Liverpool Tea Warehouse – Wellness Blend Turmeric Gold

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at the Liverpool Tea Warehouse I’m about to start brewing up their Wellness Blend Turmeric Gold.

Liverpool Tea Warehouse a tea specialists located in the Baltic Triangle of Liverpool City centre. Where the shop contains over 200 different types of loose leaf teas, sourced from numerous countries. The business is owned by Debbie Kelly and Mark Hensby. Debbie is a trained Tea Sommelier and Mark has various business within Liverpool. It was their shared passion for quality tea led them to opening the Liverpool Tea Warehouse. For more information and check out their teas hit the link below !

For this blend the Liverpool Tea Warehouse uses : golden turmeric, cocoa peel, ginger root, fennel, aniseed and vanilla.

The tea blend itself is part of the Liverpool Tea Warehouse wellness tea blends. Where through the use Ayurvedic medical knowledge it’s more than just an ingredient within Indian cooking but also a “superfood”.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed in the spicy notes of turmeric , aniseed, fennel and ginger with an under laying earthy kick from the cocoa peel.

There’s is a sweetness to the aroma presumably from the use of the vanilla pieces and blackberry leaves.

Let’s get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing completely changes. The flavour combination in its dry smell to that of its now brewing smell really emphasises they cocoa aspect. It’s giving off a real rich and earthy scent.

As expected given the turmeric aspect within the blend the brewed liquid is of that of a dark yellow with an orange tinge.

Let’s get Siping !

First sip and I am beyond intrigued. After smelling the tea blend in its dry state and then its brewing aroma it doesn’t taste like I was expecting at all.

This tea is what I like to call a two part sip. By this I mean that you get two different flavour combinations all within the one sip. Therefore with this tea blend part 1 of the sip consists of the flavourings of the turmeric and the cocoa and part 2 is where the kick comes in with the aniseed , ginger and fennel.

The combination of the earthy flavours and spice is something very unique to this blend. The closest I’ve ever tried before would be a sort of chai style tea. I’m sure this tea would work well as tea latte. As the flavour is punchy and the colour would also look fantastic.

Their is also a natural sweetness to the sip so no need to add anything to sweeten it up , which fits in the wellness side of the blend.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea India – Espresso Chai Latte

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m trying out something a little bit different, thanks to Tea India, I’m able to try their Espresso Chai Latte.


As soon as you open the tea pouch your sense are instantly engulfed with the spicy tones which are distinct to chai tea.

As an instant tea powder it’s very quick and easy to make ! All you have todo is boil the water, pour the contents of the sachet into your mug , pour in the hot water , stir and away you go.

While I say brewing , the aroma of the tea is more intense wether has anything to do with the use of the espresso who knows.

First sip and hello chai tea. I always find chai tea quite hard to dres robe as chai is chai , although blends differ and are unique.

The texture of the tea sip itself is quite thick , I have a feeling this down to the use of the instant tea powder, compared to brewing the individual components like in some other chai teas.

A plus side of wanting to try this tea and now don’t hate on me for this tea lover but I do enjoy the odd latte and was very intrigued to try a tea that blended both tea and espresso. However can I taste the coffee within this blend for me not enough ! Like my tea I like my coffee strong. For me though I can tell that the espresso is present within the blend. Although not overly being able to taste it along side the other flavours I know it’s there because to my tastes buds the flavours are more intense and are enriched by the use of the espresso. Until I get sipping on another one their chai’s I won’t know if this how they choose to blend or it’s the use of the espresso.

Happy Sipping 🙂


Balaggan – Ginger Chai

Time for Tea Please?

When the lovely people from Balaggan contacted me about trying out some of there chai, I obviously jumped at the chance !

One thing that strikes straight away about Balaggan Tea is their packaging, it’s bright ombré effect along with the golden detail is exquisite and just screams India to me! It would certainly grasp your attention.

Today I’m going to try out their Ginger Chai.

The ingredients for this tea are: Indian Assam Black Tea 50%, Ginger 30%, Spices (fennel, cardamom & cinnamon) 20%.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with an almost fruity ginger aroma. It’s almost like smelling a Christmas pudding . Its smell being rich, intense and enticing.

While brewing it is the aroma of he tea that blossoms being balanced with cinnamon notes. The brewed liquid is of a dark brown colour.

First sip and helloooo ginger ! With 30% of the blend being ginger I was ready for a kick and you get that as well a punch. It is great ! I love it when a tea does what it says it will.

Unlike other chai teas where the spices attack from the front within this blend it’s used for warmth and flavour but as a second element after the ginger. Where it’s followed on by the third and final flavour the Assam.

The blend is almost like magic , it’s warming and heartfelt and is very much a hug in a mug ! The ingredients combined in the quantities that it has been allows for a taste sensation in perfect quantities.

A mug of Balaggan Ginger Chai will certainly cheer you up.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Cafe Del Mar

Time for Tea Please?

