Afternoon Tea – The Assembly House

Time for Tea Please?

As a belated birthday treat off of my mum I was treated to afternoon tea at The Assembly House in Norwich Norfolk. I absolutely love their afternoon teas and the setting is just amazing for it!



I could stare at that decor and those chandeliers all day long!

The afternoon tea is of a set menu but there are lots of choices of tea to choose from all of which are from a local tea company , Wilkinsons.


Every time I come here I like try at least 1 or 2 teas and always a different blend.

Today I’ve gone for the Peach blend. A China black tea with dried peach pieces.

You get a large pot of tea filled with loose leaf tea and a tea strainer to keep the bits in. The only downside of this way of having tea is that you don’t have control over the final strength as you aren’t able to remove the loose leaves. Which is fine for me as I love a strong tea.

As a black based tea with fruit flavouring, it’s brewed liquid of a brown colour. With its fruity aspect within the blend I will drink it black as I find flavoured black tea with milk a bit weird ! However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Firs sip is light and refreshing. With some fruit black teas it can be too dark and out shine the fruit flavour. With this tea its full of flavour and the peach out powers the black tea aspect of it making it tealicious. The other perk of this tea is that it’s a great pallet cleanser for all the aspects of an afternoon tea.

The Main Event

You get so much choice from delicate sandwiches, to warm scones and lots of sweet treats ! You can even ask for more of everything!

Would highly recommend!
Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Pink Lemonade

Time for Tea Please?

What better drink to have during the summer months is a lovely refreshing cold brew! Today I paid a much over due visit to my local Whittard for a little tea tasting and to see what’s new on their summer menu.

Today they had their Pink Lemonade on sample.

The aroma of this tea is super sweet but that’s exactly what your after with a lemonade so I’m hoping it tastes that way too,

The colour is just spot on too. With a pinky peach colour tone.


First sip is just tealicious !

As its aroma hinted at it is very sweet in its flavour. It certainly packs a punch and it tastes exactly like it says on the tin. It just screams pink lemonade but it also has an added floral tone to it with an almost rose like tang. I do love a good bit of Rose in tea !

I can just picture myself sipping on this tea sat outside on a hot summers evening with a super iced version of this tea. It just screams summer ! It’s slightly naughty but way too nice miss out on !!!!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

State of Mind – Sense of Humour

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m going to be sipping on a blend called Sense of Humour by a French based tea company called State of Mind .

State of Mind philosophy is the “Blending the timeless ritual of the tea ceremony with the art of perfumery”. A very unique way of looking at tea. Like choosing a perfume , choosing a tea it is able to generate feelings emotions which can affect your thoughts.

I’m sure like me you’ve all had sipping pleasures which take you back to a time or place. I know I have / do.

If you wish to find out more about State of Minds hit the link below!

Sense of Humour

For this blend State of Mind uses Mate, Darjeeling, Lemon, Mandarin, Peach and Coriander.

Upon opening the tea envelope you are instantly hit with the aroma of Darjeeling tea with underlying notes of citrus and coriander. I am a little bit sceptical of using coriander in tea but hey I’ll give it a go.

Let’s get brewing !!

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t overly change. If anything it’s slightly less intense in its liquid form than in its dry state.

As to be expected with a tea that contains Darjeeling in will be of a brown in colour.

First sip is interesting. The combination of the Darjeeling and Mate just works. Together they provide an almost peppery musky taste.
The use of the different fruit flavours within the tea lemon, mandarin and peach. It provides an almost citrus kick to the after taste. Due to this the use of the coriander it allows the fruity flavours to intensify.

I’ve never tried Mate before which is a traditional tea from Argentina and Paraguay when combined with Darjeeling produces a traditional energy drink with vitamins B and C. Combined with the fruity notes of the blend makes it a pleasurable drinking experience.

Happy Sipping 🙂


Tea Boost

Time for Tea Please?

This week I’ve been in training for a bike-a-thon to raise money and awareness for PMP Cancer as my friend Donna has recently been diagnosed with it and I’d never heard of it before then!
So feel free to read her story here:

So to give myself an extra boost I found this vitamin c boosting peach and orange tea by Tetley.


We all know I love tea ! So a tea with added natural benefits , BONUS!!


I love a strongly brewed fruity tea so chose to keep the teabag in while I drank, as I just love the way each sip intensifies. On brewing the tea the peachy aroma is prominent its mouth-wateringly delicious and just the fruity boost I needed!

Considering there’s only 1% peach to that of the 10% Orange the tea was much more peachy! Although on sipping the tea, the ginger kick adds a zingy boost which at times takes over the fruity tones. It was a pleasurable tea to drink perfect for summer vibes as it’s just as nice drank cold.

Plus it kept me well enough to cycle 50miles in contribution to our continuos 10 hour bike-a-thon alongside my colleagues.


After that I really did need a large mug of tea!

Twinings – Gingersnap Peach

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea introduction belongs to Twinings and there Gingersnap Peach.

By the name of the tea it is obvious what the two main ingredients are, Gingersnap for their sweet spiciness infused with fruity crisp textures of peach. While the tea brews it is very light in scent so I was a little worried that the tea might lack flavour.


On pouring the tea it was a delicate peach/pink in colour which was attractive to the eye and on sipping the taste buds too. The delicate flavour of the peach was brought to life with the warming ginger and not over powered. Considering I have a cold ginger is a must for me right now.

The only downside to this tea was that the best flavour of the tea wasn’t achieved till near the end after it had been brewing in the pot for almost 10 minutes. I do enjoy my tea strong and this tea was slightly too delicate for me, although the flavour combination was lovely.