Turkish Tea

Time for Tea Please?

As most of you already know you I’ve just been to Turkey ! It was my first visit here in which I’m staying in the area of Oludeniz. A fairly popular tourist destination with plenty of things to see and do.

Before my exploring began it was essential to start the day with a Turkish Tea. Luckily for me at my hotel it was literally on tap.

Now there was a bit of trial and error and people watching to get the perfect combination. The trick seemed to be 1/6th tea to 5/6ths water in that makes sense. Although it means you can have it to your desired strength.

I love my tea strong and made the rookie error on first attempt filling it all with tea now that was too strong but I soon found the combo for me.

Unlike other europeans staying at the hotel I embraced the tulip glass cups to drink from. I can have a boring mug any old day of the week!

Plus there just super cute!

After filling up on lots of tea and freshly made pancakes at the Majestic Hotel it was off to explore.

I loved going on various boat trips to explore the crystal blue islands or hopping on the local bus and seeing some roman history, up a mountain or even taking a mud bath! Well when in Turkey !




Happy Sipping and happy traveling πŸ™‚


Tea Travels Turkey

Time for Tea Please?

We’re all going on a summer holiday!

I love to travel and explore new places and of course finding new tea along the way.

So it’s time to jet off to Turkey for 11 nights exploring the area of Γ–lΓΌdeniz.

A 6am flight called for Tea on the plane!
Not the biggest fan of tetley tea but a girl needs her tea especially to wake me up! As the cup says it starts with tea so I may as well start my holiday as I mean to go on with lots of Tea.
Can’t wait to share my travel and tea adventures with you.

Tea History

Time for Tea Please?
I came across this fabulous piece of Tea history today just round the corner of my house! Such a shame it’s no longer a tea dealers, although good for my pocket!


I’m always amazed when you come across new things near where you live!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

We Are Tea – Cleanse

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to We Are Tea for sending me their Cleanse Tea to try.

IMG_3200Pairing teas alongside side my health and exercise routine is fairly important to me, so their range of well being teas If right up my street well kettle ! The tea aims in aiding the body from the inside out, helping to to get rid of toxins.

The Cleanse Tea combines: nettle, dandelion, licorice, milk thistle and lemon peel.
Which aims to restore purity and harmony through the use of botanical magic to help you feel #everydaygood .


On opening the tea pouch and removing a whole leaf teabag it is very lemony in essence with under tones of nettle.
I have to say I’m a little bit curious and wary of what this tea might have in store based on the ingredients.

Oh well, only one way to find out so best get that kettle on!

While brewing the warm aroma is pleasant in itself with no element of the tea more distinguished than the others. Which was a shame as I’m not going to lie then lemon was rather appealing. Brewing for the recommended 3/4 minutes to get the best flavour.

To be honest first sip was better than I thought and is a tea that does smell like it tastes! Much to my disappointment the lemon peel,
takes a back seat it’s a milky concoction of nettles and milk thistle. It’s a rather an unusual flavour combination but it’s not unpleasant just different, but hey anything that helps my body is worth while me trying.

If you fancy trying this tea or checking out anymore of We Are Tea www.wearetea.com

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Twinings – Sweet Summer Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

I just love a flavoured black tea, so I’m really excited to try TwiningsSweet Summer Fruits. )

As soon as you take the tea bag out of the packet you are instantly hit with a fruity aroma. It’s not easy to pin point a particular fruit flavour but it’s certainly a mixture of berry flavours.

Get that kettle on !!!

Brewing for the recommended 3/4 as twinings suggests to guarantee the best flavour.

Seeing as it’s a summers day what perfect tea to try. The brewed aroma isn’t too dissimilar to it straight out of the packet. One thing that the aroma does remind me is that of a summers pudding which I guess fits with the theme on sweet summer fruits.
As expected for a black based tea it’s a dark brown in brew colour.

First sip doesn’t disappoint.

For a black based tea I just love the fruit combination with it, it just works perfectly together. They work alongside each other without over powering one and other. For a black based tea is light and fruity in one context yet dark and punchy at the same time.

If your looking for a black based summer tea that doesn’t disappoint in flavour then this could be the tea for you !

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚

Whittards – Cucumber Mint

Time for Tea Please?

It’s getting to that time of year where I’m on the look out for that perfect summer tea. I’m talking about one of those teas that is lovely to sip on hot but is versatile enough to be drank cold too. I think I might have just found the perfect contender in Whittards – Cucumber Mint.

This tea blends: Peppermint, Apple Pomace, Apple, Cucumber, Acid: Citric Acid, Rosehip, Flavouring, Cornflower Petals

As soon as you pop off the lid you are instantly hit with minty cucumber tonnes. It’s such an attractive loose leaf blend full of cucumber and actual pieces of cucumber and the colour is just beauTEAful.

I hope it smells as good at it tastes !

Get that kettle on ….

The tea aroma doesn’t overly change in relation to its not brewing state. It’s still minty and fruity embodied with the cucumber tones. It’s brewed colour wasn’t as green as I suspected it would be!

On first sip it is delicious , you are instantly hit as expected from the aroma is the mint. It’s not until the after sip that the cucumber really kicks in. There’s just something about the tea that is light and refreshing. I’m quite enjoying the minty zingy sensation the tea leaves in the mouth.

What I love about this tea is the fact I don’t have to rush drinking it. In fact it’s just as nice sipping hot as it is once cooler. Add some ice cubes and it would be the perfect bbq blend. I’m sure you could even get away with popping in some alcohol for a lovely tea cocktail or if you like me and prefer a mocktail I’m sure some frozen berries would be just as nice!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚


Kandula – Jumbo Detox

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough to receive some beauTEAful post from Kandula offering a sample of their brand new Jumbo Tea to try.

Combining the flavours of ginger, peppermint, fennel, fenugreek, turmeric, nettle, lemon peel, liquorice and marigold petals. To provide an organic beverage filled with vitamins and minerals through its use of herbs and spices.

On opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with the minty liquorice tones furthered by a turmeric undertone.

When trying a new tea I always find its safe to play by the tea companies recommended brewing times as they know best. Once you’ve tried I you can always change the brewing lefty to your requirements. Brewing for the recommended 4-5 minutes I’m left with a tea in a yellowy green shade.

The aroma of tea once brewed has quite significantly changed where as in loose stated the fennel wasn’t so obvious it now is and turmeric tones seem to have been lost with the overall almost aniseed like smell.

I’m quite intrigued in the way this tea might taste and wether it’s pairings would fully work together as it’s quite unusual in its flavour combination. However I was also hoping that although prominent aroma is the fennel that it’s not the same with the taste as I’m unfortunately not a fan.

Actually when sipping on the tea the main flavour is that of the peppermint. It’s not until afterwards that you really get the impact of the nettle and fennel. Which almost out shadows the other aspects of the blend. Which for me is a shame as they are my least favourite flavours within the blend but I can almost get over that aspect knowing the benefits that the tea.

If your looking for a much needed boost as well as some tummy tonic this tea could be the one for you!

Happy Sipping πŸ™‚