Nisi – Camomile and Lavender

Time for Tea Please?

Nisi is a tea company based in Greece. They are a natural tea and herbs specialists. Focusing on the beneficial properties of Greek nature without any chemicals. Using the purity and potency of herbal healing. Nisi believes that sipping tea can be more than just a pleasure to sip on but also have many health benefits.

Today I’m sipping on two of their ingredients to make my own blend. Their Camomile and Lavender.

Their Camomile tea is grown in Greece and tends to have a more sweet and earthy taste to it compared to camomile grown in other countries. As its produced locally it allows Nisi to know that due to the nutrient rich grounds it’s grown in allows extra strength within the ingredients.
As I like to drink my camomile primarily in the evening Nisi suggested to add some lavender to the blend, which I’m going to give a try. Like the camomile its locally sourced/grown in highly, nutritious soil for the best yield.

Let’s get brewing !

In my infuser I firstly filled it with camomile, of which smelt super powerful in its flavour and I’m very much hoping it tastes that way too. I then popped it in the mug and filled it with water. I then added in two sprigs of lavender and left it for a few minutes to infuse.

While brewing the aroma intensified with the richness of the camomile and the lavender it was mixing together perfectly and was certainly getting the taste buds going.

After brewing I removed the lavender and the infuser and was left with a light yellow brewed liquid.

First sip and wowzer what a punch !

The camomile taste just shines through. Due to the naturalness of the dried camomile its flavour is very strong. It may even be the the strongest tasting camomile I’m yet to try. The flavour is so pure and rich it really is a taste sensation.

With the use of the two sprigs of lavender it provides a perfect side balance. It’s just enough to allow the lavender to add a delicate flavour to the sip so that it doesn’t over power the camomile. It works in harmony with up the camomile adding a further floral undertone.

Combined together the camomile and lavender just works. The richness and strength of the blend is just amazing and will knock your socks off. Yet it also has a pure smoothness which adds further pleasure to the sipping experiences which just exquisite. Wether this down to the pureness of the ingredients or some magical Greek goodness!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


ZO Tea – Rooibos & Rose

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovely people of ZO Tea for sending me some their teas to try tea. ZO is a UK based independent tea company , which specialises in premium organic loose leaf tea. For their tea they aim to promote organic tea rituals which are designed to encourage and support wellness through the benefits of the natural ingredients used within their blends. Which I find such a wonderful ethos as I’m sure many of you like me uses tea to benefit my wellbeing.

If you’d like to find out more about ZO Tea and their tea blends pay a visit to:

Rooibos & Rose

Each of ZO Teas tea blends is based upon a different aspect of our wellbeing and their Rooibos and Rose is for our Balance. It has been blended to realign the body’s natural levels, from reducing fatigue to relieving bloating. It also has skin cleansing properties and bone strengthening.

For this tea ZO Tea blends:
Rooibos Natural, Nettle, Rosehip, GreenTea China Jasmine, Ginger, Fennel, Mate Green, Pu Erh Tea China, Cinnamon Sticks, Cocoa Nibs, Pink Pepper, Strawberry, Rose Petals, Cardamon.

Upon opening the teach pouch the dried aroma is very distinctive with a Rooibos, if your a Rooibos drinker you will know exactly what I mean. There’s also the odd whiff rose and fennel.

Let’s get brewing !

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t change which is something that always pleases me with me a tea.

Like any Rooibos based tea the brewed liquid is a brown with a redy tinge.

First sip is just tealicious. On first sip the Rooibos is the main flavour. It’s not until more of on after taste that you start getting the Rose aspect of the tea blend. Another distinct flavour that strongly comes from through, is that of the cocoa nibs. It adds an almost earthy flavour tea to the brew but it also deepens the Rooibos flavouring.

If there’s one slight downside to the tea is the flavour of the Rose. For me it doesn’t come through strong enough. The floral delicateness it’s most certainly there and that adds a lightness to the sip but I love rose and would have liked it to come through just a bit stronger.

A further aspect of this tea that makes it even more of a pleasure to sip is the potential health benefits that it can bring to you from drinking it. Added benefits from drinking tea is always a good thing in my books.

