TSA’ I- Mellow

Time for Tea Please?

When TSA’I asked me to try their Greek inspired tea. I couldn’t say no! Greece is one of my favourite countries and there tea is known for its high quality and as well its health benefits.


Is a Greek inspired tea company. Greek tea is known for its antioxidant qualities and their essential oils which are known to boost immunity. For TSAI the benefits were to good to not share with us tea lovers. They source all their from Greece to make sure their tea is at its finest.

To find out more or to try this tea for yourself hit the link: https://www.tsaicollection.co.uk/


(From website) Mellow is a mix of tea and spices that combine the four seasons of the year. It’s loaded with all the good stuff that your body and mind need. The antioxidants present in the tea helps to improve your heart’s health. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory and is believed to boost your brain function.

I’m always intrigued to try new teas that potential health benefits as it just adds to the sipping experience.

For this blend TSA’I uses: orange , cinnamon, black tea , pomegranate peels, cardamom, dried apple, cloves , coriander and pink peppercorn .

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly hit with sweet aromas of the orange , pomegranate and apple. It’s rich and fruity excentuated by the spiced notes of the cinnamon, pink pepper and cardamom. The black tea and coriander is almost not detectable.

Let’s get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing completely changes from its dry state where the fruity tones were the main players it’s now the turn of the black tea and spiced aspects of the tea to have there time to shine. It’s still has it’s hints of orange with a light fruity tang.

Considering that this blend has black tea in it I’m surprised at how orange this tea has brewed. It is slightly on the dark dusky side but still a nice orange haze.

Let’s get Sipping!

First sip and I am really surprised by this tea! This is partly because of the conflict between that of the aromas.

This tea is very much of the flavour of that of the tea when it’s in its dry state. It’s rich in its orange flavour and with the apple and the pomegranate within the blend it’s a like sipping on a hot fruity cocktail.

The use of the spiced aspects of the blend cinnamon, cardamom and coriander aren’t used to over the power the sipping experience but hence it. What I mean by this is , is that they add depth and warmth to each sip. It’s only in the after sip in which you get that slight spiced burn sensation.

This tea does exactly what it says it mellows you. The flavours and sensation that come with each sip of this tea is like a hug in a mug and it’s certainly a relaxing sipping experience.

It’s hard to even believe that there is any black tea in this blend. As you can’t taste it other than the brew being of a slightly dark orange you honestly can not tell it’s in the blend. Which isn’t a bad thing as it allows you to be able to really enjoy all the flavours this blend is made of.

If your looking for a tea blend that will allow you a moment of calm to “mellow” and relax then this is the tea for you.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Violets Tea House

Time for Tea Please?

We’ve all had to change and adapt over the past year showing ourselves and each other we care from a distance. Violets Tea House asked me if I’d like to try and share with you their postal tea box I couldn’t say no!

Violet’s Tea House

(Direct from website)Based in rural Warwickshire and came about from the simple pleasure of sitting down and having a nice cup of tea and biscuit as a pause to the day.

We really want to cheer up someone’s day if they are not feeling great, a special occasion or if they just need a pick me up with our Letterbox gifts. Doing so as environmentally possible as they can.

I love their sentiment and agree with the pleasure that tea can bring to someone.

To find out more to try their tea boxes for your self , hit the link: https://www.violetsteahouse.com

The Tea Box

I love how personalised it is!
Really love the cute cartoon style drawings that they use. It adds to the personal touch.
Tea and biscuits ! The perfect combo.
I really love that you can see the safflower in the blend. It’s unusual for a breakfast blend but can’t wait to try.

I’ve not tried a breakfast blend with Safflower in but first sip is just tealicious. It adds a lovely floral hint to drinking a black based tea.

As you can see from the below photo I’ve chosen to drink it black to get the most out of the safflower (personal preference) but adding milk wouldn’t alter the flavour too much as it’s a lovely strong black tea , just how I like it !

