Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe

Time for Tea Please?

This summer I’ve had plenty of time to read lots of books ! Taking some time for me has been really important after I was faced redundancy and was feeling a little lost so I had a perfect opportunity for some me time. To spend time reading a good book and having a cuppa or two. Particularly so when the book also lots of mentions of cake and tea through out makes the read for me even more perfect.

Which is why Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe by Georgia Hill was just the perfect book. A match made in heaven with a cuppa and a sweet treat, Millie would have wanted you to enjoy it that way.

As the book title suggests Millie is the owner of Millie Vanillas Cupcake Cafe! The story follows Millie through love, wanting , friendships , dilemmas , traveling and coming home. Getting to know her love life , Work life , back ground story and being with her as she makes important decisions not just for herself but the Cafe too. Following her journey and being taken a long for the ride. Not going to lie but Millie if you need some help in the cafe I’m more than ready to step in.

Happy Sipping 🙂

World Book Day

Time for Tea Please?
Other than cake my other favourite thing to go with a brew is a book!
Today is World Book Day !

So heres my latest Tea Read .


I’m a sucker for chic lit and with the mention of cake it’s the perfect tea read. When things don’t go to plan with Josie’s childhood sweetheart in her set up of rural bliss , her best friend Libby ropes her in to setting up a wedding business where she can continue creating her bespoke cakes. Almost giving up on love until the wedding photographer arrives!

This book has love, drama and friendship in a village set up, with plenty of opportunity to picture it all in your imagination.

Oh and not forgetting the yummy recipes to try out some of Josie’s bakes.

Tea Read: The Tea Book by Linda Gayland

Time for Tea Please?

Today we are having a look at my latest Tea Read
The Tea Book By Linda Gayland


Linda is a tea sommelier and sees it her mission to convince tea drinkers there’s more to tea than a tea bag in a mug but the mystery around all aspects of tea. Allowing everyone to have a tea adventure.

The book doesn’t focus on individual tea type but all of them.
Looking at history, growth , plantation to teapot to the perfect infusion.

Giving guidelines and advice to allow you to make tea choices to suit your needs and flavour combinations.


The book goes further and looks into Tea culture around the world , looking at tea etiquette in different countries and how this relates to the style of tea. From the British afternoon tea to Japan Chanoyu or the Russian Samovar.


I loved the section on Tisanes where Tea is used for its therapeutic purposes. Not all herbal teas are seen to be “tea” as they aren’t produced from the camellia sinensis plant , where as tisanes tend to use parts of various other plants to make an infusion.


The book finishes up with various recipes to try your own tea combinations , cocktails etc.

So if you’re a tea lover looking to learn a little bit more about tea then this book is just perfect.

Tea Read – The Cake Shop in the Garden

Time for Tea Please?

Books, tea and cake, three things I love ! So when I saw The Cake Shop in the Garden by Carole Mathews I knew this book was the one for me. Plus I absolutely love the front cover illustrations !

It sees the the main characters Fay who not only cares for her elderly mother but also runs a cafe in her garden oh and on her canal boat. It’s a story of love, friendship, family turmoil and business, even with unexpected turns and missed/ potential opportunities, it makes an enjoyable read. I wish The Cake Shop in the Garden was real as it certainly seems like my cup of tea.

With tastey sweet and savoury treats mentioned throughout a mug of tea and a slice of cake is a perfect match with this book.

Tea Read – The Beach Cafe

Time for Tea Please ?
With summer fast approaching nothing beats sitting outside with a mug of tea and a good book. I’ve just finished reading The Beach Cafe By Lucy Diamond, it was such a pleasure to read! In fact I was kind of jealous of the main character Evie.

To cut a long story short Evie inherits a cafe and ends up running it in lovely Cornwall. It follows her journey from leaving Oxford and her ex behind to battling the locals to run a community filled cafe as well helping out a run away and finding a new romance. So if this is you’re cup of tea then what are you waiting for !!!!!

Tea Read – Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

Time for Tea Please ?
I love baking just as much as I love reading , oh and tea drinking ! So when I came a cross Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery I knew this was another book made for me. I love Jenny Colgan’s books as she always put some recipes at the end. As I always I don’t like to give too much away about the book itself so that you can enjoy it for all its glory but this book is the follow up to The Little Beach Street Bakery (so maybe read that one first). It continues to follow Holly on her baking adventures , testing times and her pet puffin ! Yes Pet Puffin!!!!!!

Go on have a read you know you want too 🙂