Whittard – Pink Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

What better drink to have during the summer months is a lovely refreshing cold brew! Today I paid a much over due visit to my local Whittard for a little tea tasting and to see what’s new on their summer menu.

Today they had their Pink Lemonade on sample.

The aroma of this tea is super sweet but that’s exactly what your after with a lemonade so I’m hoping it tastes that way too,

The colour is just spot on too. With a pinky peach colour tone.


First sip is just tealicious !

As its aroma hinted at it is very sweet in its flavour. It certainly packs a punch and it tastes exactly like it says on the tin. It just screams pink lemonade but it also has an added floral tone to it with an almost rose like tang. I do love a good bit of Rose in tea !

I can just picture myself sipping on this tea sat outside on a hot summers evening with a super iced version of this tea. It just screams summer ! It’s slightly naughty but way too nice miss out on !!!!!

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Whittards Summer

Time for Tea Please?

Popped in to Whittards Norwich today and I am loving their new summery display !


Their new summer teas range include :
Lemoncello , Peach Bellini, Mojito, white sangria, Moscow mule, tropical punch which come in loose leaf tea caddies or iced tea bags.
Don’t they just sound tealicious !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Corfu Tea Travels

Time for Tea Please?
It’s time for my second summer adventure! This time I’m heading back to one of my fave places Corfu.

For our base we stayed in Kassiopi, a harbour town to the north of the island.
It’s beautiful day….

Or night!


And don’t get me started on how good these chicken gyros are!


But it’s tea travels so first stop is always the supermarket !

For once a selection of teas you can’t bye back in England, which is all part of tea adventures.

I was even lucky enough to find a selection of loose leaf teas whilst visiting Acharavi.


I may have purchased one or two to take home.

The other bonus of tea travels isn’t just the tea but also having the chance to explore a new place, country and culture. So here’s a quick glimpse of what else I got up to!
The ruins at Old Perithia


The crystal clear seas

The sunsets

The White pebbled beaches

Boat trips


Or just lazing on an inflatable !


Corfu has something for everyone !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Gozo Tea Travels

Time for Tea Please?

It’s summer!
After facing redundancy with what else was I supposed to do yet get on a plane for a much needed escape and some much needed traveling. I love exploring new countries, cultures and over course their tea!

First stop this summer is Gozo.

For those of you who don’t know Gozo is the sister island of Malta.

Well on the tea front my hotel definitely didn’t disappoint!

A mug of Twinings English Breakfast was the perfect choice plus 4 other Twinings selection for breakfast too.

Now speaking of breakfasts …..

I certainly enjoyed my maple bacon pancakes with a side of tea and biscotti!

It also wouldn’t be me without stumbling into the tea Isle

I just love checking out what other countries have on offer. I was quite surprised with how much was on offer as coffee certainly seems to be prominent. I have a feeling it may have something to do with its closeness to Italy as the food served in restaurants certainly reflected that.



Not that I was complaining as I love pizza and pasta! Yummmmm

Now if the food or the tea doesn’t persuade you Gozo might be up your street maybe some of the landscape might!












From the salt pans , to the blue lagoon , to the ornate architecture to snorkelling in the clear blue sea, it won’t disappoint !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

National Iced Tea Day – Iced Hibiscus Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Today is National Iced Tea Day and thanks to the Good and Proper Tea who just sent me new their teas specifically for cold brewing, I’m ready to celebrate.

My chosen tea to celebrate today with is Iced Hibiscus Tea with Rose Hip and Ginger. For this blend Good and Proper uses: Hibiscus Tea, Rose Hip and Ginger Root , all from Egypt as part of the tea companies ethos is to use one origin country for each blend. Upon opening the tea pouch your are firstly hit with the gingery kick followed fruity berry notes.

Now let’s get our iced tea on!

1. Boil the kettle.

2. Brew one tea bag

I absolutely love the redy pink tone the brewed liquid leaves, it’s so vibrant and mouth watering!

3. Top up with cold water and add some ice


First sip is soooooo refreshing! The main flavour orientates around the combination of the rose hip and the hibiscus. The ginger notes smelt on aroma is not so prominent within its taste. The use of the hibiscus within the tea adds a cranberry like flavour to the tea and explains the fruity aroma the tea gives.

For a tea with no added sugar or caffeine it certainly provides a refreshing summer hit. If you like your tea slightly sweeter a dash of honey would be perfect, not just adding sweetness but an extra flavour to the co binational but without compromising the tea blend.

