Moylor – Tuo

Time for Tea Please?

All the way from Taiwan I’m able to be sipping on Tuo Tea .

Thanks to at Moylor for sending it to me to try ! Moylor are a company which sells Chinese Tea, who offer a retail, wholesale and drop ship,service for over 50 countries.

If you’d like to find out more about this tea hit the link below. You can also receive 10% off of your order using the code ZE10 .

What I love about connecting with tea companies from all around the world is trying new teas that you aren’t able to easily get hold of where I’m based in the UK. So I always look forward to receiving international teapost.

Tuo Tea

Thanks to Moylor I’m able to try for the first time Tuo Tea . This specific tea is from 2012 and is a High Quality Raw Puer Raw Tea Tuocha Puyu Qingtuo Tea. This tea is mainly produced in the Yunnan area. Tuo Tea can be divided into either green or black tea depending on what raw materials it’s made of. For the one I’m trying today is classed as a green one!

Tuo Tea can either come in lumps or bricks. As you can see from the photo this one is a lump. Unlike a brick it easier to transport. The tea looks similar to a thick-walled bowl with a whole in the middle.

Let’s get brewing !

Now I’m not going to lie but working out the best way to get the tea leaves apart was a bit of a challenge and maybe using knife isn’t the best option but needs must!

The aroma of the tea in its dried state is quite pungent. It’s strong and almost earthy. Like a deep richness that only comes with age.

The aroma whilst brewing isn’t too dissimilar to its try state it’s just not as intense. I can’t really think of an aroma comparison for this tea to you.

The brewed liquid is of an orangey brown in its colour.

First sip is interesting. I am very surprised and almost relieved that the tea doesn’t taste anything like it smells. However it still has an almost earthy edge to its taste. This is due to the way the tea has been manufactured and is a fermented tea, which is where the teas flavour and characteristics is formed. It has a deep richness and there’s all something nostalgic about sipping on a tea that’s 6 years old.

The sipping experience is light and refreshing as the tea has a natural sweetness to it which is surprising considering the earthy depth in flavour that the tea also has.

I think this tea is a grower , the more you try it the more I’ll like it !

Happy Sipping 🙂


Vouch Tea – Cherry Blossom Forest

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to Vouch Tea for sending me some lovely teapost all the way from China! I’ve never had post from China before!!!

I absolutely love Vouch Tea‘s ethos of


For more information or to explore Vouch Tea visit:
They even pair teas with cigars which is a bit different!

Today I’m trying their loose leaf Cherry Blossom Forest, the loose tea certainly reminds me of a forest its earthy tones in colour and almost in smell. Although the mind is a wonderful thing.
I’m also very lucky to be trying before it even goes onto Vouch Teas website. This is because what I’m trying I
is fresh from the farmers and still has room to age.

Cherry Blossom Forest is a puer tea which means that the tea is fermented.

Time to brew

As soon as the water hits the loose leaf say good bye to twig like but hello loose leafy goodness.

The overall aroma is hard to place it’s the cross between a black and a green tea.

I’m also very impressed about the actual colour of the tea, it’s a yellowy orange.


I was quite surprised on my first sip! I’ve never really tried puer before and flavour can vary depending on age/ fermentation method.
It’s not an overly sweet tea, although it does a very light natural sweetness to it. There’s also something about this tea which is also quite earthy and no I’m saying it tastes like mud! Adding to the sipping experience of knowing it’s an aged tea adds to the whole tea drinking experience.

Happy Sipping 🙂