Tazo – Green Ginger

Time for Tea Please?

With a week till I go on holiday , I will pretty much try anything to help me not get ill! Therefore I’m looking to Tazo – Green Ginger for a much needed boost. For this blend Tazo combines; green tea, ginger, lemongrass and natural flavours.

On opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with a massive gingery lemony kick. It can only be described in its likeness to ginger beer/ale . Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it smells!

Time to brew!

Upon brewing this tea is when it lets you know it’s a green tea, which is now the main aroma compared to that of the other ingredients which were more prominent in its dry form.

The brewed tea gives off a distinctive yellowy green vibe.

First sip and it wasn’t quite as I expected. I’m not really able to pin point a specific flavour. It doesn’t shout green tea but it doesn’t shout ginger or lemon grass. Which was a little disappointing considering how amazing it smells straight from the packet . Although an added plus for me is the fact you don’t realise your drinking a mug of green tea! I’m a hit and miss green tea drinker so the fact you wouldn’t overly know it is a green tea isn’t a bad thing for me.

It’s only as you get closer to the bottom of the mug that the ginger really kicks and I love the fiery kicky that it then adds to the brew.

For now I’m just crossing my fingers I’ll be fighting fit and ready for my adventures!

Happy Sipping 🙂



Tea Treat – Nutella Sponge

Time for Tea Please?
There’s nothing more than I love is baking up a perfect tea treat to have a long side a nice cup of tea. This recipe is super easy and tasty.

The ingredients you will need are:
125g Butter softened (flora works too)
125g SR. Flour
125g Sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
50g Nutella (for swirling)

This recipe is super easy as it’s the perfect all in one recipe, combine everything BUT the nutella together all in one bowl till combined.

Place the mixture into a lined tin , and swirl in the Nutella.


Bake on 180 degrees for around 16 mins , till golden (a skewer comes out clean).

Enjoy 🙂

Ace Tea – the Earl Grey

Time for Tea Please?

Nothing beats coming home on an afternoon and sitting down to a mug of tea. Today I’m sipping on the Earl Grey by Ace Tea London.

The packaging is so unique and has been inspired by William Morris and his textile designs. It just adds to their tag line “Untraditionally English”. For me Earl Grey tea shouts a British Classic so hopefully I’ll be feeling extra patriotic while sipping on this tea.

Upon opening the tea pouch , you are instantly hit by the vibrant punch this tea brings. You can see the bergamot , and the other citrus peel within the blend. I’m really hoping this tea is as strong as its aroma.

Let’s get brewing!

The brewed aroma hasn’t overly changed from its dry state. It’s still a mixture of floral and fruity tones with tea scent in the back ground.

As expected from a black based tea the brewed liquid is of a dark brown state with an almost amber tinge. I chose to drink earl grey black, as that’s the way I prefer it but if you want to add milk you go for it.

First sip and what a punch!

It is lovely and strong, just the way I like it. I chose to brew the tea for around 3 minute mark. This for me was the perfect brewing time, as I was after a strong flavour but not too strong (sometimes it takes a few attempts to get the perfect brew time).

For such a strong brew I was amazed at how light it almost was, not in a delicate way but it didn’t come across as heavy . Which is just perfect for a summer afternoon tea. The bergamot is full on its flavour providing strong floral tones but is set of just perfectly with the after tang of the citrus vibes making it a match made in heaven.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea Tasting in Whittards

Time for Tea Please?

I’m lucky enough to live not too far away from a Whittards so any chance I can get I like to pop in and try what they have on offer.


Today I was lucky enough to try Whittards Garden Party Oolong. It was the perfect balance of fruity and nutty all in one, with the papaya and pineapple singing through. Light and refreshing.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Brunch Time

Time for Tea Please?

Bank holiday weekends for me are for catch ups!
Work is a bit full on at the moment so a much needed earl grey and an almond croissant was needed! Thanks Waitrose.


Happy Sipping 🙂

Dandylion Teas – Blueberry Millefeuille

Time for Tea Please?

The wether recently has just been soooo miserable ! So what do you do on a wet stay at home day , drink tea of course ! (Well slightly more tea than a normal day)

Today I’m sipping on a tea by Dandylion Teas and their Blueberry Millefeuille. Part of Dandylion Teas ethos is to develop tea which pairs with food. Or in this case taste like one!

For Blueberry Millefeuille blend consists of Chinese green tea, freeze-dried blueberries, hibiscus, rosehip, apple, elderberries, lemongrass, orange peel, calendule petals, sunflower petals and flavouring.

Upon opening the tea ouch you are instantly hit with a wave of berry goodness! The main smell in its dried state is that of the blueberries , and you are able to see about 5 whole dried ones within the tea pyramid.

Let’s get brewing !

While brewing the tea aroma doesn’t overly change. The main smell sensation is that of the blueberries with a little added citrus zing.
This tea needs a little stirring magic to really bring out the bright pink brewed tea.

First sip and I’m surprised at just how delicate the tea actually taste, must be influence of the the desert of its name sake!

For me what hits you with sipping this tea is the perfect balance of all the flavours. Firstly you are hit with the berry elements within the blend but then the zing of lemon grass takes you into the floral notes. If anything the only ingredient that doesn’t shout out through out sipping is the green tea. You would hardly know that the tea is a green tea blend until the tea is slight cooler.

It’s the perfect tea for an afternoon pick me up which you’ll get from the green tea but without actually tasting it and that isn’t essentially a bad thing as berry floral combo lets you forget the green tea side and it’s not a disappointment!

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Tea Junction – Blue Lady

Time for Tea Please?

I love a black tea with added extras ! Today I’m trying Blue Lady by The Tea Junction


The Tea Junction , well this particular one can be found in Douglas , Isle of Man.

The Blue Lady is made up of Black tea, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mallow flowers, orange, rose, sunflower blossom.

Upon opening the tea pouch you aren’t just hit with the deep aroma of the black tea but also that of the floral tones of sunflower blossom, rose and mallow flowers with the fruity notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Plus the combination is beauTEAfully colourful!

Let’s get brewing!


The aroma while brewing isn’t too different from its dry state just the black base to the tea is coming through stronger but it’s lovely and floral.

Like any black based tea the brewed liquid is a dark of a brown tone.


Today I’m sipping it black , purely because I prefer to drink black tea with floral notes without milk. However if you wish to add some then please do.

First sip is just lovely. It’s just perfectly balanced. It’s one of those teas where you know what’s in it but in a good way. The black tea is given its chance to shine just as much as floral and fruity tones. Making it a joy to sip. However and this isn’t a bad thing but for me personally there isn’t enough of the fruity hints coming through. I love a floral based tea but with an extra citrus zing it would have been just my cup of tea. Especially as it’s a black based tea.

This is the perfect alternative to an earl grey tea (if you need one) and would go especially well with an afternoon tea.

Happy Sipping 🙂