Lewisham Tea Company – Bora Bora

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to Lewisham Tea Company I’m able to bring you today’s tea review featuring their Bora Bora tea. Lewisham Tea Company has a fantastic ethos of a tea for every mood. Focusing on sipping the “stuff that tastes good and makes us feel even better”. Sipping on a mug of tea for me is part of looking after my wellbeing , taking a moment to myself to enjoy the sipping pleasures and moment of calm a cuppa can bring. Especially if I need a bit of a boost.

With having 6 teas in their range it means their focus is purely on the tea and allowing the tea to really do the talking.
To find out more or to try one of their teas hit the link!
https://www.lewishamteacompany.com .

Bora Bora

For this tea blend Lewisham Tea Company uses Hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, papaya cubes, currants, elderberries, blackcurrant, sunflower blossoms, cornflower blossoms, freeze dried raspberry and strawberry pieces. Now all of these sound tealicious !

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with a fruitea punch ! I can instantly make our the papaya cubes which added a super sweetness to the aroma.

Combined with all the other aspects of the ingredients it smells like opening a bag of sweeties with an underlining floral tone. It’s certainly getting my mouth watering !!!!

Let’s get brewing!

While brewing the aroma changes quite significantly from its dry state. It’s not quite so sweet in its smell and I can almost smell notes of cocoa which is strange considering there isn’t any within the blend itself. It might just be the magic of the ingredients infusing together.

The brewed liquid is of a deep pinky red almost red wine like in its colouring.

With a brew time of 12 minutes I’m hoping like the amazing rich colour of the tea it’s flavour matches it.

First sip is simply BeauTEAful!

It certainly has the intense rich flavour I was very much hoping for. It’s sipping sensation is the perfect balance of fruit and floral in equal measures. Neither over powers the other but works in a perfect harmony to provide a taste sensation.
Just like the balance of the fruit and floral aspects of the tea each individual ingredient doesn’t shout any louder than the other. To me the fruity flavours of the tea come with the initial sip and then right at the end almost at the swallow (I guess that’s how you’d describe it) the floral flavours come through. A sip that keeps on giving!

This is the perfect tea for a mug of me time. It’s almost magic in a cup! Just like the name Bora Bora

I also feel this is one of those fruitea teas which would be perfectly brewed ice cold or even served with lemonade for a summer spritzer.

So thank you Lewisham Tea Company for this BeauTEAful blend !

Happy Sipping 🙂


Ace Tea – the Earl Grey

Time for Tea Please?

Nothing beats coming home on an afternoon and sitting down to a mug of tea. Today I’m sipping on the Earl Grey by Ace Tea London.

The packaging is so unique and has been inspired by William Morris and his textile designs. It just adds to their tag line “Untraditionally English”. For me Earl Grey tea shouts a British Classic so hopefully I’ll be feeling extra patriotic while sipping on this tea.

Upon opening the tea pouch , you are instantly hit by the vibrant punch this tea brings. You can see the bergamot , and the other citrus peel within the blend. I’m really hoping this tea is as strong as its aroma.

Let’s get brewing!

The brewed aroma hasn’t overly changed from its dry state. It’s still a mixture of floral and fruity tones with tea scent in the back ground.

As expected from a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a dark brown state with an almost amber tinge. I chose to drink earl grey black, as that’s the way I prefer it but if you want to add milk you go for it.

First sip and what a punch!

It is lovely and strong, just the way I like it. I chose to brew the tea for around 3 minute mark. This for me was the perfect brewing time, as I was after a strong flavour but not too strong (sometimes it takes a few attempts to get the perfect brew time).

For such a strong brew I was amazed at how light it almost was, not in a delicate way but it didn’t come across as heavy . Which is just perfect for a summer afternoon tea. The bergamot is full on its flavour providing strong floral tones but is set of just perfectly with the after tang of the citrus vibes making it a match made in heaven.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Ace Tea London – Lady Rose

Time for Tea Please?

I love a mug of black tea so when Ace Tea London offered me the chance to try some of theirs , I jumped at the chance!

