Wan Ling Tea House – Silver Needle 2014

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at Wan Ling Tea House I’m able to share with you their Silver Needle , white tea.

Wan Ling Tea House was founded as name suggests by Wan Ling where she grew up surrounded by tea and her family even grew tea!

To discover their tea for yourself hit the link http://www.wanlingteahouse.com

Wan Ling Tea House and their Silver Needle 2014 is direct the tea mountains found in the Northern Fujian. This tea is produced by sun drying it.

I’ve not rally drank a lot of white tea before so I’m excited to try.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are able to smell the light tea tones of the white tea.

It’s clear to see how this tea got its name as the leaf does look like needles!

Brew time !

Upon brewing the aroma of the tea is very similar to the that of its dry state. With what I can describe as a light aroma not too dissimilar to that of green tea.

After brewing for around 3 minutes the brewed liquid is a light yellow in colour.

Upon first sip I am very surprised about its delicate flavour. It doesn’t even really have a taste I can overly pin point to describe it as to you over than white tea. Not that comparing the taste of a tea is something that can always happen.

However there is something quite calming about sipping on something that seems so delicate in its flavour. It’s certainly making a wet and blustery day seem that little bit brighter!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


358 Years of Tea in the UK

Time for Tea Please?

358 Years !!!!!!


That’s a long time for anyone to be drinking Tea , originally described as “China Drink” when first sold in the UK But known in other Nations by “Tay alias Tee” but was only available in coffee houses in London. Tea didn’t become popular until the Wife of Charles the second (Catherine of Braganza) made it into a fashionable drink.

Well I’m certainly glad that tea is now readily available and in many flavours too! There’s never a dull when you have lots of tea on offer to try.

Now let’s all raise a glass (ok you got me) a MUG of Tea in celebrating 358 Years of UK Tea !!!!

Happy Sipping πŸ˜ƒ

For more info on the history of Tea visit:

Jadu Tea – White Mango Lime

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea comes to you from Jadu Tea and their – White Mango Lime or as I call it, Bliss in a mug! With is fruity tangs from the mango and lime it makes a perfect relaxation cup of tea after a warm day. It’s been 25 degrees today (Norwich, Norfolk) for so refuelling with a mug of tea is much needed.


Brewed for around 3 minutes to crest the perfect balance of intensity of the fruit and the White tea to make harmony in a mug.

It’s not over an powering smelly tea it just perfumes your senses with light fruity tones and you just know it’s going to be a pleasure to drink. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Each sip is just wonderful with intermittent mango and lime hits. It transports you to another level I was imaging a nice sandy beach shame it only lasted as long as it took me to drink the mug!

So if you are after a magical taste experience with fruity tones and all the benefits of drinking white tea then Jadu’s White Mango Lime is just the ticket.

Whittards Tea Tasting

Time for Tea Please?

While visiting Cambridge I just couldn’t resist popping in to Whittards of Chelsea for a little tea tasting.

I was able to try two different types today, of which were Jasmine Green Tea and Silver Needle.

Jasmine Green Tea

To make this tea Whittards use the flowers of jasmine which they pick at dusk and then add the leaves of the tea to it, to make their blend. While sipping the tea it came across to me in smoky hints. The jasmine is empowering and delicious, yet to the extent I don’t even notice the green tea flavour. Which I feel sets this tea ahead of other green teas, where you don’t realise you’re drinking green tea but you can feel the positive benefits of it with each sip.

Silver Needle


Whittards Silver Needle tea, is a white from China. For this particular blend the tea leaves are only harvested when their is a full moon. By doing this it sweetens the leaves. I have to say I was slightly disappointed on first sip as was just like drinking hot water. After a few more sips the sweetness and wholesomeness of the White tea starts to come through. As it’s the first time of trying this tea it seems to be a nice introductory to white tea as it’s not too strong, yet this could all be down to the brewing time.

Tea is unique to you and Whittards offer a wide range of loose leaf tea and nearly always have some you can go try too.

Tea Benefits

Time for Tea Please ?

So it’s January and most of you will have made New Years resolutions to be healthier ! To me it’s all about moderation with exercise just as vital as eating well there’s no point in depriving yourself of things you love. Therefore it made me wonder about all the benefits that tea can could potentially have for you.

From researching into the topic area these appear to be main benefits of drinking tea :

* it keeps you hydrated
* tea generally has less caffeine than coffee
* it may help fight diabetes
* it can reduce the risk of heart-attacks
* contains anti-oxidants
* tea is calorie free (unless you add sugar/sweetener)
* can protect you against cancer
* protects you’re bones
* boosts the immune system

The benefits listed above are general tea benefits yet when split within the four main tea groups they each hold their own extra health benefits.

Oolong Tea
Warning High in caffeine
* can reduce obesity risks
* increased alertness
* improves mental health

Green Tea
* improve vision
* can reduce fat formation within the body
* increases metabolism
* lower cholesterol
* vitamin B

White Tea
* natural killer of bacteria and viruses
* strong bones
* healthy skin
* fluoride for healthy teeth gums

Black Tea
* stress relief
* reduces plaque
* increases energy
* makes you happy
* can reduce signs of ageing