Herbalife Nutrition – Instant Herbal Beverage

Time for Tea Please?

Like me I’m sure most of you have heard of herbalife but never actually tried any of their products. Through connecting with MT Wellness on Instagram I received a tea related product. Otherwise known as an instant herbal beverage with tea extract infused with black and green tea.

An instant powder which provides caffeine to revitalise and make you feel more energetic with 85mg of caffeine per cup. Which is pretty high compared to most teas averaging 15-50mg per cup.

Sachet recommends mixing I/2 a tea spoon of the powder with either 200-250ml of hot or cold water.

Today I’m going to try it cold! Who doesn’t love iced tea!

Powder smells pretty sweet , it doesn’t exactly smell like tea or overly anything exactly. Maybe a light fruitiness but not overly of anything.

The powder itself is brown in colour and therefore the made liquid is also brown in shade.

A few iced cubes later and we’re ready to get sipping!


The drink on first sip is quite bitter and on the verge of unpleasant a quick squeeze of honey mixed in and it’s the perfect balance of sweetness.

With it being the original flavour it doesn’t actually overly taste of anything other than a weak black tea. So it’s recommended that by adding a slice of lemon or orange would boost it nicely.

As a gym goer I’m having this tea pre gym. To see if I can get any of the added benefits from this tea based on its high caffeine content. To see in having an extra kick pre workout , so let’s see if this will boost my performance!

For a true indication of the tea and any difference to my gym work out I didn’t change my normal routine for that day.

Did I notice a difference to my work out ?
I certainly feel that I had slightly more energy and felt my performance was boosted within my cardio routine and did manage to do more than usual. Was this a placebo effect we shall have to wait and see!

If you fancy having a try of this tea find your nearest herbalife rep of head to their website for more details :
Happy Sipping 🙂


Hi Tea – Organic Everyday

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Hi Tea.

An “organic black tea, sourced from Kenya and Ceylon and supercharged it with natural caffeine extracted from plants”. To provide a cuppa that has 3 times more caffeine levels in it than a normal cup of tea.

Well sometimes you do just need an extra caffeine kick wether for waking up, an afternoon pick me up, a pre gym buzz! This certainly applies to me and probably you too!

To find out more hit the link to their website

Packaging : I love it! Simple bold and to the point. It’s exactly what is says on the tin, a strong message done well.

On opening the tea pouch you are able to smell the black tea which is what we like! Most teas don’t taste like they smell anyway but sometimes they do. Most people would recognise the smell as a breakfast type tea but Hi Tea have gone for an all day blend to suit the consumers any time need for a caffeine hit!

Love that Hi Tea use unbleached tea bags too.
The brewed aroma is quite strong so I’m intrigued to see if its taste is just as strong.

It’s not as strong tasting as I was hoping based on its aroma. Wether this was from me adding milk or maybe a longer brew time I’m not sure. However brew it how you like and it will be alright.

As the brew goes on it does indeed seem to taste stronger. Which is a good thing in my book. It’s an enjoyable Sipping experience and hopefully I’ll be feeling the buzz shortly after my kick start to the morning with this brew.

If your a breakfast tea lover looking for an added caffeine fix without drinking extra tea then this is the brew for you!

Happy Sipping 🙂