Whittard – Pink Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

What better drink to have during the summer months is a lovely refreshing cold brew! Today I paid a much over due visit to my local Whittard for a little tea tasting and to see what’s new on their summer menu.

Today they had their Pink Lemonade on sample.

The aroma of this tea is super sweet but that’s exactly what your after with a lemonade so I’m hoping it tastes that way too,

The colour is just spot on too. With a pinky peach colour tone.


First sip is just tealicious !

As its aroma hinted at it is very sweet in its flavour. It certainly packs a punch and it tastes exactly like it says on the tin. It just screams pink lemonade but it also has an added floral tone to it with an almost rose like tang. I do love a good bit of Rose in tea !

I can just picture myself sipping on this tea sat outside on a hot summers evening with a super iced version of this tea. It just screams summer ! It’s slightly naughty but way too nice miss out on !!!!!

Happy Sipping 🙂


Time for Tea Please?

Today thanks to Sportea I’m getting try their Tea.

Based in Colorado Sportea aims to offer a product that will help promote health and wellness. A high-performance nutritional drink formulated for active adults and children as a nutritious alternative to other beverages such as coffee or athletic sugary drinks and sodas.
If you’d like to find out more hit the link!

For this blend Sportea uses Green and Black tea, Siberian Eleuthero Root, Ginger, Mate, Vitamin C, Trace Minerals, Electrolytes and Natural Flavourings.

Each individual ingredient for this tea has been specially chosen for its attributes so that its a tea that can deliver.

Siberian Eleuthero Root: sustaining energiser , stress fighter and endurance builder.
Vitamins and Minerals: resistance to colds, sodium and calorie free.
Matte: promotes alertness, stimulating, satisfies hunger urges
Tea/ Herbs: green and black tea, citrus taste
Ginger: soothing and satisfying, enhances circulation, no sugar/caffeine lows
Electrolytes: recovery drink , minimising muscle cramping, thirst quenching.

So let’s give it a go!

Upon opening the tea pouch you are hit with an almost fruity aroma, with the ginger slightly coming through. You can’t at this moment overly smell the green and black tea within the blend.

Let’s get brewing !

Sportea recommends a brewing time of 3-5 minutes.

While brewing the aroma of the is completely different to its dried state its some how comes across even more fruity than it did before . The use of the ginger is still very prominent but the smell of the Siberian Eleuthero Root is now coming through.

Considering the black and green tea used within the blend I want expecting it to be the brewed liquid to be bright orange! However with the product being a performance based beverage I can see why Sportea may have gone down this colour.

Let’s get sipping !

I’m very surprised how sweet it is upon the first sip.
It’s quite surprising really ! As everything that the tea smells of aroma wise isn’t what you can taste. I can’t really pin point an exact flavour. Sometimes it tastes more fruity other times more gingery .
One thing I’m not getting from this tea is the flavour of the green and black tea coming through. The natural flavours within the blend are at the forefront of the taste. Having tried other performance style drinks it has a similar sort of taste to those kind of beverages.

As someone who leads an active lifestyle and from reading the benefits of other ingredients within the blend I’m all for natural benefits with potential energising effects which can be used in conjunction with healthy living.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Herbalife Nutrition – Instant Herbal Beverage

Time for Tea Please?

Like me I’m sure most of you have heard of herbalife but never actually tried any of their products. Through connecting with MT Wellness on Instagram I received a tea related product. Otherwise known as an instant herbal beverage with tea extract infused with black and green tea.

An instant powder which provides caffeine to revitalise and make you feel more energetic with 85mg of caffeine per cup. Which is pretty high compared to most teas averaging 15-50mg per cup.

Sachet recommends mixing I/2 a tea spoon of the powder with either 200-250ml of hot or cold water.

Today I’m going to try it cold! Who doesn’t love iced tea!

Powder smells pretty sweet , it doesn’t exactly smell like tea or overly anything exactly. Maybe a light fruitiness but not overly of anything.

The powder itself is brown in colour and therefore the made liquid is also brown in shade.

A few iced cubes later and we’re ready to get sipping!


The drink on first sip is quite bitter and on the verge of unpleasant a quick squeeze of honey mixed in and it’s the perfect balance of sweetness.

With it being the original flavour it doesn’t actually overly taste of anything other than a weak black tea. So it’s recommended that by adding a slice of lemon or orange would boost it nicely.

As a gym goer I’m having this tea pre gym. To see if I can get any of the added benefits from this tea based on its high caffeine content. To see in having an extra kick pre workout , so let’s see if this will boost my performance!

For a true indication of the tea and any difference to my gym work out I didn’t change my normal routine for that day.

Did I notice a difference to my work out ?
I certainly feel that I had slightly more energy and felt my performance was boosted within my cardio routine and did manage to do more than usual. Was this a placebo effect we shall have to wait and see!

If you fancy having a try of this tea find your nearest herbalife rep of head to their website for more details :
Happy Sipping 🙂


Twinings – Gingersnap Peach

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea introduction belongs to Twinings and there Gingersnap Peach.

By the name of the tea it is obvious what the two main ingredients are, Gingersnap for their sweet spiciness infused with fruity crisp textures of peach. While the tea brews it is very light in scent so I was a little worried that the tea might lack flavour.


On pouring the tea it was a delicate peach/pink in colour which was attractive to the eye and on sipping the taste buds too. The delicate flavour of the peach was brought to life with the warming ginger and not over powered. Considering I have a cold ginger is a must for me right now.

The only downside to this tea was that the best flavour of the tea wasn’t achieved till near the end after it had been brewing in the pot for almost 10 minutes. I do enjoy my tea strong and this tea was slightly too delicate for me, although the flavour combination was lovely.

Brewing for a cold

Time for Tea Please

So I have a cold 😦 and post christmas Blues is making it worse. So I’ve made my own brew up which seems to be helping.

So here’s my recipe for a brew for a cold

You will need

Honey (3 teaspoons)
Cinnamon (a dash)
Hot water
A Mug

Put a dash of cinnamon in the bottom of your mug, fill the mug with hot water and stir. For some reason the cinnamon doesn’t fully dissolve and yes the water might me brown but don’t be put off! Add to you’re mug 3 tea spoons of honey and stir !

Now you’re brew for a cold is ready ! The cinnamon and honey amounts can be changed to fit you’re taste but this combination works best for me!

Marks and Spencer’s – Mulled Fruit Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Introducing you today to Marks and Spencer’s – Mulled Fruit Tea

So this morning I woke up feeling rather Christmassy , it’s frosty and cold so a mulled fruit tea was definitely on the cards.

I’ve not tried mulled fruit tea before but as I’d featured it as one of my tea finds I was rather excited to try it.


The tea bag consists of a blend spices: rosehip, hibiscus, ginger root, cloves , cassis bark with fruit: dried apple, orange peel and dried cranberries. While the tea infuses I am getting excited as the flavour combinations are exquisite !

Marks and Spencer’s recommend a brewing time of 3 minutes which to me wasn’t long enough. I left the tea bag in the whole time and it wasn’t till more like 5minutes brewing time that the fruit flavours really came through. Which made it more enjoyable drinking for me. Tea is always up to you and how you like to drink it so with this tea if you prefer a more spiced a tea leave the bag in for less time where as you’d prefer a more fruity flavour keep the tea bag in longer.

This tea has definitely made me feel extra Christmassy and I would even say an alternative to mulled wine!