Time for Tea Please?

Today thanks to Sportea I’m getting try their Tea.

Based in Colorado Sportea aims to offer a product that will help promote health and wellness. A high-performance nutritional drink formulated for active adults and children as a nutritious alternative to other beverages such as coffee or athletic sugary drinks and sodas.
If you’d like to find out more hit the link!

For this blend Sportea uses Green and Black tea, Siberian Eleuthero Root, Ginger, Mate, Vitamin C, Trace Minerals, Electrolytes and Natural Flavourings.

Each individual ingredient for this tea has been specially chosen for its attributes so that its a tea that can deliver.

Siberian Eleuthero Root: sustaining energiser , stress fighter and endurance builder.
Vitamins and Minerals: resistance to colds, sodium and calorie free.
Matte: promotes alertness, stimulating, satisfies hunger urges
Tea/ Herbs: green and black tea, citrus taste
Ginger: soothing and satisfying, enhances circulation, no sugar/caffeine lows
Electrolytes: recovery drink , minimising muscle cramping, thirst quenching.

So let’s give it a go!

Upon opening the tea pouch you are hit with an almost fruity aroma, with the ginger slightly coming through. You can’t at this moment overly smell the green and black tea within the blend.

Let’s get brewing !

Sportea recommends a brewing time of 3-5 minutes.

While brewing the aroma of the is completely different to its dried state its some how comes across even more fruity than it did before . The use of the ginger is still very prominent but the smell of the Siberian Eleuthero Root is now coming through.

Considering the black and green tea used within the blend I want expecting it to be the brewed liquid to be bright orange! However with the product being a performance based beverage I can see why Sportea may have gone down this colour.

Let’s get sipping !

I’m very surprised how sweet it is upon the first sip.
It’s quite surprising really ! As everything that the tea smells of aroma wise isn’t what you can taste. I can’t really pin point an exact flavour. Sometimes it tastes more fruity other times more gingery .
One thing I’m not getting from this tea is the flavour of the green and black tea coming through. The natural flavours within the blend are at the forefront of the taste. Having tried other performance style drinks it has a similar sort of taste to those kind of beverages.

As someone who leads an active lifestyle and from reading the benefits of other ingredients within the blend I’m all for natural benefits with potential energising effects which can be used in conjunction with healthy living.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Savoury Tea

Time for Tea Please?

A perfect accompaniment to a good cup of tea is a homemade scone!
Today I paid a visit to Mad Hatters Tea Shop, which you can find in Wymondham, Norfolk, England and had their savoury tea.

Which consists of a cheese scone, butter, red onion chutney, salad, coleslaw & crisps. A long side a pit of tea of your choice, of which I chose lady grey.

I just love the pairing of the floral tones within the lady tea grey blend alongside the savoury notes of the cheese scone. Making it the perfect light lunch.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Aldi Infusions

Time for Tea Please?
With the festiviTEAs in full swing sometimes a cup of tea is all you need, for a minute of calm, as an alcohol alternative or just because!

Today in Aldi I spotted there Aldi infusions tea range which they on,y,bring out at this time of year. Two in particular caught my eye the raspberry Prosecco and winter spice. Perfect for Christmas and New Year celebrations.


Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Teekanne – Brasilianische Limette

Time for Tea Please?

I love trying new teas , especially ones that I’m not able to purchase in England. While the other half was a way on photography mission in Estonia he brought me back a box of Teekanne – Brasilianische Limette. Translated to Brazilian Lime. To create a taste of South America the tea blends lime (juice &flavour) , the aroma of acerola and mint, apple, orange peel, blackberry leaves, white hibiscus, liquorice and cinnamon.

On opening the tea box you are instantly hit with a powerful fruity aroma. It’s not just the lime that sings through but a full on fruity experience. I just hope it tastes as good as it smells.

Let’s get brewing !


I did notice that Teekanne recommend a 5-8 minute brew time. As with a lot of herbal teas I like to leave a long brew time or even never take it out ! (Anyone else do this?) So brewing for the longer the better seems to be the way to go with this tea.

The brewed liquid has a yellowy green tinge which is fitting for its lime name.

While brewing the aroma itself didn’t overly change , it just got a lot stronger and more Limey.

First sip certainly packs a punch ! It’s super zingy and really refreshing. The lime is on the right side of intense, instead of being the sharp taste you expect from a citrus based tea but a balance of a sweet and sour taste sensation. It’s such a light yet crisp sipping experience , the lime just works with other fruity flavours to produce a sharp yet refreshing fruit cocktail. Almost sherbet like in its taste.

Now if only like the name suggests I was sipping this on a beach in Brazil. It’s one of those teas that you just know would taste great hot or cold. It’s through the refreshing qualities of this tea that is really uplifting the perfect zingy fruity pick me up.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Herbalife Nutrition – Instant Herbal Beverage

Time for Tea Please?

Like me I’m sure most of you have heard of herbalife but never actually tried any of their products. Through connecting with MT Wellness on Instagram I received a tea related product. Otherwise known as an instant herbal beverage with tea extract infused with black and green tea.

An instant powder which provides caffeine to revitalise and make you feel more energetic with 85mg of caffeine per cup. Which is pretty high compared to most teas averaging 15-50mg per cup.

Sachet recommends mixing I/2 a tea spoon of the powder with either 200-250ml of hot or cold water.

Today I’m going to try it cold! Who doesn’t love iced tea!

Powder smells pretty sweet , it doesnโ€™t exactly smell like tea or overly anything exactly. Maybe a light fruitiness but not overly of anything.

