Nisi – Camomile and Lavender

Time for Tea Please?

Nisi is a tea company based in Greece. They are a natural tea and herbs specialists. Focusing on the beneficial properties of Greek nature without any chemicals. Using the purity and potency of herbal healing. Nisi believes that sipping tea can be more than just a pleasure to sip on but also have many health benefits.

Today I’m sipping on two of their ingredients to make my own blend. Their Camomile and Lavender.

Their Camomile tea is grown in Greece and tends to have a more sweet and earthy taste to it compared to camomile grown in other countries. As its produced locally it allows Nisi to know that due to the nutrient rich grounds it’s grown in allows extra strength within the ingredients.
As I like to drink my camomile primarily in the evening Nisi suggested to add some lavender to the blend, which I’m going to give a try. Like the camomile its locally sourced/grown in highly, nutritious soil for the best yield.

Let’s get brewing !

In my infuser I firstly filled it with camomile, of which smelt super powerful in its flavour and I’m very much hoping it tastes that way too. I then popped it in the mug and filled it with water. I then added in two sprigs of lavender and left it for a few minutes to infuse.

While brewing the aroma intensified with the richness of the camomile and the lavender it was mixing together perfectly and was certainly getting the taste buds going.

After brewing I removed the lavender and the infuser and was left with a light yellow brewed liquid.

First sip and wowzer what a punch !

The camomile taste just shines through. Due to the naturalness of the dried camomile its flavour is very strong. It may even be the the strongest tasting camomile I’m yet to try. The flavour is so pure and rich it really is a taste sensation.

With the use of the two sprigs of lavender it provides a perfect side balance. It’s just enough to allow the lavender to add a delicate flavour to the sip so that it doesn’t over power the camomile. It works in harmony with up the camomile adding a further floral undertone.

Combined together the camomile and lavender just works. The richness and strength of the blend is just amazing and will knock your socks off. Yet it also has a pure smoothness which adds further pleasure to the sipping experiences which just exquisite. Wether this down to the pureness of the ingredients or some magical Greek goodness!

Happy Sipping 🙂


Wise Ape – Cocoa Mint Yerba Mate

Time for Tea Please?

All the way from the USA I’ve been given the chance to try Wise Ape Tea.


Wise Ape is a tea brand focused on making a better you, knowing only to well that the way of the universe might change your path.

How amazing is the branding ? It is awesome and you certainly wouldn’t forget it.

For more info on Wise Ape visit their website at:

On opening the pouch of tea you are instantly hit with a mixed light aroma of cocoa and mint with a soft roasty hints.

Within this blend you can find:
Organic Roasted Yerba Mate , Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Bacopa, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Tulsi, Organic Chicory, Organic Stevia. Natural Flavors.

Best get the kettle on!

Unlike some blends the aroma of the loose tea and that of the hot tea liquid is actually no different.


I was also quite surprised in the colour of the brew, it’s a yellowly Orange tinge. For some reason I was t expecting it to be more brown.

On first sip, the minty flavour is prominent in its tasting. I was rather surprised with how minty it was in flavour based on its over all smell. It’s only on after sipping that the main after taste is that of the cocoa.

It is not a overly sweet tasting tea, which will be down to the bitter aspects of the Yerba mate. Mixed with the cocoa makes for a rustic flavour . The tea uses the peppermint aspect for a natural sweetness which blended together all works in-tune, to provide positive sipping.

What I love about this tea and the company, other than the taste of the tea itself is the way in which it promotes its tea benefits. So for this blend it aids in focus, energy and clarity. With a medium caffeine level it will be sure to fill your daily hustle with a much needed boost! For some reason just knowing all the extra benefits, adds to the overall sipping experience.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Clipper – Sleep Easy

Time for Tea Please?
There’s nothing more than I love than having a relaxing mug of tea at the end of the day. My go to brew tends to be camomile based as its known for its calming techniques. One of my all time favourites bed time tea has got to be Clippers – Sleep Easy.

What I love about this tea is that it is naturally flavoured with orange as well as being blended with chamomile, cinnamon and valerian and together is a perfect match. Through the natural ingredients within the tea can help promote a healthy sleep.

I always leave the tea bag in when drinking camomile as there’s just something nice about it getting stronger as you sip a mug of bedtime bliss!