Very Craftea – Earl Grey Orange Blossom

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on my first try of Very Craftea. So thank you for sending me a selection of your teas to try. I can’t wait to get sipping on these.

Direct from their website :
“The idea of Very Craftea was thought up one evening with my good friend Natalie, a cup of tea, some cake and trying to answer the thought provoking questions, like ‘why aren’t there trousers for dogs?’ ”
Now that is a very sensible topic but more than that it led them thinking about how great “Good company and tea. What would make it even better would be a craft kit to go along with it. Natalie then said “Oh, we’re Very Craftea – you know, like craft and tea” and that’s how Very Craftea came into existence “.
The premise was simple, sell tea and craft kits! But loads of companies sell craft kits, and even more sell tea so other than our amazing name, I needed to be different. I tackled the tea first….

I sell socially responsible loose leaf tea. What does that mean I hear you ask. Well, I work with a single tea supplier and they give 50% of their profits to address the issue of educational development in and around the under-served tea growing region of Darjeeling, so the more tea I sell, the more money can go towards projects to help. This money goes direct to the people it affects, not to a big corporation. [UPDATE: My plan for 2019 is to give back myself and I’m looking into different schemes in how to do this, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates]

Next the craft kits. A long time trying to find, modern, fresh kits which more importantly contained everything that was needed to finish it (how many times have you bought a kit, only to realise you need to buy loads of other stuff to finish it? Ain’t nobody got time for that!) So all the kits I sell are not only super fly, but also with everything contained. They are also made by other woman, in the UK who have their own small businesses.

Now I’m all for a bit of girl power especially being one myself girls helping girls and supporting them and shouting about what we can offer. Especially when these CrafTEA ladies are only in the neighbouring county !

To find out more about Very Craftea for yourself hot the link

Earl Grey Orange Blossom

For this blend Very Craftea uses Premium black tea, Bergamot oil flavour, Orange blossoms.

I love how Very Craftea describes the best time to brew is when you need some caffeine and want to be all fancy. Stick that pinky out when you sip! There’s something quite quintessential about a mug of earl grey tea and I love sipping on mine in the afternoon when I just don’t fancy some milk in my cuppa.

Let’s get brewing !

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t overly, change other than the warmth of the liquid has heightened the Orangey flavour to become more apparent. Which when smelling along side the bergamot is just beauTEAful.

As expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is that of a dark brown liquid. Traditionally you don’t add milk to an earl grey tea but no judgement here and if you want to add milk you go for it! I love trying new earl grey yeas especially ones that have something different to offer.

Let’s get sipping !

First sip is just tealicious. The bergamot and the Orange blossom just works perfectly together. The flavours of the two citrus fruits adds to the fragrance
and almost floral aspects of the tea. After doing a little bit of research on orange blossom apparently it can also be an aphrodisiac ! Who’d have thought it or in this case sipped it!

For me what I love about any Earl Grey is the way other ingredients added to the “normal” blend can change the sipping experience. For me the use of the Orange blossom is just perfect. It’s not over powering in its flavour it’s enough to let you know it’s there but it also allows the bergamot and black tea to equally have its say within the blend and as part of each sip. Which is what a great tea should achieve so bonus points to Very Craftea.

This tea is one of those that’s perfect for afternoon sipping or as part of an afternoon tea.

Happy Sipping 🙂


Twinings – Sweet Summer Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

I just love a flavoured black tea, so I’m really excited to try TwiningsSweet Summer Fruits. )

As soon as you take the tea bag out of the packet you are instantly hit with a fruity aroma. It’s not easy to pin point a particular fruit flavour but it’s certainly a mixture of berry flavours.

Get that kettle on !!!

Brewing for the recommended 3/4 as twinings suggests to guarantee the best flavour.

Seeing as it’s a summers day what perfect tea to try. The brewed aroma isn’t too dissimilar to it straight out of the packet. One thing that the aroma does remind me is that of a summers pudding which I guess fits with the theme on sweet summer fruits.
As expected for a black based tea it’s a dark brown in brew colour.

First sip doesn’t disappoint.

For a black based tea I just love the fruit combination with it, it just works perfectly together. They work alongside each other without over powering one and other. For a black based tea is light and fruity in one context yet dark and punchy at the same time.

If your looking for a black based summer tea that doesn’t disappoint in flavour then this could be the tea for you !