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


Heywood Teas – Roselle and Red Date

Time for Tea Please?


Heywood Teas “specializes in producing high quality functional tea in Hong Kong”. They also mix their herbal ingredients based on Chinese medicinal formula.
To find out more information hit the link below.
As part of their Heywood Teas combo set :


Today I’m going to be trying there Roselle and Red Date.

The health benefits known for drinking this tea are:

Roselle: has diuretic property and detoxify the body, facilitate weight loss, smooth wrinkles and liver health.

Red Date: Nourish blood, improve digestive health and rehydrate skin.

As you can probably already guess the Ingredients for this Tea blend was a Roselle (Taiwan) and Red Date (South Korea).

Upon opening the tea pouch, the overall aroma is very light in its nature. It has a light floral tone with under notes of date.

Let’s get brewing !
With a recommendation of 8 minutes brewing get that kettle on.

The aroma whilst brewing has certainly intensified it smells berylicious it has a very Berry smell alongside that of the date.

The brewed aroma is a rich redy pink .

First sip is very intriguing. It packs a real punch with its flavour and intensity. The main flavour at the forefront is that of the date followed by that of a fruity and almost floral tones of the Roselle. Or as some you may be wondering Roselle is actually another name for hibiscus which explains the berry nature and colour to this tea. I sometimes forget that in other languages/translations it may be called a word that you don’t tend to use and your left wandering what it might be.

I’m not sure how I feel about the use of the date within the blend as it’s not something I’d normally chose to eat etc. However it some how just works amongst the flavours.

One thing I do know for sure is how amazing the colour of the brew is and it certainly helps when drinking this tea to keep in sipping! With the added known health benefits from the tea as well it’s a perfect added extra to the sipping experience.

With the flavour intensity of this tea and the colour it would also make the perfect iced blend. Machine drinking an ice cold bright pink tea on a hot summers day !

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


Black Dog Teas – Pitta Blend

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s Tea Tuesday , Tea Review features Black Dog Teas and their Pitta Blend.


The Pitta Blend is part of Black Dog Teas tea range called the Ayurvedic Blends.
“The ancient Indian doctrine of Ayur (life) Veda (knowledge) has been passed on for thousands of years helping those who follow it to find balance in their emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual energies. We can be categorised into three β€œDoshas” (temperaments/types), and have elements of all at the same time with one or two dominating.”

The three tendencies are :

Vata tendencies – Slim physique, creative, quick to learn and to forget, discomfort in cold climates often has cold hands and feet.

Pitta tendencies – Medium physique, sharp mind and focus, strong appetite, discomfort in sun or heat, can be impatient.

Kapha tendencies – Heavy build and high physical strength, easygoing, compassionate and reliable, discomfort in cold, damp weather.

For more info visit

The Pitta Blend is made up of : cinnamon, cardamom, liquorice root, coriander, fennel, ginger, rose petals.


Doesn’t the blend of colour within the ingredients just look beauTEAful.
They also smell it too! The combination of all the herbs is certainly tantalising the taste buds.

Let’s get brewing!


The brewed liquid is of a light yellow in colour.


First sip and it’s very inTEAresting. I don’t think I’ve ever sipped on a tea quite like this before. When knowing the ingredients I was a bit sceptical as some of the flavours I tend to avoid when choosing teas, however I’m up to trying anything once!

Each sip tastes completely different. Rather than the ingredients being fully blended each sip almost takes it turn in being one of each ingredient. Sip one cinnamon, sip two cardamom, sip three liquorice root, sip four coriander, sip five fennel, sip six ginger, sip seven rose petals. Obviously in a more random combination !

It’s the subtle herb hints of the tea combined with the floral tones of the Rose petals which makes it an almost serial sipping experience not quite like anything I’ve tried before.
There’s also something quite special knowing the pitta tendencies and the reasons behind the tea blend adds something almost spiritual to the sipping experience.

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


Tetley – Super Green Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Now the snow has started to melt there’s a few sniffles in the air , so I’m turning to Tetley with their Super Green Tea which is an immune boosting tea with Vitamin C.

On opening the tea box up,you are instantly hit with a tropical aroma. It always puzzles me how tropical has a distinct aroma yet what actually is it ?! According to Tetley they use the natural flavouring of pineapple, mango and other natural flavourings, as well as the green tea.