Today I’m going to give their Lady Rose tea a try.

The packaging is pretty amazing the intricate and colourful design would certainly draw your eye if you saw it on a shop shelf.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with the floral tones of the Rose with only a hint of black tea in the back ground. I absolutely love rose in teas so I can’t wait to try.

Let’s get brewing!

While brewing the whole room fills with the Rose scent those floral tones are just beauTEAful! But like its dried state the aroma is dominated by the Rose with only small black tea after scent.

There’s just so much tea crammed in each tea bag!

I prefer drinking a flavoured black tea strong and without milk so as expected the brewed tea liquid is of a dark brown tone.

First sip is delicious !

This tea is very fragrant , you really do need to love Rose though if your going to love this tea as it is the main prominent taste. There’s only a light black tea after taste. Now it depends how you view this as to some you could be disappointed by lack of not tasting the black tea aspect of this tea. However to some this could be a bonus as the Rose really does sing!

For me this isn’t an issue as the Rose taste is just fantastic and can definitely see how Ace Tea markets it for a hot or cold beverage or even in a cocktail or mocktail a nice Rose fizzy lemonade would be just perfect. Now that’s certainly given an idea or two!

If you fancy having a try at this tea then check it out for yourself : https://www.acetealondon.com/product/lady-rose-tea-carton-15-tea-stockings-2/

Happy Sipping 🙂


Time for Tea Please?

Today I’ve been down in the capital city ! London !
Of course I couldn’t let my trip not include TEA.

So here I am in Selfridges on Oxford Street , saying hello to T2 Teas!


What I love about T2 Tea is there bright packaging and how eye catching it is! It also fits in perfect with Selfridges current window display.


After doing lots of shopping I’d worked up quite a thirst so was drawn to their iced brew and yes I was feeling fruity!

Time to get my sip on!


Hello fruitalicious.

It was the perfect thirst quencher !

It was so cold it was invigorating, hitting the spot perfectly.

It was light and refreshing. The fruity mix of blueberries, goji berries, dragon fruit and cranberry was perfectly in balance. Providing an almost tropical like flavour. Blending together in away to ensure each flavour doesn’t out shine another. In turn ensuring sip after sip of pure fruity pleasure.

This is the perfect brew to have hot or cold, it’s such a versatile tea well ok Tisane and was a much needed pleasure.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea Treat – Crosstown Doughnuts

Time for Tea Please?

I love popping to London when ever I can , wether to go sight seeing or find new treats its all an exciting adventure!

Today I went on the Emirates Air for the first time ! With fantastic views over Greenwich and the Capital, despite the rain it didn’t disappoint.



After flying through the air I was in much need of finding the perfect Tea Treat ! So say hello to a box full of yum from Crosstown Doughnuts. On Fridays you can find the guys from Crosstown Doughnuts at Kings Cross food market, which was perfect for me traveling to and from that station!


Not knowing which flavours to chose as you can imagine was a struggle! But the guys from Crosstown were more than happy to recommend and I ended up coming away with (from top left to bottom left) Matcha Tea, Watermelon and Lime, Sea Salt Caramel Banana, Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter Berry and lastly Apple and Mango.


All unique in there flavour I chose my doughnuts to give a wide variety of choice and colours.

As a peanut lover their peanut butter berry doughnut was just my cup of tea 😉


With a peanut frosting, with peanut halves and a delicious blackcurrant jam it was a match made in heaven. With the sweetness contrasted and balanced to allow each flavour to be individual yet tantalise your tastebuds equally and make you want more !!!! Something else I loved bough the doughnuts was that that the dough itself wasn’t overly sweet enabling the topping flavours to do the talking!

So if you’re in need of a doughnut fix next time your in London make sure you pop and find Crosstown Doughnuts.

Plus I loved hearing about the time they pitched to Selfridges in board shorts! Hey it worked for them so never change yourself !


P.S. They’re chocolate truffle is to die for !


Time for Tea Please?

I love any opportunity to try some tea and love going to Whittards to try some samples and find something new to try 🙂 . Plus I just love their Covent Garden store, it’s a tea journey.


Cherry Blossom Green Tea.


Cherry Blossom Green Tea is a light and refreshing tea . The cherry off sets the undertones of the green tea perfectly. Sometimes I find green tea over powering but the use of the cherry added depth and a pleasant change for a green tea.


Very Berry Crush


I love a fruity tea , especially a berry blend so couldn’t wait to try Very Berry Crush. I didn’t find the tea all that strong which was a bit disappointing for me as I love my fruit teas strong. However it was the perfect blend of berryness and a perfect tea for summer!


Tea Find TWG

Time for Tea Please?

While exploring Harrods I came across this magnificently lit display of TWG Tea .


TWG Tea is seen as one of the finest luxury tea brand in the world. The Wellbeing Group aka TWG was founded in 2008 by Taha Bouqdib, Maranda Barnes and Rith Aum-Stievenard to provide an exquisite tea experience by sharing expertise and knowledge.

TWG prides itself of being an innovator and trend setter through its tea harvests and exclusive blends. As well as that of tea infused delicacies and patisseries. Yet tailoring their product to meet world wide consumer needs of beauty and elegance with original flavours.



I just love the packaging, it’s bright and enticing but with gold touches adds too the luxury of the product.

Whittards – Covent Garden

Time for Tea Please?

I’ve just got back from London celebrating my birthday !!!!! Obviously i couldn’t make a trip without being on the look out for tea! So as soon I accidentally on purpose stumbled across Whittards in Covent Garden I couldn’t wait to have a little sample of some of their teas ! 

Red Velvet 

As a massive cake fan and red velvet being one of my all times faves I was super excited to see their version as a TEA ! I was literally having my cake and drinking it and also a lot healthier! As a fruity combination the tea was light and perfect and reminded me just of the cake but maybe without the cocoa. The only thing missing when trying this was holding the cake your hand. 

Cranberry and Raspberry

I love a fruit tea especially at the moment where I’m feeling the need for a little bit of detox from all the Christmas and Birthday Treats! This tea was light in flavour (a bit too weak for my liking but I love a strong brew) with neither the cranberry or the raspberry over powering each other made for a perfect combination. I could also see this tea being just as nice ice cold.

English Fruits 

As a black with fruity flavours I was a bit ominous about trying it but I have to say I am a total fan ! It was brewer to perfection, no need for milk in this brew as the fruity tones took the blackness of the tea away. I can just imagine it being perfect for a cold night warming up by a fire. It’s almost English traditions in a mug ! 

Blueberry Rooibos

As I like most teas black (without milk) Rooibos is a perfect one to suit this. Obviously if you like yours with milk there’s nothing wrong with that either 🙂 I’ve tried a fair few rooibos but never a blueberry one! The blend of the two was a match made in heaven the blueberry was strong enough to be tasted but didn’t outshine the rooibos either. Plus it’s caffeine free!

It wasn’t just the selection of teas on offer they had that you could sample which fascinated me but also the decorations ! Now who wouldn’t want a light up hanging tea pot or an actual tea plant , I know I would. 



The best thing about being able to visit Whittards is the chance to sample some of their teas as sometimes you just don’t know if you’re going to like it or not , but this way you can try before you buy and enjoy every sip of the way to choosing your perfect blend. 

So what are you waiting for!!! Visit your nearest Whittards today and enjoy the possibilities that Tea can bring 🙂

Finding Tea at Harrods

Time for Tea Please?

I love London and travelling round finding new teas and that was no different when wondering Harrods. London and Harrods was thriving with tourists searching for that quintessential British gift and what better than to discover their own tea range.

From discovering their own Harrods filled tins of specific loose leaf tea to choosing a more specialised tea range.

With a wide range of flavours from green tea to the more traditional British Classic Afternoon Ceylon.

They don’t just sell tea but tea related items too and I do love a glass tea pot or five!!


So if your looking for that perfect tourist gift from a well known British store then the Harrods range is just the ticket.