Happy Sipping 🙂

Namara Tea – Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream

Time for Tea Please?

As you should all know by now is that I love trying new teas and flavours and sharing them all with you ! When Namara Teas asked if I wanted to try their teas and their different flavours I was more than happy to oblige.

Namara Tea was founded in 2020 by Scott McNamara (hence the name) who like to try and create new things.

(Direct from website) Namara Tea is a farm-to-table tea company that aims at serving the finest artisanal tea to our clients. Namara Tea is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Our tea comes fresh right from the farms around the world. Quality is of utmost importance to us.

To find out more or to try their teas for yourself hit the link: https://namaratea.com

Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream

For this blend Namara Tea uses Ceylon Black Tea, Strawberry Pieces & Marigold flowers.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the aroma of the Strawberry and the Ceylon tea.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing is very similar to that of its dry state. The strawberry does intensify and the vanilla notes from the marigold starts to come through.

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is that of a dark brown almost black in its colouring for this blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I need another before I can make up my mind. The aroma of the tea in its dry state and whilst brewing the strawberry is very much at the forefront. Where as on first it wasn’t as apparent as I was hoping for it to be. This could be down to brewing time or maybe not so many strawberry bits .

The marigold petals within the blend do bring a slight vanilla notes to the blend but with the weakness of the strawberry you do get ice cream vibes. It may be even an idea of adding some milk to this blend may add to the icecream side but for my own personal preference I prefer black based flavour teas without milk. However tea is how you want to drink it.

This tea due to its lightness in flavour would be prefer blend for a hot summers afternoon sip. It has refreshing notes and would also be a great palate cleanser.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Hampstead – Lavender & Valerian

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at Hampstead for sending me a selection of their teas to try. Don’t you just love their packaging? Today I’m going to be trying and sharing with you their Lavender and Valerian Tea. As I love a bed time tea and it’s a vital part of my getting ready for bed routine.


Hampstead Tea was created by Kiran (direct from website) to bring you organic teas that are ethical and delicious. When I moved to the UK from India I desperately searched for great tasting tea that had no pesticides or plastics and I just couldn’t find any. Skip forward to today and at Hampstead Organic we’re incredibly proud to be continuously assessed as:
The Most Ethical Tea Brand’ by the Ethical Consumer.

Hampstead Tea has grown far beyond what I dreamed while packing tea in my kitchen. Our range of organic teas are stocked all over the world. Everything we produce is organic, our tea gardens are biodynamic, teas are Fairtrade, the majority of our packaging is Plastic-Free and all our teas bags are compostable. When we work with the earth, treat it and our people well, mother nature rewards us with strong, healthy crops and excellent tea.

To find out more or to try their tea for yourselves hit the link: https://www.hampsteadtea.com

Lavender and Valerian

For this blend Hampstead uses Lemongrass, Oat Flower, Lavender, Valerian Root.

Upon opening the individual tea bag parcel you are mainly hit with the aroma of the lavender and Valerian root. The other ingredients aren’t so noticeable.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing is not too dissimilar from its dry state. It just gets a lot stronger. The Valerian aspect of the tea comes through a lot stronger. Mixed with slight hints of the lemongrass.

The brewed liquid of the tea is also of a light yellowy with its colouring. Which will mainly be down the lemongrass within the blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip is just tealicious. It’s also tastes exactly how it smells!

The Lavender and Valerian work together in perfect harmony. Complimenting each other just perfectly. The Valerian has a slightly stronger / more prominent flavour but both sing strongly with each sip.

I don’t know what it is but there is something about sipping on this tea that is just instantly calming. Each sip is just soothing and relaxing. The ingredients within this blend has been specifically used for their known calming properties and I’m not sure if knowing this is why I’m feeling relaxed or because it am ! Haha

So if your looking for a bed time tea or a moment to relax and to calm down with then this is the brew for you !

Happy Sipping 🙂

Parallel Tea Co. – Yerba Mate & Guayusa

Time for Tea Please?