The tropical aroma only intensifies as the tea brews. There’s really not much green tea coming through aroma wise, which isn’t always a bad thing especially if you can’t quit decide if you do like green tea or not.

The brewed liquid is also not as green as I was expecting it’s more of a yellow in colouring than green.

First sip is lovely !

It’s very fruity although the flavouring is shouting more mango than pineapple and doesn’t really taste as tropical as it smells. This isn’t essentially a bad thing it just not what I was expecting.

It’s only really now on drinking the tea that the green tea aspect is finally coming through. Although this is very much an after taste, yet it’s pleasant enough and tastes strong enough to remind you that it’s still there.

So if you aren’t a green tea fan don’t right this tea off, as you really can’t overly taste it. It’s all about the tropical flavouring and hey added Vitamin C you can’t go wrong!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

We Are Tea – Cleanse

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to We Are Tea for sending me their Cleanse Tea to try.

IMG_3200Pairing teas alongside side my health and exercise routine is fairly important to me, so their range of well being teas If right up my street well kettle ! The tea aims in aiding the body from the inside out, helping to to get rid of toxins.

The Cleanse Tea combines: nettle, dandelion, licorice, milk thistle and lemon peel.
Which aims to restore purity and harmony through the use of botanical magic to help you feel #everydaygood .


On opening the tea pouch and removing a whole leaf teabag it is very lemony in essence with under tones of nettle.
I have to say I’m a little bit curious and wary of what this tea might have in store based on the ingredients.

Oh well, only one way to find out so best get that kettle on!

While brewing the warm aroma is pleasant in itself with no element of the tea more distinguished than the others. Which was a shame as I’m not going to lie then lemon was rather appealing. Brewing for the recommended 3/4 minutes to get the best flavour.

To be honest first sip was better than I thought and is a tea that does smell like it tastes! Much to my disappointment the lemon peel,
takes a back seat it’s a milky concoction of nettles and milk thistle. It’s a rather an unusual flavour combination but it’s not unpleasant just different, but hey anything that helps my body is worth while me trying.

If you fancy trying this tea or checking out anymore of We Are Tea

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Twinings – Gingersnap Peach

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea introduction belongs to Twinings and there Gingersnap Peach.

By the name of the tea it is obvious what the two main ingredients are, Gingersnap for their sweet spiciness infused with fruity crisp textures of peach. While the tea brews it is very light in scent so I was a little worried that the tea might lack flavour.


On pouring the tea it was a delicate peach/pink in colour which was attractive to the eye and on sipping the taste buds too. The delicate flavour of the peach was brought to life with the warming ginger and not over powered. Considering I have a cold ginger is a must for me right now.

The only downside to this tea was that the best flavour of the tea wasn’t achieved till near the end after it had been brewing in the pot for almost 10 minutes. I do enjoy my tea strong and this tea was slightly too delicate for me, although the flavour combination was lovely.

Tea Benefits

Time for Tea Please ?

So it’s January and most of you will have made New Years resolutions to be healthier ! To me it’s all about moderation with exercise just as vital as eating well there’s no point in depriving yourself of things you love. Therefore it made me wonder about all the benefits that tea can could potentially have for you.

From researching into the topic area these appear to be main benefits of drinking tea :

* it keeps you hydrated
* tea generally has less caffeine than coffee
* it may help fight diabetes
* it can reduce the risk of heart-attacks
* contains anti-oxidants
* tea is calorie free (unless you add sugar/sweetener)
* can protect you against cancer
* protects you’re bones
* boosts the immune system

The benefits listed above are general tea benefits yet when split within the four main tea groups they each hold their own extra health benefits.

Oolong Tea
Warning High in caffeine
* can reduce obesity risks
* increased alertness
* improves mental health

Green Tea
* improve vision
* can reduce fat formation within the body
* increases metabolism
* lower cholesterol
* vitamin B

White Tea
* natural killer of bacteria and viruses
* strong bones
* healthy skin
* fluoride for healthy teeth gums

Black Tea
* stress relief
* reduces plaque
* increases energy
* makes you happy
* can reduce signs of ageing