Whittard – Pink Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

What better drink to have during the summer months is a lovely refreshing cold brew! Today I paid a much over due visit to my local Whittard for a little tea tasting and to see what’s new on their summer menu.

Today they had their Pink Lemonade on sample.

The aroma of this tea is super sweet but that’s exactly what your after with a lemonade so I’m hoping it tastes that way too,

The colour is just spot on too. With a pinky peach colour tone.


First sip is just tealicious !

As its aroma hinted at it is very sweet in its flavour. It certainly packs a punch and it tastes exactly like it says on the tin. It just screams pink lemonade but it also has an added floral tone to it with an almost rose like tang. I do love a good bit of Rose in tea !

I can just picture myself sipping on this tea sat outside on a hot summers evening with a super iced version of this tea. It just screams summer ! It’s slightly naughty but way too nice miss out on !!!!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Bittersweet Beverages – Pink Blush

Time for Tea Please?

A big thanks to Bittersweet Beverages for sending me their Pink Blush Tea to try.

Bittersweet Beverages delicately blends, loose leaf teas with carefully selected ingredients, straight from Kairbetta Estates, within their family’s plantation in the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India.
Visit http://www.bittersweetbeverages.com to find their out more !

Pink Blush, is a blend of Nilgri Black Tea with hand picked natural rose petals.

On sniffing the tea you are able to smell the floral tones straight away. I happen to love a bit of floralness within tea blends as it adds an extra depth to the tea.

Time to get that kettle on!

It only seemed right to drink this tea in a cute mug to match its name Pink Blush. I absolutely love the name of the tea and feel it suits the tea brand perfectly. There’s just something about the name which intrigues.

The colour is also a beautiful orangey brown. Which I wasn’t expecting at all.
After a recommended brewing time of 2-3 minutes I’m ready to go.

First sip is amazing !

The Nilgiri black tea certainly packs a punch. It’s not till on the after sip that the rose really comes through. I’ve never tried Nilgiri Tea before and it was lovely.

If you love a strong brew this tea is perfect for you. The contrast between its power and the delicateness of the Rose is perfect. It works so well together and it doesn’t disappoint sip after sip.

This tea is the perfect afternoon tea, when your in need of a bit of me time and a tea full of flavour.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Steeped Tea – Strawberry Swirl

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to steeped tea to sending me this sample of strawberry swirl tea! Through connecting with each other on Instagram , you can find me there by searching for @timeforteaplease and find steeped tea at @Lbd_steepedtea we are able to share this tea with you.

On opening the pouch you are hit with a fruity aroma , I wouldn’t say it instantly reminds me of strawberry but it’s definitely fruity so I am excited all the same. As who doesn’t want to be berrylicious!

On peaking inside you’re able to see all the fruity pieces that include:
Strawberry, orange and apple pieces, lemon grass, hibiscus blossom.

On brewing, the fruity aroma just intensifies, its like a Berry fruit cocktail.

Steeping as recommended for 5 minutes you are left with one of the prettiest cups of tea I think I might ever have drunk. It certainly screams Strawberry in its vibrancy.

It’s only when Sipping the tea, that the Strawberryness really comes out. It’s still mingled with the other fruity flavours but it’s certainly a little ray of sunshine ! Together all the flavours work so it certainly suits its name Strawberry swirl.

This tea is a perfect drink for the summer and I’m sure it would be just as nice over ice on a hot day as it is warm on this sunny spring day 🙂

Happy Sipping !