Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe

Time for Tea Please?

This summer I’ve had plenty of time to read lots of books ! Taking some time for me has been really important after I was faced redundancy and was feeling a little lost so I had a perfect opportunity for some me time. To spend time reading a good book and having a cuppa or two. Particularly so when the book also lots of mentions of cake and tea through out makes the read for me even more perfect.

Which is why Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe by Georgia Hill was just the perfect book. A match made in heaven with a cuppa and a sweet treat, Millie would have wanted you to enjoy it that way.

As the book title suggests Millie is the owner of Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe! The story follows Millie through love, wanting , friendships , dilemmas , traveling and coming home. Getting to know her love life , Work life , back ground story and being with her as she makes important decisions not just for herself but the Cafe too. Following her journey and being taken a long for the ride. Not going to lie but Millie if you need some help in the cafe I’m more than ready to step in.

Happy Sipping 🙂