Bluebird Tea Co.

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to a pay visit to the Bluebird Tea Co. while visiting Brighton over the Easter weekend.


While there I was able to explore their store and try some of their tea!!!


Why hello Hot Cross Bun Tea !!!!


What better way to enjoy the Easter weekend than with this tea! If you could combine all the flavours and smells of Easter and put it in to tea, then this is just perfect. With hints of cinnamon and those fruity currents wafting who actually needs to now eat a hot cross bun when you can just fill up on this amazing tea without feeling guilty for enjoying too much of it!

How super cute is their Easter display too….


And now on too


It was so light and refreshing and the flavour combination was on point, Peppermint and Lime ohhhhh yessssss!
As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol I could also picture myself drinking these tea ice cold too on a bright sunny day.

So if you’re visiting Brighton and in need of a tea fix with the opportunity to try some individual tea then the Bluebird Tea Co. Is a must.

Twinings – Cranberry and Blood Orange

Time for Tea Please?

I love a caffeine free tea as it’s perfect for some chill time or to have before bed! So I was very excited to try Twinings Cranberry and Blood Orange which I luckily received as a Christmas present. The box is bright and enticing and starts to get you wondering about the tea before you’ve even boiled the kettle.


On brewing the tea the water becomes a bright pinky red and smells amazing. As the box says its like the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea and I couldn’t agree more! It’s a mug of pure bliss and just what you need to relax with at the end of the day. The blood orange is the main base flavour of the tea but bursting with cranberry. So fruity and juicy and hits the spot. It’s light and refreshing and is a perfect hug in a mug on a cold winters night.

So if you’re after a tea that will brighten up any day or give you that perfect fruity boost then this is the tea for you 🙂

Whittards – Covent Garden

Time for Tea Please?

I’ve just got back from London celebrating my birthday !!!!! Obviously i couldn’t make a trip without being on the look out for tea! So as soon I accidentally on purpose stumbled across Whittards in Covent Garden I couldn’t wait to have a little sample of some of their teas ! 

Red Velvet 

As a massive cake fan and red velvet being one of my all times faves I was super excited to see their version as a TEA ! I was literally having my cake and drinking it and also a lot healthier! As a fruity combination the tea was light and perfect and reminded me just of the cake but maybe without the cocoa. The only thing missing when trying this was holding the cake your hand. 

Cranberry and Raspberry

I love a fruit tea especially at the moment where I’m feeling the need for a little bit of detox from all the Christmas and Birthday Treats! This tea was light in flavour (a bit too weak for my liking but I love a strong brew) with neither the cranberry or the raspberry over powering each other made for a perfect combination. I could also see this tea being just as nice ice cold.

English Fruits 

As a black with fruity flavours I was a bit ominous about trying it but I have to say I am a total fan ! It was brewer to perfection, no need for milk in this brew as the fruity tones took the blackness of the tea away. I can just imagine it being perfect for a cold night warming up by a fire. It’s almost English traditions in a mug ! 

Blueberry Rooibos

As I like most teas black (without milk) Rooibos is a perfect one to suit this. Obviously if you like yours with milk there’s nothing wrong with that either 🙂 I’ve tried a fair few rooibos but never a blueberry one! The blend of the two was a match made in heaven the blueberry was strong enough to be tasted but didn’t outshine the rooibos either. Plus it’s caffeine free!

It wasn’t just the selection of teas on offer they had that you could sample which fascinated me but also the decorations ! Now who wouldn’t want a light up hanging tea pot or an actual tea plant , I know I would. 



The best thing about being able to visit Whittards is the chance to sample some of their teas as sometimes you just don’t know if you’re going to like it or not , but this way you can try before you buy and enjoy every sip of the way to choosing your perfect blend. 

So what are you waiting for!!! Visit your nearest Whittards today and enjoy the possibilities that Tea can bring 🙂

Tea Find – Selfridges Birmingham

Time for Tea Please?

I just love spending some time browsing round Selfridges food court and while in their Birmingham store I came across a tea stand dedicated to The English Tea Shop.


The English Tea Shop have made it their mission to spread the tea love by trying to produce the best global cuppa. Having the ethos to love, care and change through their tea production. Todo this they p lay work with fair trade farmers and use organic tea. Based in Sri Lanka their manufacturing is at the heart of century old tea production.

Spreading the tea love from that of the traditional English Breakfast to that of their Citrus and Tisane, offering a wide range of to suit everyone’s tea needs.

Holiday Tea!

Time for Tea Please?

I’ve just come back from holidaying in Corfu so the blogs been a bit quiet! I’ve been busy catching some sunand exploring but also I’ve had time to try quite a few teas which I can’t wait to tell you all about, so here’s a sneak peak to wet your taste buds !!!……



Tea Find – Heath and Heather

Time for Tea Please?
Today’s Tea Find is brought to you by Heath and Heather. Heath and Heather are tea company based on their ability to provide teas which blend herbal and fruit infusions. Which allow their teas to be free from preservatives and any artificial flavours making them 100% natural.
I like green tea but I prefer it blended , so Heath and Heather green tea blends would be well worth a try for someone like me !