Herbalife Nutrition – Instant Herbal Beverage

Time for Tea Please?

Like me I’m sure most of you have heard of herbalife but never actually tried any of their products. Through connecting with MT Wellness on Instagram I received a tea related product. Otherwise known as an instant herbal beverage with tea extract infused with black and green tea.

An instant powder which provides caffeine to revitalise and make you feel more energetic with 85mg of caffeine per cup. Which is pretty high compared to most teas averaging 15-50mg per cup.

Sachet recommends mixing I/2 a tea spoon of the powder with either 200-250ml of hot or cold water.

Today I’m going to try it cold! Who doesn’t love iced tea!

Powder smells pretty sweet , it doesn’t exactly smell like tea or overly anything exactly. Maybe a light fruitiness but not overly of anything.

The powder itself is brown in colour and therefore the made liquid is also brown in shade.

A few iced cubes later and we’re ready to get sipping!


The drink on first sip is quite bitter and on the verge of unpleasant a quick squeeze of honey mixed in and it’s the perfect balance of sweetness.

With it being the original flavour it doesn’t actually overly taste of anything other than a weak black tea. So it’s recommended that by adding a slice of lemon or orange would boost it nicely.

As a gym goer I’m having this tea pre gym. To see if I can get any of the added benefits from this tea based on its high caffeine content. To see in having an extra kick pre workout , so let’s see if this will boost my performance!

For a true indication of the tea and any difference to my gym work out I didn’t change my normal routine for that day.

Did I notice a difference to my work out ?
I certainly feel that I had slightly more energy and felt my performance was boosted within my cardio routine and did manage to do more than usual. Was this a placebo effect we shall have to wait and see!

If you fancy having a try of this tea find your nearest herbalife rep of head to their website for more details :
Happy Sipping 🙂



Polish Food Evening

Time for Tea Please?
Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to a Polish food evening. I can’t say I’ve ever really eaten much Polish food before so I was very great full to be invited a long.


To start there was a Polish meat board a selection of smoked meats and pickles.



For main there was Krokiety, a potato and cheese stuffed pancake covered in bread crumbs and deep fried.



Raspberry fool, the perfect balance of sweetness , with sharp and cream with some delightful homemade amaretti biscuits.


All the food was homemade and all very delicious and I’d certainly have them all again! It’s quite nice to go out for a meal and have something you wouldn’t normally think of even trying.

Tazo – Passion

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Tazo passion !

The aroma coming from the teabag is prominently that of berry tones. The tea itself is made up of: hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit flavors.

Well all of those ingredients are certainly hitting the spot so can’t wait to try.

Brewed aroma super fruity with a zingy after kick.

It’s brewed liquid is a rich winey colour a deep pink red. This combined with smell it really is making my mouth is already watering.

First sip wowzers!

It’s so intense and rich in its flavour. Despite not overly specifically tasting of one over riding flavour.

It’s fruity yet sour at the same time. The taste buds are tingling! I’m not sure I’ve ever drank a tea that has surprised the mouth so much. It’s like sipping a fruit based tea then sucking on a lemon. (Hopefully you know what I’m talking about). It’s a crazy combo but it just works!

The further you sip the Sourer it gets but it’s just a joy.

The name passion is perfect for this tea, it packs such a kick and I’m certainly feeling zingy! It’s caffeine free too but this tea will give you a buzz.

Now if you think you can handle the tea you will not be disappointed !

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tetley – Super Green Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Now the snow has started to melt there’s a few sniffles in the air , so I’m turning to Tetley with their Super Green Tea which is an immune boosting tea with Vitamin C.

On opening the tea box up,you are instantly hit with a tropical aroma. It always puzzles me how tropical has a distinct aroma yet what actually is it ?! According to Tetley they use the natural flavouring of pineapple, mango and other natural flavourings, as well as the green tea.

The tropical aroma only intensifies as the tea brews. There’s really not much green tea coming through aroma wise, which isn’t always a bad thing especially if you can’t quit decide if you do like green tea or not.

The brewed liquid is also not as green as I was expecting it’s more of a yellow in colouring than green.

First sip is lovely !

It’s very fruity although the flavouring is shouting more mango than pineapple and doesn’t really taste as tropical as it smells. This isn’t essentially a bad thing it just not what I was expecting.

It’s only really now on drinking the tea that the green tea aspect is finally coming through. Although this is very much an after taste, yet it’s pleasant enough and tastes strong enough to remind you that it’s still there.

So if you aren’t a green tea fan don’t right this tea off, as you really can’t overly taste it. It’s all about the tropical flavouring and hey added Vitamin C you can’t go wrong!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Snow !

Time for Tea Please?

It’s been a long week this week due to the snow and beast from the east. Only had to walk 5 miles home one day when the buses were stopped!

So I’m glad it’s the weekend and can filled with lots of tea and maybe a snow angel or two!

Ace Tea London – Lady Rose

Time for Tea Please?

I love a mug of black tea so when Ace Tea London offered me the chance to try some of theirs , I jumped at the chance!

Today I’m going to give their Lady Rose tea a try.

The packaging is pretty amazing the intricate and colourful design would certainly draw your eye if you saw it on a shop shelf.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with the floral tones of the Rose with only a hint of black tea in the back ground. I absolutely love rose in teas so I can’t wait to try.

Let’s get brewing!

While brewing the whole room fills with the Rose scent those floral tones are just beauTEAful! But like its dried state the aroma is dominated by the Rose with only small black tea after scent.

There’s just so much tea crammed in each tea bag!

I prefer drinking a flavoured black tea strong and without milk so as expected the brewed tea liquid is of a dark brown tone.

First sip is delicious !

This tea is very fragrant , you really do need to love Rose though if your going to love this tea as it is the main prominent taste. There’s only a light black tea after taste. Now it depends how you view this as to some you could be disappointed by lack of not tasting the black tea aspect of this tea. However to some this could be a bonus as the Rose really does sing!

For me this isn’t an issue as the Rose taste is just fantastic and can definitely see how Ace Tea markets it for a hot or cold beverage or even in a cocktail or mocktail a nice Rose fizzy lemonade would be just perfect. Now that’s certainly given an idea or two!

If you fancy having a try at this tea then check it out for yourself : https://www.acetealondon.com/product/lady-rose-tea-carton-15-tea-stockings-2/

Happy Sipping 🙂