there’s nothing wrong with that either 🙂 I’ve tried a fair few rooibos but never a blueberry one! The blend of the two was a match made in heaven the blueberry was strong enough to be tasted but didn’t outshine the rooibos either. Plus it’s caffeine free!

It wasn’t just the selection of teas on offer they had that you could sample which fascinated me but also the decorations ! Now who wouldn’t want a light up hanging tea pot or an actual tea plant , I know I would. 



The best thing about being able to visit Whittards is the chance to sample some of their teas as sometimes you just don’t know if you’re going to like it or not , but this way you can try before you buy and enjoy every sip of the way to choosing your perfect blend. 

So what are you waiting for!!! Visit your nearest Whittards today and enjoy the possibilities that Tea can bring 🙂