PG Tips – Juicy Red Berry

Time for Tea Please?

Feeling a bit fruity? Then PG tips Juicy Red Berry. PG Tips might traditionally be known for their breakfast tea but their branching out into producing loose leaf tea bag herbal teas and Juicy Red Berry is one of these.

On brewing the tea the smell is amazing ! The berryness is excellent and it’s making my mouth water already !!! I can not wait to try it! While brewing it recommends 3-5minutes I love my tea strong so decide to leave the tea bag in for closer to 5 minutes. This allows the flavour to intensify and the brew is amazingly bright pinky red !

The taste doesn’t disappoint ! It’s just as good if not better tasting than the tea smells. It’s light fruity and berry intense. It’s soooooo soothing and tastes all the way down to my stomach warming as it goes. It’s light and calming and is a pleasure to drink.

Let’s just say this tea is berry good 😉