As you all know I love trying out new teas and thanks to Parallel Tea Co. I’m able to share with you their Yerba Mate & Guayusa blend. I’ve not tried too much Yerba Mate before but if it’s popular with footballers then I’m keen to try it. As I do love my FooTEA hehehe.

Parallel Tea Co.

Co- Founded by Elysia & Genia, Parallel Tea Co. Was to them discovering a drink that was better for them than coffee. To find a long term fix rather than a short term sacrifice but with similar benefits but better for you!

(Direct from website) almost decade long exploration of ancient western and eastern plant medicines, herbs and remedies. Along the way we not only uncovered what we consider to be the most potent ingredients that eventually became the basis for our SuperTea blend.

We believe that under the right physical and mental circumstances everybody can unlock their optimal state of performance, something commonly referred to as “flow state”.

We engineered our original blend to help maximize people’s ability to help induce flow states in a way that your traditional caffeinated beverages are simply unable to do.

To find out more or to try their tea for yourself then hit the link: https://www.paralleltea.com

Yerba Mate & Guayusa

For this tea blend Parallel Tea Co. Uses; Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Guayusa, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Turmeric, Elderberry, Hibiscus Petals, Currants.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are hit with Yerba mate and the fruity notes of the elderberry , currants and Ashwagandha.

This blend has been designed with you in mind and has many qualities per sip (info direct from website)

1. Energy: Providing a natural and sustainable, energy boost without the jitters or crash

2. Clarity: Sharply enhancing clarity, lucidity and mental focus.

3. Wellness: Improving overall well being through a strong combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing changes quite dramatically from its dry state. It’s not longer so sweet in its smell and the main aroma now is of the Yerba Mate with its almost grass like characteristics.

I was quite surprised by the brewed liquid colouring. It is of a darker brown in its colouring where as I was expecting it to be more green in its colouring.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am very intrigued!

On first try the blend is quite peppery in its flavouring with some very earthy tones. This is partly down to the turmeric within the blend.

It’s more in the after taste that you really get the turmeric flavour mixed with the more fruity floral notes of the blend. With the elderberry

For me this blend is just about sweet enough. However parallel do recommend the use of honey if you prefer a sweeter brew.

I also love the qualities and benefits behind this tea which just adds something magical sip by sip!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Ceylon 35 – Ceylon Breakfast

Time for Tea Please?

What better way to start your day than with a mug of tea. Today I’m starting mine with Ceylon 35 and their Ceylon Breakfast blend.

Ceylon 35

Was founded in 2019 by the married couple of Tyroshan and Ayesha both originally from Sri Lanka but have made their home in Scotland. After various trips to their homeland and recreating their much loved home comforts that in ingredients and their quality didn’t match and wanted to do something about it!

(Direct from website) Our Name Ceylon 35 has a bit of a story too. Ceylon is the name given to us (as in our country) by the Portuguese in 1505. 3 and 5 “Thuna Paha” in Sinhala meaning three by five, is a spice mix found in most Lankan kitchens.

To find out more or to try their tea for yourself hit the link: https://ceylon35.co.uk

Ceylon Breakfast

For this blend Ceylon 35 uses 100% Ceylon Tea.

Upon opening the tea bag you are able to smell the rich Ceylon loose leaf tea.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing is rich in its scent and the Ceylon really sings.

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a dark brown in its colouring.

For this tea I’ve added a splash milk. But drink it as you like!

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip is just tealicious . I wasn’t really sure what to expect but this blend is rich and strong in its flavour. Even with the use of the milk it still packs a punch.

The flavour and taste is also really smooth , there’s nothing bitterness to this blend at all which makes it lovely to sip on.

Now this tea I could easily drink every morning it’s strong and powerful and would be a much needed kick start to the day!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Cuppa Tea Co – Battenberg

Time for Tea Please?

When Cuppa Tea Co asked if I wanted to try their Battenberg blend I couldn’t not say no! I love marzipan and if it’s work with tea that’s even better for me.