Happy Sipping 🙂

Bittersweet Beverages – Pink Blush

Time for Tea Please?

A big thanks to Bittersweet Beverages for sending me their Pink Blush Tea to try.

Bittersweet Beverages delicately blends, loose leaf teas with carefully selected ingredients, straight from Kairbetta Estates, within their family’s plantation in the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India.
Visit to find their out more !

Pink Blush, is a blend of Nilgri Black Tea with hand picked natural rose petals.

On sniffing the tea you are able to smell the floral tones straight away. I happen to love a bit of floralness within tea blends as it adds an extra depth to the tea.

Time to get that kettle on!

It only seemed right to drink this tea in a cute mug to match its name Pink Blush. I absolutely love the name of the tea and feel it suits the tea brand perfectly. There’s just something about the name which intrigues.

The colour is also a beautiful orangey brown. Which I wasn’t expecting at all.
After a recommended brewing time of 2-3 minutes I’m ready to go.

First sip is amazing !

The Nilgiri black tea certainly packs a punch. It’s not till on the after sip that the rose really comes through. I’ve never tried Nilgiri Tea before and it was lovely.

If you love a strong brew this tea is perfect for you. The contrast between its power and the delicateness of the Rose is perfect. It works so well together and it doesn’t disappoint sip after sip.

This tea is the perfect afternoon tea, when your in need of a bit of me time and a tea full of flavour.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Wise Ape – Cocoa Mint Yerba Mate

Time for Tea Please?

All the way from the USA I’ve been given the chance to try Wise Ape Tea.


Wise Ape is a tea brand focused on making a better you, knowing only to well that the way of the universe might change your path.

How amazing is the branding ? It is awesome and you certainly wouldn’t forget it.

For more info on Wise Ape visit their website at:

On opening the pouch of tea you are instantly hit with a mixed light aroma of cocoa and mint with a soft roasty hints.

Within this blend you can find:
Organic Roasted Yerba Mate , Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Bacopa, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Tulsi, Organic Chicory, Organic Stevia. Natural Flavors.

Best get the kettle on!

Unlike some blends the aroma of the loose tea and that of the hot tea liquid is actually no different.


I was also quite surprised in the colour of the brew, it’s a yellowly Orange tinge. For some reason I was t expecting it to be more brown.

On first sip, the minty flavour is prominent in its tasting. I was rather surprised with how minty it was in flavour based on its over all smell. It’s only on after sipping that the main after taste is that of the cocoa.

It is not a overly sweet tasting tea, which will be down to the bitter aspects of the Yerba mate. Mixed with the cocoa makes for a rustic flavour . The tea uses the peppermint aspect for a natural sweetness which blended together all works in-tune, to provide positive sipping.

What I love about this tea and the company, other than the taste of the tea itself is the way in which it promotes its tea benefits. So for this blend it aids in focus, energy and clarity. With a medium caffeine level it will be sure to fill your daily hustle with a much needed boost! For some reason just knowing all the extra benefits, adds to the overall sipping experience.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Genmai Brown Rice Tea with Matcha

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks for sending me this tea to try, i’m absolutely loving the packaging on this tea and it would certainly make the perfect present for any matcha loving tea fan.

The ornate tea cup design is eye catching and enticing. The use of the matcha green colour label is also a clever idea as it suits the tea perfectly. Inside this cute packaging is the Genmai Brown Rice Tea with Matcha.

On opening the the foil packaging you are met with a little bit of matcha powder to the face but that’s to be expected given the nature of the tea. Which is further impacted on the senses with green tea aroma, from the seven tea bags within the foil packaging.

On closer inspection of the tea bag you are able to clearly see the green tea leaf, matcha powder and the little pieces of rice. The only downside of having the match within the tea bag is it going all over the place as its finer the pyramid tea bag mesh. Hopefully this won’t have any impact on the overall flavour.

Within the tea parcel there is also a brewing recommendation, with never trying this tea before there’s no harm in giving the technique a go.
Firstly adding fresh boiling water to a mug, adding the tea bag for 30 seconds and then shaking the tea bag 20-30 times.

On brewing the tea the aroma is completely differently, the rich toastyness of the rice is making the impact her over the green tea. The colour is a beautiful bright green tea. One thing that wasn’t particularly clear with the shaking aspect of the brewing process I went for dunking as wasn’t really sure what would be achieved by shaking the teabag !

