Whittards – Christmas Tea

Time for Tea Please?

One thing I love about living near a Whittards is being able to pop in and try their teas. Particularly their festive ones so that I can share my thoughts with all of you. Today’s visit I was able to try Christmas Tea


For this festive blend Whittards uses a base of Black Tea, 4% Orange Peel, 2% Cloves, Flavouring, Safflower Petals, Vanilla Pieces.

As expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a brown colour. Unlike brewing at home you don’t get that engulfing aroma. However it is still possible to get a waft of the spice tones.

First sip and it certainly has tastes of Christmas. The black tea works perfectly with the cloves and orange peel. Reminding me of a satsuma in my stocking! (Surely everyone gets one in there’s?)

To add an extra depth of layer to the tea the vanilla almost sets off a slightly nutty tone, which means the tea keeps on giving!

The flavours in the tea add an alternative to other Christmas teas as out only uses cloves so stays away from full on spice and stays away from being more of a chai tea.

Plus the tea caddy it comes in just screams Christmas!

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Kettle Shed – Gingerbread

Time for Tea Please?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ! Especially with The kettle shed – Gingerbread tea.


On smelling the tea you are instantly hit with an almost spicy hit which tickles the inside of the nose and instantly makes you get excited over the prospect of what this tea might bring to the tastebuds. It’s not overly gingery in smell but the almost peppery kick you get from ginger is defiantly there when smelling it.
<a href="https://timeforteaplease.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/img_9932.jpg”>img_9932

On brewing the tea the water instantly turns the shade of the classic “gingerbread” brown colour. I absolutely love gingerbread especially as Christmas time so I’m rather excited for my first sip.

It’s always difficult when brewing a new tea on how long to brew a tea for but I normally go or 3-5 closer to 5 as I like a nice strong brew. Going by this on my first sip I was surprised how it wasn’t as strong as I first expected it to be. You aren’t hit with the ginger kick till after Sipping with the fiery hit. It’s more of an aniseed flavour more than ginger. The aroma is also light and smells more of a collection of festive spices rather than what you’d specifically deem to be gingerbread.

Saying that, the tea isn’t a disappointment and although it’s the big gingerbread kick I was hoping for its certainly a perfect winter warmer.

If you love gingerbread like I do then why not try out my recipe for gingerbread :

Special shout out to Taste the Tea for sending me this brew to try!