Brew Tea Co. – English Breakfast

Time for Tea Please?

While exploring the town of Skipton on a bit of a miserable day I was in much need of a cuppa. Looking to try somewhere other than a massive chain I came across Caffe Capo and was amazed to find them serving The Brew Tea Co. range. Not going to lie I was amazed that Caffe Capo sold lose leaf so I wasn’t going to say no! Plus I was more than a bit excited for my first The Brew Tea Co. experience. So I opted for their English Breakfast.

The shocks just kept on coming!
Caffe Capo keep The Brew Tea Co. theme going using their unique brewing pots and this I salute!
I’ve never been served my cuppa this way before so it added to the overall tea experience.

I could watch the tea brewing and floating around all day long it was quite mesmerising. It was lovely to see the large hand picked tea leaves do its magic. While the blend of Indian assam and Sri Lankan Ceylon brew to perfection while being mesmerised by the lava lamp qualities.

Time to pour!

The bonus of a glass tea pot is being able to brew for your taste needs.

Adding a splash of milk it’s time to get sipping !

The aroma is lovely and strong so I’m very much hoping it tastes the same too.

I am not disappointed !

It certainly packs a punch. It’s rich, yet smooth at the same time. Unlike other English Breakfast Teas that I’ve tired before it has none of the bitterness that you tend to expect.
It’s a pleasure sip after sip :)))))))

The only downside was that it didn’t last long enough !


If you fancy trying out this rather smashing English Breakfast Tea then find out more by visit Brew Tea Co. Website. Hope your like me and enjoy there no nonsense approach it’s refreshing and punchy just like their brew.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Mulled wine

Time for Tea Please?

Whittard – Mulled wine

Yes It may be the new year but I’m still feeling festivey! Plus it’s my birthday tomorrow so I need to cram in as much of Christmas before it’s too late !

So here’s raising a mug of mulled wine ! Not the booze silly, the brew.


It’s an aromatic fruity sensation and I can’t wait to brew it up !!!!

The liquid is a dark bright red and oozes richness. Basically it’s the same colour of the wine!


As a non drinker it is as close to wine that I’m going to get it. It’s surprisingly life like if that makes sense. It’s a taste sensation it’s the fruity spiced and rich just what you want to from a mulled wine ! Well without the headache !

This tea is the perfect alternative to real mulled wine and definitely warms the soul.

Happy Sipping

Whittards – Turkish Apple

Time for Tea Please?

The festive seasons in full swing so say hello to Whittards , Turkish Apple


As soon as you open the packet you are hit with a massive intense Apple waft. Mmmm

Fruit teas are fine by me.

If my mouths already watering at just the thought of fruity Apple the. I’m hoping the brewed version will do even more.

I just love seeing the little dried Apple chunks expand with brewing!


First sip is sweet, inviting and warms the soul. It’s fruity and crisp yet warm and tasty! Total brewmass. Which is a total contrast to that of a say a mulled or a spiced tea.

So if you are after a twist on a Christmas classic which is warm and sweet then this is perfect for you !

Jadu Tea – White Mango Lime

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea comes to you from Jadu Tea and their – White Mango Lime or as I call it, Bliss in a mug! With is fruity tangs from the mango and lime it makes a perfect relaxation cup of tea after a warm day. It’s been 25 degrees today (Norwich, Norfolk) for so refuelling with a mug of tea is much needed.


Brewed for around 3 minutes to crest the perfect balance of intensity of the fruit and the White tea to make harmony in a mug.

It’s not over an powering smelly tea it just perfumes your senses with light fruity tones and you just know it’s going to be a pleasure to drink. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Each sip is just wonderful with intermittent mango and lime hits. It transports you to another level I was imaging a nice sandy beach shame it only lasted as long as it took me to drink the mug!

So if you are after a magical taste experience with fruity tones and all the benefits of drinking white tea then Jadu’s White Mango Lime is just the ticket.

Biddys Tea Room – Afternoon Tea Week

Time for Tea Please ?

It’s Afternoon Tea Week!!! So therefore I just had to go for one. Today I went to Biddys Tea Room with two friends. Which you can find on Lower Gate Lane, in The city of Norwich based within the famous Lanes.

With their afternoon tea you were able to pick and chose what you’d like to have to make it unique and personal to you. From choosing your tea of choice , to sandwich filling and then wether your going to have a piece of cake or a scone isn’t as easy as you’d think ! Especially when you love tea and cake as much as I do, luckily the quirky friendly staff gave us the time we needed to decide, Making sure we all chose something different because we love to share !

The Teas
The teas are all loose leaf and are served in large teapots within tea pouches with mix and match teacups and saucers which adds to the overall experience.

Lady in Waiting

I love Earl Grey and think it’s a perfect balance as well as almost being pallet cleansing which was essential with us all sharing. Biddy’s lose leaf Lady in Waiting is Earl Grey tea with citrus hints of orange and lemon, which I find defines and lightens the tea which is great if you drink it black I do.



I’ve never had Cherry tea before and it didn’t disappoint. It was delicious !!!Its light and fruity, just perfect for a summer tea . I’m sure it would be lovely cold served with ice too. The tea was more peach in colour rather than it being pinky red liked I’d have expected from a classic cherry colouring.

Raspberry and Elderflower

Sticking with summer fruity vibes raspberry and elderflower was a must try. Berry teas are great for pick me ups and I just love elderflower. The tea is rich in colour of deep pink which makes the tea exciting and a bit different. Elderflower is a light flavour and was overwhelmed by the raspberry but that didn’t stop the tea being a pleasure to drink.

The Food

For afternoon tea at Biddy’s you firstly chose your Tea , then you chose your sandwich filling on either white or granary and final choice is between having fruit or cheese scone or a slice of cake. Everything is homemade and fresh so the staff are able to answer any questions which was great when one of us is a vegetarian.


For my sandwich I chose chicken, stuffing and cranberry on granary bread. The sandwiches were served with homemade coleslaw and balsamic drizzled spinach.

Breaking from the traditional afternoon tea I went for a slice of cake ! There were 5 different ones to chose from but I decided to go for a classic Carrot Cake, plus it looked amazing and eating is as much about your eyes as it is your belly 🙂


The cake was moist, rich and full of fruit. The icing light , soft and loads of it! It was in perfect proportion for between layers as well as upon the top.

The only thing that let it down for me was that unlike everyone else we didn’t get the afternoon tea stands , I know one of us was a vegetarian but it just didn’t then feel like the full afternoon tea experience I so wanted seeing as it’s afternoon tea week. Despite this the food and tea did make up for it.

So if your visiting the Norwich Lanes and are looking for an afternoon tea in a quirky setting with lots to see and variety of products then Biddys is for you 🙂

Tea Find – Rare Tea Co

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s Tea Find comes to you from the Rare Tea Co. The company was founded on the principles of providing the best tea in the world, sourced directly from tea gardens to benefit the farmers as well providing customers with a unique tea experience. This allows everyone to benefit from the tea experience, from the customers to the farmers choosing quality over volume/ price. Ensuring the tea farmers are treated fairly.

Plus how cool are the tins they come in!