It’s a good job my favourite colour is green as the brewed liquid is certainly that and it won’t put me off drinking it, you just to have to embrace it.

First sip is yummy ! It’s soooo toasty! I know they also call this popcorn tea but the use of the Genmai Brown Rice really adds a new depth to other popcorn teas I’ve tried before. It’s a really strong flavour and almost adds smokey aspect to the flavour. I’m a massive popcorn lover so this rich toasty brew is right up my street. It’s that rich in toastyness that you don’t even get a glimpse of the green tea and matcha aspect of the blend. This aspect I’m really enjoying as I don’t always enjoy green teas on their own so this flavour combination works great for me as it is different and intense.

It’s not until half way through the mug that the green tea/matcha starts to come through and the rice takes a back seat.

This blend is the prefect mug of toastyness now all I need is a bag of popcorn and I’m away!

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Gilded Teapot – Winter Spice

Time for Tea Please?

It’s been a bit nippy out these past few days and I’ve even had a sprinkling of snow. So it only seemed appropriate to have a brew that was perfect for this time of year so Winter Spice by The Gillded Teapot.
This was tea given to me on a winning recommendation from Taste the Tea as its one of her favourite Tea Shops which you can find in Dorset, England.
Checkout her blog here:

So I can’t wait to get sipping on this !


On opening the lose leaf tea you are instantly hit with a woodland sensation. A mix of black tea, star anise and cardamon , or on the words of the boyf it smells like curry ! Well you do get cardamon in those I guess :/

However once brewing like most teas the aroma changes. It’s still earthy and dark but the spices used are now warm and toasty.

Insert a log fire here if you have one!

On first sip you are a bit with a an array of spices and after taste kick of aniseed. If you not an ancient fan don’t let this put you off ! The further you sip the more you realise it’s the perfect mix of black tea and spice. Allowing you to enjoy a black tea on first sip yet tickling your taste buds with after kick of spice.
When I say spice I don’t mean it’s set your mouth on fire hot just the aromatic spicy flavour.

It’s certainly the perfect tea on a winter days to warm not just hands but the whole body. A hug in a mug!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Mulled wine

Time for Tea Please?

Whittard – Mulled wine

Yes It may be the new year but I’m still feeling festivey! Plus it’s my birthday tomorrow so I need to cram in as much of Christmas before it’s too late !

So here’s raising a mug of mulled wine ! Not the booze silly, the brew.


It’s an aromatic fruity sensation and I can’t wait to brew it up !!!!

The liquid is a dark bright red and oozes richness. Basically it’s the same colour of the wine!


As a non drinker it is as close to wine that I’m going to get it. It’s surprisingly life like if that makes sense. It’s a taste sensation it’s the fruity spiced and rich just what you want to from a mulled wine ! Well without the headache !

This tea is the perfect alternative to real mulled wine and definitely warms the soul.

Happy Sipping

Te & Kaffi

Time for Tea Please?

Te & Kaffi in Iceland

Just browsing the shops in Reykjavik as you do and stumbled across Te & Kaffi in a book store a perfect place to browse and consume a hot beverage.

Well as soon as I was able to sample some tea I was in my element. Despite not being able to read what the tea was I’m always keen to try.

As the sign suggests it’s a Christmas Mandarin tea.


On smelling the tea it is fresh, crisp and fruity and only knowing that this could potentially be mandarin flavour I was eager to sip. This may sound weird but it tastes like doctor pepper which is yummy . It’s a mix of fruity hints with a kick of almond and a perfect toast to the festive the season.

Tea Find – T2

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s Tea Find is T2.

T2 are in there 20th year of tea production and base there ethos on “reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf”allowing those real tea moments to be had by their drinkers. Opening their first stirrings 1996 in Melbourne it allowed customers to go on a tea adventure pairing teas to meet the needs.

Since 2014 T2 have been sharing their unique tea experience with the world. Opening stores outside of Australia allowing their Tea experience to be further shared and continuing pushing the boundaries for tea drinkers.

Today I discovered T2 in Selfridges of Oxford Street , London.


If the packaging isn’t enough to catch your eye then there flavours might be.
From chill out chai to cocoa loco.

For more info and discover T2 for yourself hit the link below: