Whittards – Cucumber Mint

Time for Tea Please?

It’s getting to that time of year where I’m on the look out for that perfect summer tea. I’m talking about one of those teas that is lovely to sip on hot but is versatile enough to be drank cold too. I think I might have just found the perfect contender in Whittards – Cucumber Mint.

This tea blends: Peppermint, Apple Pomace, Apple, Cucumber, Acid: Citric Acid, Rosehip, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals

As soon as you pop off the lid you are instantly hit with minty cucumber tonnes. It’s such an attractive loose leaf blend full of cucumber and actual pieces of cucumber and the colour is just beauTEAful.

I hope it smells as good at it tastes !

Get that kettle on ….

The tea aroma doesn’t overly change in relation to its not brewing state. It’s still minty and fruity embodied with the cucumber tones. It’s brewed colour wasn’t as green as I suspected it would be!

On first sip it is delicious , you are instantly hit as expected from the aroma is the mint. It’s not until the after sip that the cucumber really kicks in. There’s just something about the tea that is light and refreshing. I’m quite enjoying the minty zingy sensation the tea leaves in the mouth.

What I love about this tea is the fact I don’t have to rush drinking it. In fact it’s just as nice sipping hot as it is once cooler. Add some ice cubes and it would be the perfect bbq blend. I’m sure you could even get away with popping in some alcohol for a lovely tea cocktail or if you like me and prefer a mocktail I’m sure some frozen berries would be just as nice!

Happy Sipping 🙂


Basilur – Lemon and Lime

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough for the lovelies at Basilur Tea to send me there Lemon and Lime , Ceylon Black Tea to try. I’ve not tried there tea before so was rather excited about receiving some TeaPost. Especially as its part of their magic fruits collection combining the power of fruit with Ceylon.

Once opening my parcel I was super excited by the bright packaging and even more intrigued by the flavour. I love a bit of zestyness in my drinks so fingers crossed this would be perfect for me !

As soon as you open the box to reveal the tea pouch you can already smell lemon and lime hints. Once opening the pouch, as you can imagine, the aroma intensifies and the taste buds are tingling.


Best get that kettle on!

Love the crystallised lemon and lime bits within the tea leafs!!!!

Once brewing the tangy citrus aroma is there all warm and juicy!

As I prefer my Ceylon tea black I brewed the tea for aprox 3 minutes. I was amazed at his much the loose the leaf tea expanded while brewing, it’s massive!


As expected from a black tea, the tea liquid is of a dark brown colour. No milk for me !

On first sip hello lime!

The zesty fruit flavours hits you from the very first sip, it’s not over powering at all! The combination of the fruit and Ceylon work perfectly together. There’s just enough citrus to allow its flavour to shine yet allow the blackness of ceylon to sing too. It’s also one of those teas that tastes like it smells. Which to be is always bonus! Further more the the tastes lingers and fills your mouth with a citrus tang! The magic of fruits must be working!

If you fancy sipping on this zesty tea the checkout their website :

Happy Sipping 🙂

Jadu Tea – White Mango Lime

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea comes to you from Jadu Tea and their – White Mango Lime or as I call it, Bliss in a mug! With is fruity tangs from the mango and lime it makes a perfect relaxation cup of tea after a warm day. It’s been 25 degrees today (Norwich, Norfolk) for so refuelling with a mug of tea is much needed.


Brewed for around 3 minutes to crest the perfect balance of intensity of the fruit and the White tea to make harmony in a mug.

It’s not over an powering smelly tea it just perfumes your senses with light fruity tones and you just know it’s going to be a pleasure to drink. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Each sip is just wonderful with intermittent mango and lime hits. It transports you to another level I was imaging a nice sandy beach shame it only lasted as long as it took me to drink the mug!

So if you are after a magical taste experience with fruity tones and all the benefits of drinking white tea then Jadu’s White Mango Lime is just the ticket.

Tea Find TWG

Time for Tea Please?

While exploring Harrods I came across this magnificently lit display of TWG Tea .


TWG Tea is seen as one of the finest luxury tea brand in the world. The Wellbeing Group aka TWG was founded in 2008 by Taha Bouqdib, Maranda Barnes and Rith Aum-Stievenard to provide an exquisite tea experience by sharing expertise and knowledge.

TWG prides itself of being an innovator and trend setter through its tea harvests and exclusive blends. As well as that of tea infused delicacies and patisseries. Yet tailoring their product to meet world wide consumer needs of beauty and elegance with original flavours.



I just love the packaging, it’s bright and enticing but with gold touches adds too the luxury of the product.

Tea Find – Rare Tea Co

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s Tea Find comes to you from the Rare Tea Co. The company was founded on the principles of providing the best tea in the world, sourced directly from tea gardens to benefit the farmers as well providing customers with a unique tea experience. This allows everyone to benefit from the tea experience, from the customers to the farmers choosing quality over volume/ price. Ensuring the tea farmers are treated fairly.

Plus how cool are the tins they come in!

Twinings – loose leaf Lady Grey

Time for tea please?

I’m trying out my brand hew glass teapot today ! And what better way to try it than with twinings lady grey .

It’s my first use of my loose leaf teapot and I have to say I’m rather excited


Adding 1 and half teaspoons of loose leaf tea,and adding hot water the lady grey is brewing ! The plus side of using the teapot for loose leaf is that I can leave it in take it out easily depending on the strength. I love the growing flavour in intensity you can get by leaving the loose leaf in for the duration of the pot.

I love this tea as I can drink it black and the plus side to this earl grey is the fruity peel which enhances the experience !

I was a bit worried about bits getting in my tea, but the wholes were just the right size and minimal bits were left in the mug.

After my first use I can’t wait to use it again with more loose leaf tea!

Teapigs – Apple and Cinnamon

Time for tea please ?

Introducing you to teapigs apple and cinnamon

It’s always puzzled me how so little loose tea in a bag can produce so much flavour !

While waiting and watching for my tea to infuse the hot water, all I can smell is sweet apple pie mmmmm yum yum

I just can’t wait to try it !!!


The smells doesn’t mask anything but eagerly excites your taste buds and it doesn’t disappoint !

The flavours blend perfectly together and are in harmony with one and other as neither needs to show as the combine so well together .

Like always tea is always about personal preference , the longer you leave the tea bag into brew the more the cinnamon takes over but as the flavour combination is exquisite it just adds to the over all joy of sipping this tea