Cuppa Tea Co

“A Newcastle upon Tyne based company here to serve you top quality, fun and tasty blends of tea. Behind the brand though, we’re just a couple that loves a good cuppa.” (Direct from website)

After losing their jobs in a quirky tea house the couple turned to supplying there lovely customers with not just the every day cuppa but more unusual flavours and blends.

To find out more or try their tea for yourself hit the link: https://cuppateaco.com


For this blend the Cuppa Tea Co uses Black tea, almond bits and marzipan flavour.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly hit with the sweet almond marzipan aroma. It’s very strong in its scent that you can’t even smell the black tea. Which is rare but it’s also exciting as this tea smells amazing!

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t majorly differ to that of its dry state. It’s still almondy and sweet. The reminiscent of marzipan is insane. If this tea tastes any where near as good as it smells I am going to be a very happy.

The aroma of this blend is mouth wateringly good!!!!!!

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a dark brown in its colouring.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and it is tealicious!!!!!!

This tea is exactly as I hoped it would taste. It does taste as good as it smells !

When you think battenberg you think sweet sugary cake covered in marzipan with its almond notes. This is exactly what it tastes like. I love marzipan and anything todo with it and this is exactly that.

It’s only really in the after taste of the sip that the black tea makes it first real appearance. Along with that of a more nutty side to the tea taste.

There’s no need to spoil this tea with milk or sugar or any thing it’s perfect just as it is. However teas unique to the drink but I’d recommend without.

So if you want a cake in a mug and a much healthier option then this tea is blend for you. It really packs in its flavour and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Bakers Box – Hot Cross Scone

Time for Tea Please?

What’s the perfect pairing for a cuppa tea ! You guessed it a Scone!

Thanks to the lovely people at The Bakers Box I’m able to enjoy a scone and a brew as well as sharing it with you!

The Bakers Box

Baking doesn’t have to be complicated so that’s why “the baker” created Bakers Box . (Direct from website) “We take away all of the complexity involved in baking, including the endless trips to the supermarket.” And cupboards full of ingredients that you only use once!

(Direct from website) Food is about bringing people together, helping you feel good and letting you know you can actually cook! With the Baker’s Box, you can achieve all of this!

I will make baking simple, it’s my mission. #bakingmadesimple

What a great way to see baking !

To find out more or try for yourself the hit link : https://www.thebakersbox.co.uk

Hot Cross Scone

I’m trying out their Chocolate Fudge scones recipe as part of their Easter Range.

I do love a scone and eaten and baked many but can’t wait to get started.

Step 1

Mix with tour water to for a dough !

Step 2

Step 3

Roll your dough out and cut to your desired shapes!

Egg wash!

Step 4

Mix your pouch 2 with water

Pour into the piping bag

Pipe on your cross !

Step 5

Bake ! For approx 13 mins

Leave to cool and then enjoy!

Although this waiting for them to cool business was hard to resist hehe especially when they came out soooo massive ! So maybe make smaller ones or not !

These scones are absolutely tealicious!

There light and fluffy , soft on the inside with a light crispness on the outside.

The balance of chocolate and fudge is just perfect and they work so well together. Even where the fudge has caramelised it adds a lovely crisp sweet touch.

The actual scone dough itself is sweet enough but allows the fudge and caramel to bring its own sweetness and it’s a perfect harmony!

Enjoy with a mug of tea of your choice.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Teasup – Good Night

Time for Tea Please?

As part of my bedtime routine I always have a caffeine free tea and if it’s a tea that will help me sleep then that’s even better. I don’t know about you but it just helps me to unwind. So thanks to Teasup I’m able to try their Good Night blend.


Teasup was set up in the family home in Putney, London of Hanna and Phil who turned their lifelong passion for tea into their livelihood. Tea is always in everyone’s background and it’s just as much on the experience as well as taste.

(Direct from website) We really love tea – it’s healthy for our body, packed full of antioxidants, with a breadth of provenance and geography to rival the finest wines… and without the hangover!

