358 Years of Tea in the UK

Time for Tea Please?

358 Years !!!!!!


That’s a long time for anyone to be drinking Tea , originally described as “China Drink” when first sold in the UK But known in other Nations by “Tay alias Tee” but was only available in coffee houses in London. Tea didn’t become popular until the Wife of Charles the second (Catherine of Braganza) made it into a fashionable drink.

Well I’m certainly glad that tea is now readily available and in many flavours too! There’s never a dull when you have lots of tea on offer to try.

Now let’s all raise a glass (ok you got me) a MUG of Tea in celebrating 358 Years of UK Tea !!!!

Happy Sipping πŸ˜ƒ

For more info on the history of Tea visit:

Jadu Tea – White Mango Lime

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea comes to you from Jadu Tea and their – White Mango Lime or as I call it, Bliss in a mug! With is fruity tangs from the mango and lime it makes a perfect relaxation cup of tea after a warm day. It’s been 25 degrees today (Norwich, Norfolk) for so refuelling with a mug of tea is much needed.


Brewed for around 3 minutes to crest the perfect balance of intensity of the fruit and the White tea to make harmony in a mug.

It’s not over an powering smelly tea it just perfumes your senses with light fruity tones and you just know it’s going to be a pleasure to drink. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Each sip is just wonderful with intermittent mango and lime hits. It transports you to another level I was imaging a nice sandy beach shame it only lasted as long as it took me to drink the mug!

So if you are after a magical taste experience with fruity tones and all the benefits of drinking white tea then Jadu’s White Mango Lime is just the ticket.

Birthday Giveaway

Time for Tea Please?

It’s my first BIRTHDAY tomorrow !!!!
I can’t quite believe it’s been a year for my little blog already ! So thanks so much Tea Lovers πŸ™‚

As a Thank You to you all from me and with the help of the lovelies at Jadu Tea I’m able to share the magic of tea with one lucky person! This is your chance to win some TEA πŸ™‚


So first you must follow and then…… comment , RT, share this for your chance to win! Competition closes Friday 16th October 10pm .

As there ain’t no party like a TEA PARTY !!!!

Tea Post…..

Time for Tea Please?

Today I came home from work to some very surprising Tea Post from at Jadu Tea.

IMG_3845As you may already know I’ve tried a few of their teas before and I’m very excited and privileged to be able to try some of their other flavours too.

Seeing as I’ve been so lucky to receive some of their Teas I’m highly considering sharing the magic of their Tea with some of you! So watch this space !

Thanks again Jadu Tea, I am one very happy girlie πŸ™‚

Jadu Tea – English Breakfast

Time for tea please ?

Featured on the blog today we have , English Breakfast by Jadu Tea London. If you haven’t seen any of my previous reviews on Jadu Tea (then why not ? Hehe) they are a luxury tea brand based in London specialising in loose leaf tea products.

I love tea and wouldn’t start my day without a black based tea and today is no different !

While the tea brewed it grew in depth and the strong browny water was classic signs of an English Breakfast tea. It smelt strong and therefore I hoped it would be the same in flavour as I do like a strong tea πŸ™‚

After brewing for approximately 3/5minutes I removed the tea bag and added a dash of milk. First sip was lovely . Delicate yet strong , smooth and rich. Just how I love my tea. It was a pleasure to take the time in the morning to have this brew and it certainly seemed luxurious.

Jadu Tea – Mademoiselle Grey

Time for Tea Please?

Introducing you to Jadu Tea London, a luxury independent tea brand. They are named after ancient Sanskrit where Jadu stands for magic, and it is there passion to share the magic of enchanting tea. Where they focus on each individual component which make their blends.

“We share our passion with you with this unique, elegant, classic, charismatic, and luxury gift” – the JADU BOX

For more information on their ethos and products visit :

Today I am introducing you to their Mademoiselle Grey

I loved the smell of this tea as soon as opening the pouch to get the loose leaf teabag out ! Safe to say I’m excited . Therefore I loved the smell of the tea even more while It infused. From classic early grey with Jadu’s Sri Lankan Uva black tea to the sweetness and floral tones of the red cornflowers. Made a perfect smelling blend. As I drink this type of tea black (without milk) I allowed the tea to brew for around 3 minutes before removing the teabag. Plus who really wants the teabag touching their nose while enjoying their tea!


The firsts sip was amazing ! Instantly I was hit with the underlying citrusy tones, coming from Orange, lemon and Lemongrass. Blended with the sweetness and floral tones of the red cornflowers. Makes it absolutely to die for. The flavour combinations work perfectly alongside each other , not over powering one and other but a match made in heaven ! As previously stated and from the photos I don’t add milk to this tea, however tea is unique just like this blend is , so if you choose to add milk then go for it.

I absolutely loved this tea, it was a pleasure to drink and each sip left you wanting more.