Tea Read – Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

Time for Tea Please?

I love a good tea read ! Tea and books for me are a perfect combo especially on a blustery cold day. I’m also one of those people who love getting into the festive spirit and need no excuse to start on a Crimbo read!

I adore a Jenny Colgan book so couldn’t wait to get into the next step of Polly’s journey in Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery.

Continuing Polly’s bakery journey with festive bakes for the locals this book sees her battles with secrets, fights with her partner Huckle , meeting a family member from her past, saving the puffins and all in time to try and save Christmas. Does Polly get the happy ending she deserves ? Well now that would be telling!

But what I will say is Jenny Colgan makes you feel buckled in for the ride alongside Polly.

I enjoyed this book so much I read it in 3 days!

A further reason to why I love Jenny Colgan books is for her recipes !
Now who wouldn’t want to create the bakes mentioned within the story, especially some festive treats.

Happy Sipping 🙂


Twinings – Gingerbread Green Tea

Time for Tea Please?

The leaves are slowly turning and the flavours slowly changing so Today I’m sipping Ginger Bread Green Tea by Twinigs.


I love the packaging ! It’s eye catching with its brightness and cartoon style gingerbread people. I’m a sucker for gingerbread as a sweet treat and this tea was more than appealing. As soon as you open the box the spicy ginger hints are already wafting out. On opening the the tea pouch it only gets stronger , mmmmmm!

As soon as pouring water onto the tea bag omphhhh ! It’s like smelling a fresh batch of homemade gingerbread straight from the oven yum yum.

Going by the recommendation of a 2 minute brew time , allowing the delicate flavours to remain. Not going to lie the greeness taste of the green tea is the bit I’m least a fan of so keeping it gingery is more than fine by me.

Unlike other green teas the brewed tea liquid is more of a yellow in colour which must be the effect of the ginger root used within the blend.

On first sip WOW!

It’s liquid gingerbread.

Unlike other gingery teas it doesn’t have a spicy kick which could make you cough but it’s light, delicate and full of flavour. A bonus for me is that I can’t even taste the green tea aspect, this tea is all about the gingerbread. There isn’t even a hint of green tea in the after taste just a fragrant gingery kick.

Make sure you give this teas good stir as it will help intensify the ginger even more !

Happy Sipping 🙂

If that’s not enough gingerbread for you , then check out my recipe to bake your own:

Brew Tea Co. – English Breakfast

Time for Tea Please?

While exploring the town of Skipton on a bit of a miserable day I was in much need of a cuppa. Looking to try somewhere other than a massive chain I came across Caffe Capo and was amazed to find them serving The Brew Tea Co. range. Not going to lie I was amazed that Caffe Capo sold lose leaf so I wasn’t going to say no! Plus I was more than a bit excited for my first The Brew Tea Co. experience. So I opted for their English Breakfast.

The shocks just kept on coming!
Caffe Capo keep The Brew Tea Co. theme going using their unique brewing pots and this I salute!
I’ve never been served my cuppa this way before so it added to the overall tea experience.

I could watch the tea brewing and floating around all day long it was quite mesmerising. It was lovely to see the large hand picked tea leaves do its magic. While the blend of Indian assam and Sri Lankan Ceylon brew to perfection while being mesmerised by the lava lamp qualities.

Time to pour!

The bonus of a glass tea pot is being able to brew for your taste needs.

Adding a splash of milk it’s time to get sipping !

The aroma is lovely and strong so I’m very much hoping it tastes the same too.

I am not disappointed !

It certainly packs a punch. It’s rich, yet smooth at the same time. Unlike other English Breakfast Teas that I’ve tired before it has none of the bitterness that you tend to expect.
It’s a pleasure sip after sip :)))))))

The only downside was that it didn’t last long enough !


If you fancy trying out this rather smashing English Breakfast Tea then find out more by visit Brew Tea Co. Website. Hope your like me and enjoy there no nonsense approach it’s refreshing and punchy just like their brew.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittards – Pumpkin Spice

Time for Tea Please?

With autumn in full swing and halloween just round the corner it was time to find the perfect tea for this season. So here is Whittards – Pumpkin Spice. I was lucky enough to be able to try this tea on paying a visit to their Norwich branch. One of my fave things about paying a visit to Whittards is being able to try the teas in store before buying.

The brewed colour of the tea is exactly what it says it should be pumpkin orange! A bright in coloured tea which is rather intriguing to look at so can’t wait to try.

The brewed aroma is quite mild in its smell with the oolong tea being at the forefront.


On first sip it’s quite intriguing!

It’s not an in your face tea, it’s subtle in its flavour. It’s light and refreshing with its light pumpkin tones enhanced with its spicey notes. The only really reminder you get of the tea blend containing oolong tea is in its after taste. To make it an all round pleasure to drink. The only downfall for me was that it wasn’t strong enough for my taste. Yet it is the perfect autumnal halloween flavour.

Happy Sipping 🙂

teapigs – Up Beet

Time for Tea Please?

Could really do with feeling Up Beet right now as I’m currently fighting a spot of flu! Which gets a big thumbs down from me.

So I’m trying another on teapigs feel good teas Up Beet. Which they describe as a Tea to give you energy ! I could certainly do with some of that.

Hit the link below for more info on Up Beet!

I’m not even one bit put off by the fact it has beetroot in as I love it! Blended alongside hibiscus, ginger & green tea. It’s difficult to imagine what this tea might even taste like but I’m very intrigued

Upon opening the tea pouch your hit with a spicy kick with earthy undertones.

Best get that kettle on!

As soon as the water hits the tea bag you are engulfed with the warming sensation of ginger. One thing it reminds me of in aroma is mulled wine/ the flavours of Christmas.


Now as I’m feeling a bit under the weather a warming mug of festiveness would certainly cheer me up! Especially with deep Burgundy colouring.

First sip and I’m hooked!

For any of you not sold on the flavour of green tea then this is a brew for you! It’s a tea that packs a punch. It’s bold in flavour without singling any ingredient out. The blend of hibiscus and beetroot is a perfect match with a gingery kick to add further depth.

For those of you beetroot skeptics don’t you worry! It may provide the earth rich tones to the tea but you can barely taste it an individual flavour it just works with the other ingredients to providing a warm and comforting cuppa sip by sip and just what you need from a cup of tea. Even more so when your not feeling well. teapigs have certainly provided me with a feel good tea !

Happy Sipping 🙂