Baby Shower

Time for Tea Please?

Loving make afternoon teas for people to enjoy and today’s was a baby shower themed one! You can’t beat some homemade treats and a cuppa.



PG Tips – Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Anything that has cupcake in the title always sounds good to me, so a liquid version even better, so say hello to Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea by PG Tips.

On opening the tea pouch you are able to smell the distinct greeness yet with a fruity hint. Looking carefully you are able to see little pink bits ,guessing this is Strawberry!

Once brewing the aroma significantly changes , the greeness of the teas is no longer as prominent allowing the Strawberry tones to shine . It’s sweet in aroma too which must be the magic of the cupcake.

Unlike other green teas the tea liquid is more yellow in colour with a slight pink haze to it. Or maybe I’m just imagining the pink in relation to the Strawberry!

On siping the tea wow !!!!!

It was not what I was expecting at all. It really does taste like a strawberry cupcake . How this is possible I do not know! I’m not the biggest fan of fake fruit flavours and although it’s a tad on the fake side it combines together nicely to provide the overall flavour.

I’m that taken back by the Strawberry Cupcake flavour I almost forgot I was drinking green tea. Which for me is a bonus.

If you’re looking for a green tea without the green tea flavour this is perfect for you.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Bittersweet Beverages – Pink Blush

Time for Tea Please?

A big thanks to Bittersweet Beverages for sending me their Pink Blush Tea to try.

Bittersweet Beverages delicately blends, loose leaf teas with carefully selected ingredients, straight from Kairbetta Estates, within their family’s plantation in the Nilgiri Hills in Southern India.
Visit to find their out more !

Pink Blush, is a blend of Nilgri Black Tea with hand picked natural rose petals.

On sniffing the tea you are able to smell the floral tones straight away. I happen to love a bit of floralness within tea blends as it adds an extra depth to the tea.

Time to get that kettle on!

It only seemed right to drink this tea in a cute mug to match its name Pink Blush. I absolutely love the name of the tea and feel it suits the tea brand perfectly. There’s just something about the name which intrigues.

The colour is also a beautiful orangey brown. Which I wasn’t expecting at all.
After a recommended brewing time of 2-3 minutes I’m ready to go.

First sip is amazing !

The Nilgiri black tea certainly packs a punch. It’s not till on the after sip that the rose really comes through. I’ve never tried Nilgiri Tea before and it was lovely.

If you love a strong brew this tea is perfect for you. The contrast between its power and the delicateness of the Rose is perfect. It works so well together and it doesn’t disappoint sip after sip.

This tea is the perfect afternoon tea, when your in need of a bit of me time and a tea full of flavour.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea Travels – Bempton Cliffs

Time for Tea Please?

This weekend I paid a visit to West Yorkshire and Bempton Cliffs, where they have 250,000 sea birds upon its cliffs. It wasn’t just the amazing views and sounds of the seabirds but a cute puffin teapot I found very hard to resist but I just have too many 😪

Although you’ve got agree it’s pretty amazing !

A few snaps of the birds :



Can you spot the puffin, you’ll need to look closely, unfortunately my camera just wasn’t quite good enough !


Whittards – Goji Acai

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m Sipping Whittards – Goji Acai .

The tea itself is a green based tea with all of these lovelies thrown in : hibiscus flower, rose hip, Apple, Goji, raspberry and acai to make a unique sipping experience.

On opening the tin you are instantly hit with a fruity kick. No one flavour is identifiable but it’s certainly yummy.

It’s not until the tea is brewing that you overly notice the green tea at all, other than being able to see it in the loose leaf mix.

Oh and that the brewed liquid is green!

On Sipping it is a similar story with the first flavours being the fruity combination with an after kick of green tea. It didn’t overly taste one outstanding flavour, just the balance of all aspects of the tea coming together to ensure a goji adventure.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Epiphany Tea – Darjeeling

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to Epiphany Tea for sending me there Darjeeling Tea to try.

Epiphany teas was setup after going through tea school to become a tea sommelier to share their passion to meet their tea needs, which wasn’t being fulfilled through generic branded tea.

Their mission is:
“To steep tea in the hearts, minds and stomachs of every customer”

Sounds pretty accurate to me , as to me tea is about the whole experience from receiving it, to smelling it and finally getting to sip it.

For more info or to see what other teas Epiphany Tea have hit the link….

I love the packaging and the care that epiphany tea puts in, it may only look like a bed of “straw” but it’s the cushion and perfect nestling for this treasured cargo.

On opening the tea pouch is full of tea, the Darjeeling aroma . It’s so fresh and packs an almighty tea punch which I just can’t wait to try.

Get that kettle on !

As recommend I use one teaspoon of tea to a 6oz of water ratio and leave to brew for 2-3 minutes.

When trying new teas I tend to favour the recommendations as epiphany are the experts, especially with a black tea you need to find the perfect balance. However tea is unique so brew to your needs.

I always love how the loose leaf tea grows, just like my growing anticipation to try it !!!!!

Like many black teas I favour to drink it just that , black! However that does mean waiting slightly longer to try it as know one wants to burn their month.

Brewed liquid is a beautiful almost mahogany deep brown in colour.

First sip is delicious, just like the aroma the first mouth packs a punch! It’s not exceptionally strong but it’s full of flavour and you fully enticing to keep you wanting more.

What I love about this tea is that it tastes the same from start to finish. Not many teas do this well but Epiphany’s Darjeeling does. It’s the perfect tea to enjoy while having afternoon tea as from sip 1 to sip 20 it’s just as enjoyable.

It also has its own sweetness, so if your like me who enjoys drinking tea black the need to add sweetness or milk isn’t necessary as it doesn’t have those bitter tones that other teas do.

Thanks again to Epiphany Tea for sending it to me try.

Happy Sipping 🙂