De Oliveria Tea House – Sweet As Apple Pie

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at De Oliveria Tea House for sending me some of their tea all the way from Australia to the UK for me to try.

De Oliveria Tea House


The formation and this behind De Oliveria Tea House is unlike any other I’ve heard of before. You may need to grab tissues!
(Taken from their website

De Oliveira Tea House was inspired by a man named Eugene de Oliveira. A beautiful, intelligent, creative and warm hearted man who lit up any room he was in.

Our family tragically lost Eugene on May 27th, 2019, a few weeks after his 27th birthday.

While we no longer have the blessing of having him around physically, we have the gift of his presence and his vision for the future.

Each tea we blend and package is full of love, devotion and hope.

We dreamt that through these teas, we could give our customers the same warm comfort Eugene gave us. We want to create a legacy he’d be proud to lend his name to.
Now if you weren’t already feeling inspired by story then you might do just now as these awesome people also reinvest $1 from each tea pouch sale in Kiva Loans to help those less fortunate get on their feet.
Now if that’s not a better reason than to spread the tea love I don’t know what is!

Sweet As Apple Pie

For this blend De Oliveira Tea House only uses organic ingredients of the following: Rooibos, Honeybush, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon, Vanilla Pod Powder & Ginger.

On opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the sweets sea of the vanilla and fruity tones of the organic apple pieces . It’s almost hard to even distinguish the Rooibos and Honeybush aspect of the tea in its smell straight from the pouch.

Let’s get brewing !

Upon brewing the aroma of the tea completely changes to that of its dry state. It allows the Rooibos to really sing and allows the cinnamon and ginger to warm and develop as the flavours intensify.

As expected with a tea blend that contains Rooibos is a brewed liquid that has a brown redy tinge.

Let’s get sipping !

First sip hellloooooo Rooibos, which is first taste followed then by the after taste of the apple chunks. Despite its aroma the tea isn’t overly as sweet as I expected it to be. However I find that the tea being this way allows for the flavours of vanilla, ginger and cinnamon to naturally enhance their flavours and natural sweetness. Despite the Rooibos and Honeybush having what at times can be an “overpowering” flavour , this blend manages to allow the other ingredients to have turn not just separately but individually.

This blend is also pretty unique I’ve had plenty off apple teas and even more Rooibos teas but together nope ! It’s a new one for me and a lovely guilt free apple pie perfect for autumn weather and cosy nights in.

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


Whittards – Christmas Tea

Time for Tea Please?

One thing I love about living near a Whittards is being able to pop in and try their teas. Particularly their festive ones so that I can share my thoughts with all of you. Today’s visit I was able to try Christmas Tea


For this festive blend Whittards uses a base of Black Tea, 4% Orange Peel, 2% Cloves, Flavouring, Safflower Petals, Vanilla Pieces.

As expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a brown colour. Unlike brewing at home you don’t get that engulfing aroma. However it is still possible to get a waft of the spice tones.

First sip and it certainly has tastes of Christmas. The black tea works perfectly with the cloves and orange peel. Reminding me of a satsuma in my stocking! (Surely everyone gets one in there’s?)

To add an extra depth of layer to the tea the vanilla almost sets off a slightly nutty tone, which means the tea keeps on giving!

The flavours in the tea add an alternative to other Christmas teas as out only uses cloves so stays away from full on spice and stays away from being more of a chai tea.

Plus the tea caddy it comes in just screams Christmas!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Steeped Tea – Earl Grey de la Creme

Time for Tea Please?

I love trying new teas ! Especially teas which you aren’t easily able to get hold of in the UK. I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of today’s Earl Grey de la creme from the U.S. from a Steeped Tea rep.


The blend combines Bergamot, Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavours, Vanilla

Upon opening to the pouch, the smell wasn’t overly empowering but it’s black tea notes mixed with flowers added a much delicate floral aroma.

Let’s get brewing!

The aroma while brewing is distinctly that of an earl grey tea as you’d come to expect with a very faint smell of floral tonnes.

I was fairly surprised by the actual brewed liquid. It’s an almost brown with an orange tinge. Where as I would have been expecting a much darker brew a lot closer to a black than what we actually have.

First sip isn’t at all what I was expecting !
Although judging by the colour maybe I should have been. It’s not overly strong considering I brewed for around 3 minutes, maybe longer would have been better.

However it’s still a lovely brew. It’s almost creamy in its flavour, the creme aspect I imagine ! Although the floral tones are no longer present, and you all know I’m all for floral.

It’s only towards the end of the sipping experience that the more milky notes to the blend comes through working with the vanilla tones to add a new depth to the brew and the creme side to the earl grey.

Even the the tea wasn’t what I was expecting , it was still a pleasant sipping experience.


Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Tazo Tea – Vanilla Bean Macaron

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Tazo Tea, Vanilla Bean Macaron.

This tea is made up of black tea, chicory root, cocoa peel, licorice root, roasted Yerba matΓ©, cinnamon, cardamom and natural flavours (vanilla) It always intreagues me how the tea will taste based on the name and it not overly seeing a link to it in the ingredients. However Tazo know what there doing so can’t wait to get sipping.

The dried aroma is typically black tea with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

Mmmm the brewed liquid smells delicious! It’s very sweet in its aroma and from its smell you wouldn’t overly know that it’s a black based tea.

As expected from a black based tea, the brewed liquid is of a dark brown tone. I’m also chose get to drink this tea with out milk.

First sip is delicious ! It’s the perfect balance of black tea and sweet vanilla. It’s only after a few more sips that I can really start to identify the almost nutty almond like tones which must be the macaron side of the tea. The combination just fits together even if (and this may sound weird) one is an initial taste and the other an after taste. It all just adds to the sipping experience with this 2 part sip!

What I love about this tea is how sweet it actually is! You won’t need to add any extra sweetness to it. So perfectly matches Tazos desert delights range.

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Karma-Cafe Bakery

Time for Tea Please?

In my next instalment of my Goan adventures is Karma-Cafe Bakery.

A Patnem road side cafe, I found this while mopeding and the sight of a bakery caught my attention. Unlike other cafe and food outlets I’ve seen while in Goa it offers gluten free options. Seeing as it felt like Tea Time it was the perfect time to try. Tea and Cookie Time!


Vanilla tea.
One thing about ordering teas here is that it always comes served already brewed so you never know what sort of strength your going to get. You just have to hope they know what there doing!

The aroma of the tea is light on vanilla scent and presuming it’s a black based tea due to its colouring.

It’s not until siping the tea that I have a feeling this may actually be a kind of rooibos based tea. As it’s got that distinct flavouring you’d expect from it.

The only difference is that the vanilla does a lot of the talking. So they weren’t lying that it was vanilla but like many things in India they tend to get lost in translation.

Banana, Fruit & Nut Cookie

Its not a traditional cookie in the sense it’s not super sweet and not crunchy ! The banana is a clear taste and it made sweeter by the the nuts and raisins. Mixing its with the sprinkling of seasmae sees and the pomegranate for a nice sweet treat but also being healthy too ! It was delicious.

Happy sipping and travels πŸ™‚