Yorkshire – Tea Travels

Time for Tea Please?

I love going on a Tea Travel particularly in one my fave places the Yorkshire Dales!

I certainly wasn’t expecting my latest visit to include some snow!!!!


I was very grateful for my trusty travel mug keeping me warm!

A trip to the Wensleydale cheese factory is always a must! Cheese sampling is just Yum! There’s plenty on offer and all made on their onsite dairy.

A trip with out a proper brew !

Don’t you worry lots of mugs of Yorkshire tea was consumed and fueling all the exploring.

From Hawdraw Falls


To Buttertubs


And Grinton Moor


This is just a small example of places to go in the Yorkshire Dales and a small snap shot of my fave places as there’s just so much to explore.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Savoury Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Going out for tea is one of my favourites things todo especially combined with a little treat. Today I paid a visit to Mad Hatters Tea Shop (Wymondham, Norfolk) to try one of their Savoury Teas. How amazing is the presentation.

Which consisted of a lovely pot of English Breakfast Tea, which was strong in flavour and the perfect partner for the savoury tea.


The Savoury Tea included a homemade cheese scone (served warm) with butter and onion chutney, with individual portions of salad, coleslaw and crisps.

It was the perfect combination for a light lunch yet being the perfect Tea Treat.
I adored the presentation especially the tea cup of crisps. It also made the perfect change to a cream tea.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea Gelato

Time for Tea Please?

I was lucky enough to go to the launch of Café Gelato, which you can find on Opie Street in Norwich City centre.

A brand new café aiming to fuse together traditional homemade gelato with Italian coffee (shshhhh we’ll over look that bit! Hehe)


Now it was pretty obvious from the selection of yummy gelato which I was going to try …….


This was my first ever try of tea gelato and it didn’t disappoint!

Processed with Snapseed.
It really was like eating a milky mug of tea in a soft luxurious cold form. The colour was also a perfect mug of tea shade. It was the perfect balance of tea and sweetness of gelato to make every mouthful a pleasure. The perfect choice of gelato for us tea lovers.

I chose to pair it with their lemon gelato (the White half) which was sharp and zingy. Maybe they’ll try an earl grey tea gelato as that would be a perfect match !!!!

Welcome to Norwich Café Gelato !

Chestnuts of Alfriston – Tea Room

Time for Tea Please?

Over the Easter weekend I paid a visit to lovely little village called Alfriston and while there stumbled across the Chestnuts (of Alfriston) Tea Room.


Their Easter themed window display caught my attention and I was luckily enough to get a table.


As normal for me, tea and cake was on the cards !!

Earl Grey

A lovely big mug of Earl Grey tea was just what I needed after exploring the coast and being blown away at beachy head.

(Beachy Head)

The downside of asking for just a mug of tea was where’s my tea bag !

Although it was brewed strong just how I like it it would have been nice to have he option of my own brew time. Sorry I’m just fussy but I do love my tea!!!

With quite a selection of homemade sweet treats on offer i had to consider my options carefully but there was only one cake on my mind and that was…….

Coconut and Lime


The cake was just the perfect balance of coconut and lime and wasn’t overly zesty. It was a fairly dense textured cake but with the light icing added moisture and with the added toasted coconut it made a yummy combination.

Which paired with my mug of Earl Grey it was a perfect combination.

If you’re not in a rush and not time limited then this Tea Room is perfect for you especially with its book cases full of books and games for you to pursue.