The powder itself is brown in colour and therefore the made liquid is also brown in shade.

A few iced cubes later and we’re ready to get sipping!


The drink on first sip is quite bitter and on the verge of unpleasant a quick squeeze of honey mixed in and it’s the perfect balance of sweetness.

With it being the original flavour it doesnโ€™t actually overly taste of anything other than a weak black tea. So it’s recommended that by adding a slice of lemon or orange would boost it nicely.

As a gym goer Iโ€™m having this tea pre gym. To see if I can get any of the added benefits from this tea based on its high caffeine content. To see in having an extra kick pre workout , so let’s see if this will boost my performance!

For a true indication of the tea and any difference to my gym work out I didn’t change my normal routine for that day.

Did I notice a difference to my work out ?
I certainly feel that I had slightly more energy and felt my performance was boosted within my cardio routine and did manage to do more than usual. Was this a placebo effect we shall have to wait and see!

If you fancy having a try of this tea find your nearest herbalife rep of head to their website for more details :
Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚


Vouch Tea – Cherry Blossom Forest

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to Vouch Tea for sending me some lovely teapost all the way from China! I’ve never had post from China before!!!

I absolutely love Vouch Tea‘s ethos of


For more information or to explore Vouch Tea visit:
They even pair teas with cigars which is a bit different!

Today I’m trying their loose leaf Cherry Blossom Forest, the loose tea certainly reminds me of a forest its earthy tones in colour and almost in smell. Although the mind is a wonderful thing.
I’m also very lucky to be trying before it even goes onto Vouch Teas website. This is because what I’m trying I
is fresh from the farmers and still has room to age.

Cherry Blossom Forest is a puer tea which means that the tea is fermented.

Time to brew

As soon as the water hits the loose leaf say good bye to twig like but hello loose leafy goodness.

The overall aroma is hard to place it’s the cross between a black and a green tea.

I’m also very impressed about the actual colour of the tea, it’s a yellowy orange.


I was quite surprised on my first sip! I’ve never really tried puer before and flavour can vary depending on age/ fermentation method.
It’s not an overly sweet tea, although it does a very light natural sweetness to it. There’s also something about this tea which is also quite earthy and no I’m saying it tastes like mud! Adding to the sipping experience of knowing it’s an aged tea adds to the whole tea drinking experience.

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ™‚

Tea Travels – Goa

Time for Tea Please?

I love going to new places to see different cultures and of course trying to discover new teas. So let’s fly away to Goa, South India.

This was my longest flight ever! 9 hours from London, Heathrow to Mumbai with a further 50 minutes from Mumbai to Goa. It was a long day including the time difference.

I was very amused by my inflight meal with the first taste of my Indian adventures,


Oh and a very much needed cup of tea, even it was quite weak, but I wasn’t complaining!


I was even greeted with tea while waiting for my connecting flight !


After what seemed like a life time of traveling , I was met at Goa airport by Lacto the owner of Lacto Cresida Coco Huts in Palolem , South Goa. Just look how beautiful it is and only 200m from beach.


358 Years of Tea in the UK

Time for Tea Please?

358 Years !!!!!!


That’s a long time for anyone to be drinking Tea , originally described as “China Drink” when first sold in the UK But known in other Nations by “Tay alias Teeโ€ but was only available in coffee houses in London. Tea didn’t become popular until the Wife of Charles the second (Catherine of Braganza) made it into a fashionable drink.

Well I’m certainly glad that tea is now readily available and in many flavours too! There’s never a dull when you have lots of tea on offer to try.

Now let’s all raise a glass (ok you got me) a MUG of Tea in celebrating 358 Years of UK Tea !!!!

Happy Sipping ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

For more info on the history of Tea visit:

Loyd – Strawberry and Raspberry

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m trying Strawberry and Raspberry Tea by Loyd

As soon as I took the plastic wrapping off from round the box I could already smell the fruity aroma ! And yes I got a little bit excited by this !ย 

While brewing the tea the aroma is amazing and water starts to instantly turn pink and deepens while it continues to brew. As you know the longer the better for me ! Though tea is unique so brew for as long as you want too , ideally 3-5 minutes but sometimes I like a fruity tea to have the teabag in for the whole time.ย 

For this tea I let it brew for 5 minutes before removing the teabag that way I knew I was going to get a nice strong flavour just as I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

It was fruity in taste but not as strong in flavour compared to its aroma. The tea is certainly that of a red berry tea but neither the strawberry or raspberry is more prominent than the other. The after taste however is that of strawberry so no complaints from me !ย 

It was one of those teas that you could leave to drink hot and cold.ย It’s definitely worth a try ๐Ÿ™‚

Taylors – Rose Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m trying Rose Lemonade Tea by Taylor’s of Harrogate. Opening up the box I am already excited!!!! It smells amazing, I love rose lemonade as a fizzy drink so having it as a tea I can’t wait to try it.


Putting it into brew the smell intensifies, the lemon hits you first followed by that of the rose and together are a match made in heaven (well in my opinion anyway).

Going by teas guidelines I leave the tea to brew for the recommended 4 minutes. The tea infuses the water and turns it a lovely shade of dark pink.

On my first sip I was rather impressed! It’s exactly like it smells lemony with rose undertones to just the right ratio. It’s also rather sweet which reminds you exactly of lemonade as its meant to. I would advice on stirring the tea while drinking it to keep the two flavours mixed together perfectly.

Although it’s a cold January day I can see this being a perfect tea for a cold brew with lots of ice on a hot summers day! Roll on some and some rose lemonade iced tea !