Tea History

Time for Tea Please?
I came across this fabulous piece of Tea history today just round the corner of my house! Such a shame it’s no longer a tea dealers, although good for my pocket!


I’m always amazed when you come across new things near where you live!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Basilur – Lemon and Lime

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough for the lovelies at Basilur Tea to send me there Lemon and Lime , Ceylon Black Tea to try. I’ve not tried there tea before so was rather excited about receiving some TeaPost. Especially as its part of their magic fruits collection combining the power of fruit with Ceylon.

Once opening my parcel I was super excited by the bright packaging and even more intrigued by the flavour. I love a bit of zestyness in my drinks so fingers crossed this would be perfect for me !

As soon as you open the box to reveal the tea pouch you can already smell lemon and lime hints. Once opening the pouch, as you can imagine, the aroma intensifies and the taste buds are tingling.


Best get that kettle on!

Love the crystallised lemon and lime bits within the tea leafs!!!!

Once brewing the tangy citrus aroma is there all warm and juicy!

As I prefer my Ceylon tea black I brewed the tea for aprox 3 minutes. I was amazed at his much the loose the leaf tea expanded while brewing, it’s massive!


As expected from a black tea, the tea liquid is of a dark brown colour. No milk for me !

On first sip hello lime!

The zesty fruit flavours hits you from the very first sip, it’s not over powering at all! The combination of the fruit and Ceylon work perfectly together. There’s just enough citrus to allow its flavour to shine yet allow the blackness of ceylon to sing too. It’s also one of those teas that tastes like it smells. Which to be is always bonus! Further more the the tastes lingers and fills your mouth with a citrus tang! The magic of fruits must be working!

If you fancy sipping on this zesty tea the checkout their website :

Happy Sipping 🙂

Youthberry – Teavana

Time for Tea Please?

Today Starbucks UK launched there new range of Teavana Teas and to celebrate they were having a teavanaparTEA with free teas!


I decided to try the Youthberry!


A white tea flavoured with gojiberrys and pineapple.

The aroma of the tea was pure bliss especially on a nippy autumn day. It was fruity and enticing and I was rather impatient waiting for it to cool as knowone wants a burnt tongue.

It was worth the wait !

It was light and refreshing and although you couldn’t overly taste the white tea tang (not a problem for me) the fruity tones of the pineapple mixed with the goji Berry was a perfect match working together to provide sip after sip of bliss! Plus what a colour …

So thanks Starbucks for my free Tea!


Time for Tea Please?

I love any opportunity to try some tea and love going to Whittards to try some samples and find something new to try 🙂 . Plus I just love their Covent Garden store, it’s a tea journey.


Cherry Blossom Green Tea.


Cherry Blossom Green Tea is a light and refreshing tea . The cherry off sets the undertones of the green tea perfectly. Sometimes I find green tea over powering but the use of the cherry added depth and a pleasant change for a green tea.


Very Berry Crush


I love a fruity tea , especially a berry blend so couldn’t wait to try Very Berry Crush. I didn’t find the tea all that strong which was a bit disappointing for me as I love my fruit teas strong. However it was the perfect blend of berryness and a perfect tea for summer!


Bluebird Tea Co.

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to a pay visit to the Bluebird Tea Co. while visiting Brighton over the Easter weekend.


While there I was able to explore their store and try some of their tea!!!


Why hello Hot Cross Bun Tea !!!!


What better way to enjoy the Easter weekend than with this tea! If you could combine all the flavours and smells of Easter and put it in to tea, then this is just perfect. With hints of cinnamon and those fruity currents wafting who actually needs to now eat a hot cross bun when you can just fill up on this amazing tea without feeling guilty for enjoying too much of it!

How super cute is their Easter display too….


And now on too


It was so light and refreshing and the flavour combination was on point, Peppermint and Lime ohhhhh yessssss!
As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol I could also picture myself drinking these tea ice cold too on a bright sunny day.

So if you’re visiting Brighton and in need of a tea fix with the opportunity to try some individual tea then the Bluebird Tea Co. Is a must.

Mad Hatters Tea Shop

Time for Tea Please?

As a lover of Tea and Cake I just couldn’t resist paying a visit to Mad Hatters Tea Shop . Which you can find situated in the market square of Wymondham, Norfolk. It’s a cute kitsch tearoom, with a warm welcome and plenty too look at as its a little treasure trove. Going for a breakfast tea and a slice of their homemade (chocolate and amaretti cake) I was all set for a tastey treat.