So if your looking for a perfect iced tea blend that has its own natural sweetness and packed pull of vitamin C then look no further! Now where’s the beach ?! Hehehe

Happy Sipping 馃檪

M&S Bursting Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai Berry

Time for Tea Please?

In the spirit of keeping summer going as long as possible it’s time to celebrate those last few summers with a perfectly fitting tea brought to use from Marks and Spencer with their Bursting Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai Berry. The packaging is very summery and certainly colourful meets my need to maintain some summer vibes!

Like many teas there tends to be some added extras within the blend, in the case of this tea all together we have:
Hibiscus 路 Rosehip 路 Dried Apples 路 Dried Beetroot 路 Flavourings 路 Dried Blueberries (7%) 路 Acai Berry Juice Granules (7%) 路 Goji Berry Juice Granules 路 Pomegranate Juice Granules (6%). (Info direct from box).

On opening the tea bag the aroma is light and fruity. A sweet blend of berryness with apple tones. I’m looking forward to brewing this !!!


The aroma of tea while brewing come across with its blueberry fruity tones.

The brewed colour of the tea is a rich dark purple almost blueberry like which is fitting to the aroma.

First sip is intriguing ! It’s not possible to identify a specific flavour. It’s a combination of warming berries, with the after taste being that of the Acai berry. It’s one of those tea that actually perfectly it’s name as it’s certainly bursting berry. The perfect fruits of summer.

It’s also one of those teas that would be perfect ice cold too.

If like me you are hoping to hold on to summer a little bit longer then this could just be the tea for you. Even better it’s a caffeine free tea too.

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Twinings – Sweet Summer Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

I just love a flavoured black tea, so I’m really excited to try TwiningsSweet Summer Fruits. )

As soon as you take the tea bag out of the packet you are instantly hit with a fruity aroma. It’s not easy to pin point a particular fruit flavour but it’s certainly a mixture of berry flavours.

Get that kettle on !!!

Brewing for the recommended 3/4 as twinings suggests to guarantee the best flavour.

Seeing as it’s a summers day what perfect tea to try. The brewed aroma isn’t too dissimilar to it straight out of the packet. One thing that the aroma does remind me is that of a summers pudding which I guess fits with the theme on sweet summer fruits.
As expected for a black based tea it’s a dark brown in brew colour.

First sip doesn’t disappoint.

For a black based tea I just love the fruit combination with it, it just works perfectly together. They work alongside each other without over powering one and other. For a black based tea is light and fruity in one context yet dark and punchy at the same time.

If your looking for a black based summer tea that doesn’t disappoint in flavour then this could be the tea for you !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Steeped Tea – Strawberry Swirl

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to steeped tea to sending me this sample of strawberry swirl tea! Through connecting with each other on Instagram , you can find me there by searching for @timeforteaplease and find steeped tea at @Lbd_steepedtea we are able to share this tea with you.

On opening the pouch you are hit with a fruity aroma , I wouldn’t say it instantly reminds me of strawberry but it’s definitely fruity so I am excited all the same. As who doesn’t want to be berrylicious!

On peaking inside you’re able to see all the fruity pieces that include:
Strawberry, orange and apple pieces, lemon grass, hibiscus blossom.

On brewing, the fruity aroma just intensifies, its like a Berry fruit cocktail.

Steeping as recommended for 5 minutes you are left with one of the prettiest cups of tea I think I might ever have drunk. It certainly screams Strawberry in its vibrancy.

It’s only when Sipping the tea, that the Strawberryness really comes out. It’s still mingled with the other fruity flavours but it’s certainly a little ray of sunshine ! Together all the flavours work so it certainly suits its name Strawberry swirl.

This tea is a perfect drink for the summer and I’m sure it would be just as nice over ice on a hot day as it is warm on this sunny spring day 馃檪

Happy Sipping !

National Iced Tea Day!

Time for Tea Please?

Today is National Iced Tea Day!

So why not celebrate and brew some for yourself, it’s easy peasy and yummy too. Perfect for summer.

Brew an english breakfast tea bag along side lemon with a small amount of boiling water. Leave to brew for around 3 minutes.


Remove the teabag and add cold water and ice.


Enjoy 馃檪

If you prefer your tea a bit sweeter add a dash of honey.