Suki Tea – Raspberry Ruffle

Time for Tea Please?

I love a good black tea and I’m more than open to trying a flavoured black tea. Today I’m trying out Suki Tea and their Raspberry Ruffle tea.


For this tea Suki blends black tea, cocoa shells, coconut flakes, freeze dried raspberry plus natural raspberry flavouring.

I’m certainly intrigued by the flavour combination and I like all the flavours individually but together ? We’ll have to wait and see.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed by an intense raspberry hit, it’s just yummy !


Let’s get brewing!

The aroma while brewing changes drastically from its dried state. Instead of the raspberry singing it’s now the turn of the coconut and cocoa to start singing.

As to be expected with a black based tea, the brewed tea is of a dark brown in colour.

First sip and I’m just not sure.

The flavour is very much a mixture of all the ingredients combined. However for me I just can’t taste the black tea enough or the raspberry. Considering the dry loose leaf aroma being intensely raspberry the sipping experience doesn’t pack that raspberry punch I was hoping it would. Especially as the tea is called raspberry ruffle. Hey maybe I’m just being picky!

The tea blend itself tastes a bit odd (just my opinion) and I’m not sure if it’s the coconut as Its not one of my top flavours. However from looking at my brewing picture there is a lot of coconut in it so maybe another brew would alter the flavour if less was in it.

After my first try I’m not 100% sold on it. Just please remember a tea sipping experience is unique and just because this tea doesn’t tick all my boxes it may just tick yours!

Happy Sipping 🙂


Suki Tea – Earl Grey Blue Flower

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Suki Tea and their Earl Grey Blue Flower! Big thanks to the lovelies at Suki Tea for sending me this tea to try.

I absolutely love Suki Teas:
To grow a global community of loose leaf tea drinkers, an appreciation society of the ritual in a great-tasting, ethically sourced cuppa.
And their
To grow the business in an adventurous, yet responsible and sustainable way that respects and values people, plant and the planet.

Suki Tea was founded in 2005 by business partners Anne Irwin and Oscar Woolley. Having both traveled in Asia and being able to see first hand ethically-sourced teas they launched Suki Tea with their aim to share the finest loose leaf teas , herbal and fruit blends from around the world.

If you wish to find out more about Suki Tea, hit the link below.

Earl Grey Blue Flower


For this tea Suki Tea blends “Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified East African Black tea, Centaurea cyanus flower petals and Organic natural Bergamot Oil.” I just love the vibrance of the petals. It adds an extra prettiness to the blend.


Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the floral aromas of the blend. I just love floral aromas within tea blends, to me just adds an extra level. Mixed with the black tea and the essence of the Bergamot Oil it smells tealicious. Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it smells!


Let’s get brewing!

As expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is brown in colour with a slight orange tinge. The aroma while brewing isn’t far from from it’s dry state which makes me even more excited to try. I do love an earl grey so let’s get sipping!


First sip and I am not disappointed. It’s thankfully one of those blends which allows all three aspects of which it is made up of to sing solely and as a co,vines one all at the same time. Each sip has equal measures of black tea, bergamot and centaurea cyanus flower petals. They work just perfect together. The floral tones within the tea is just on the right level, it was strong enough to make an impact yet not over powering or underwhelming. I’m all for floral flavours and for me this tea let’s it sing just beauTEAfully.

I always drink my earl grey tea black for me it’s just weird to even think about putting milk in especially this blend with its floral tones. However like with any tea it’s a unique sipping experience to you so if you want to try it with milk you go for it!

This tea is the perfect afternoon tea , it’s light and refreshing and with the floral tonnes it makes for such a pleasurable drinking experience . To me it’s almost calming the perfect me time tea.

Happy Sipping 🙂