While staying in the beautiful beach resort of Paloelom , Goa just a few minutes from my accommodation was a lovely cafe come bar called Cafe Del Mar. On most occasions I ate and drank here for its location but don’t worry I’m not guilty of always sticking to the same food places I explored around the area!

What I love about all the food eateries here is that everything is so fresh and truly tastes amazing.

On this occasion it’s time to show off the Tea!

This being Ginger and Masala.


Ginger Tea


What I love about this tea is the getting to brew it how you like it. The ginger is already brewing but all the other components you’d traditionally drink together you can add as much as you like to your taste.


Therefore I added the lemon straight to it, lemon and ginger is a perfect combo and honey is the best accompaniment. It was such refreshing in flavour and it was lovely knowing how fresh it is. On sipping there’s a massive ginger kick but with a zesty undertone. The honey here tastes amazing so I probably did add a bit too much ! However this didn’t effect the overall tea flavour just the sweetness but the honey tones just added extra comfort to the sipping experience.

In a total contrast to this tea you have the:

Masala Tea

I was very intrigued by this tea with its name association to that of the curry but I’m open to trying anything once!

In the words of my other half its curry in a cup! He wasn’t too wrong. There certainly was some major similarities, with not only the aroma but also in taste. Masala itself means ‘mixed-spice tea’ with a black tea base. Traditional Indian flavours include green cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cloves ground together. When trying the tea it was quite grainy which I presume is from the ground herbs / spices. I decided to add honey too it and it did slightly improve the sipping experience. I think that the overall mix of flavours was a bit too much for me. However after researching the tea I think it would have been better as a masala chai made with milk and lots of sweetener. It wasn’t that it was unpleasant, it was just not what I expected!

Tea Advice

A quick tip when ordering tea is to make sure you ask for separate milk. This might seem like a pain but if you don’t all you’ll taste is the milk and little if the tea.

I couldn’t not just show you the tea on offer at Cafe Del Mar but some of the food too:


It was some of the best tasting on the beachfront.

You also get a pretty decent seat for sunset if you didn’t want to venture to sunset island.


Happy Sipping and Travels 🙂

Karma-Cafe Bakery

Time for Tea Please?

In my next instalment of my Goan adventures is Karma-Cafe Bakery.

A Patnem road side cafe, I found this while mopeding and the sight of a bakery caught my attention. Unlike other cafe and food outlets I’ve seen while in Goa it offers gluten free options. Seeing as it felt like Tea Time it was the perfect time to try. Tea and Cookie Time!


Vanilla tea.
One thing about ordering teas here is that it always comes served already brewed so you never know what sort of strength your going to get. You just have to hope they know what there doing!

The aroma of the tea is light on vanilla scent and presuming it’s a black based tea due to its colouring.

It’s not until siping the tea that I have a feeling this may actually be a kind of rooibos based tea. As it’s got that distinct flavouring you’d expect from it.

The only difference is that the vanilla does a lot of the talking. So they weren’t lying that it was vanilla but like many things in India they tend to get lost in translation.

Banana, Fruit & Nut Cookie

Its not a traditional cookie in the sense it’s not super sweet and not crunchy ! The banana is a clear taste and it made sweeter by the the nuts and raisins. Mixing its with the sprinkling of seasmae sees and the pomegranate for a nice sweet treat but also being healthy too ! It was delicious.

Happy sipping and travels 🙂

Tea Travels – Goa

Time for Tea Please?

I love going to new places to see different cultures and of course trying to discover new teas. So let’s fly away to Goa, South India.

This was my longest flight ever! 9 hours from London, Heathrow to Mumbai with a further 50 minutes from Mumbai to Goa. It was a long day including the time difference.

I was very amused by my inflight meal with the first taste of my Indian adventures,


Oh and a very much needed cup of tea, even it was quite weak, but I wasn’t complaining!


I was even greeted with tea while waiting for my connecting flight !


After what seemed like a life time of traveling , I was met at Goa airport by Lacto the owner of Lacto Cresida Coco Huts in Palolem , South Goa. Just look how beautiful it is and only 200m from beach.


Masala Tea

Time for Tea Please?

My friend recently returned from Goa, India and she brought me back a lovely set of teas ! Therefore im very excited to try this Masala tea.

After adding the recommended tea spoon of the loose leaf per mug and as I’m using a pot I had to use a few tea spoons !

On brewing it turned a rich ready brown in colour , it is sweet in aroma .

On pouring the tea the colour of the brew deepens even more to a dark brown. The packet suggests drink with milk and sugar, although this depends on how you like it, as tea is unique. I decide to add a splash of milk to take a hint off the strength, of the blackness of the tea.

It’s rich and deep in flavour and is really enjoyable to drink . It’s got a slight after taste which I can’t pin point in flavour but it certainly entices you to keep on sipping the tea. As the tea is a blend of rich Assam as well as that of exotic spices this adds to sweetness but also the after taste.

For my first indian experience of masala tea I wasn’t disappointed and can’t wait to try it again.