At Teasup we seek out excellent quality whole leaf tea from top tea gardens across the globe. Our tea is ethically sourced because we want the tea that we drink to be improving the lives of all those working in the tea industry. We are committed to being plastic free and to environmentally friendly packaging because we want to contribute to improving the environment.

To find out more or to try their teas for yourself hit the link: https://www.teasup.co.uk/

Good Night

For this blend Teasup uses Camomile Flowers, Rose Petals and Lavender.

Let’s Get Brewing!

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the floral aroma of primarily the camomile but the lavender and Rose are also detected. Together they just smell amazing.

Whilst brewing the aroma of the tea doesn’t change from its dry state. The only real difference is that as they brew they intensify and are even stronger than when dry.

The brewed liquid as that of a bright yellow which you tend expect with a camomile based tea.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am hooked. Camomile tea is one of my fave bed time brews but with this blend the floral side of the camomile is the most prominent in the flavour.

On the second part of the sip it’s the lavenders time to shine. It’s just as strong in its taste as the camomile but compliments it rather than over shadowing it.

The only small downside to this blend is that the Rose isn’t quite strong enough. I love rose within a tea blend but the flavour and the aromas of the camomile and lavender are very much coming through strongest. Yet with the floral flavours of the blend although they are delicate together with this blend they are punchy and intense.

Another major benefit of this tea blend is that the aromas and taste of the tea are exactly the same and it doesn’t vary sip by sip.

The flavours combined instantly sooth you it almost immediately relaxes you and sip by sip it intensifies and calms. Just what you need when getting ready to sleep or if you just need a moment to yourself.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Strathearn Tea – Finest Earl Grey

Time for Tea Please?

I love an Earl Grey Tea because of how versatile it can be and how a mug of it can just calm and chill. So when Strathearn Tea asked me to try some of their tea I knew their finest Earl Grey was the best place to start.

Strathearn Tea

Is a Scottish Tea Company based in Perthshire, born from the pandemic situation that paused the world, established in 2020 with a clear mission to give back as much as possible and to elevate “the classics” . Using over 20 years of expensive within events and catering to focus on tea.

(Direct from website) In a short space of time we have established charity links with the Terrence Higgins Trust and Kindness Glasgow Homeless Team, so every purchase you choose makes a real difference to others.

To find out more or to try for yourself hit the link: https://www.strathearn-tea.co.uk

Finest Earl Grey

For this blend Strathearn Tea : uses black tea flavoured with bergamot oil. Through using their dedicated processing to create their finest blend. Taking their method back to the traditional way of making an Earl Grey Blend.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t massively change from that of its dry state. As it brews the aromas of the bergamot is much more prominent and packing a punch.

Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it smells as I do love an earl grey tea !

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is that of a brown colouring . It’s not quite as dark as I would expect it to be but that doesn’t necessarily represent the strength on the blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am very surprised. I know I said the colour may be deceptive but I very much happily surprised by the punch of this blend. When Strathearn Tea said finest they did mean finest !

Each sip is light and refreshing the brew itself isn’t heavy on the palate at all.

I always drink earl grey without milk as personally I feel it changes the taste too much for me and I want the tea todo the talking. However if you want to add milk you go for it tea as always is unique to its drinker.

I really am also surprised by how much the bergamot comes through with each sip. The reasons I’m very pleasantly shocked is because Strathearn Tea make their earl grey the traditional way with purely just bergamot oils. This isn’t a bad thing as the flavour you fully expect from an earl grey tea is very much there and very much in your face.

The black tea and the bergamot oil work in harmony together so each sip is a working balance of the two flavours and aromas. Neither over power the other or is weaker than the others in its taste to each sip.

With spring on it’s away and the prospect of outdoor socialising this tea is going to be just perfect.

Plus with its palate cleansing qualities it’s the perfect partnership for an afternoon tea / tea party.

Happy Sipping 🙂