The Jersey Tea Company – Summer Green

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m sipping on Summer Green a unique green tea , sent to me from The Jersey Tea Company.

The Jersey Tea Company

Founded by four friends in 2016 The Jersey Tea Company . Organically grow and handcrafted on the Island of Jersey.

Within their tea fields they aren’t just used to encourage plant growth but also the bio-diversity of the land and wildlife. Grown without herbicides and pesticides to ensure what your drinking is purely just that of the tea.

The uniqueness of the Jersey landscape also effect the flavour of the tea adding a distinctive flavour to their tea.

To find out more on The Jersey Tea Company hit the link :

Let’s Get Brewing!

For this blend The Jersey Tea Company purely uses there own organically grown green tea.

Upon opening the pouch you are instantly hit with a very earthy aroma which isn’t what you’d necessarily expect but with the growing conditions it’s smell is unique to this with only and underlying smell of “green tea” .

I’m intrigued by how dark the tea leaves are in its dry state. However as they brew the colour lightens.

Whilst brewing the aroma of the blend doesn’t massively change from its dry state. If anything the aroma becomes more distinct with showing it’s a green tea.

The brewed liquid is that of a yellow colouring a lot more yellow than a mustardy green.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I have to say I’m very surprised. It doesn’t like any other kind of green tea that I have tried before.

The “typical” green tea flavour is there but only as more of a background flavour. This blend has more of an earthyness to it. It’s like a Pu Erh type tea where it has a almost aged tinged to it.

This can sort of be explained based on the way that the tea is grown. Due to it being located near the cost so takes on the marine / salty earthy richness from flavours around the area.

The tea also has a natural sweetness which put balanced any bitterness that you can find within some green tea blends. It’s also light and refreshing upon the palate which makes it an enjoyable sipping. Which for me is amazing as I’m very hit and miss when drinking green tea to wether I enjoy it or not but this one.

The tea is too intriguing not to keep on drinking with its unusual depth of flavour which is unique to the Jersey Tea Company.

Happy Sipping 🙂

J&B Gift Box Co. – Tea Lover Gift Box

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovely Marilyn the founder of J&B Gift Box Co. for sending me their Tea Lovers Gift Box to share with you all.

On opening the gift box you then have a BeauTEAfuly packaged gift set.

The packaging is sleek and attractive or in their own words “gorgeous gifting made easy” . I love the use of the magnetic seal which just adds that little extra touch of class to the shiny white exterior.

The Tea Lovers Gift Box Includes:

  • Green Tea Face Pack
  • Matcha Lindt Balls
  • Taylor’s Tea in various varieties and flavours
  • Borders Biscuits

My fave combos is sitting down to a cuppa tea and biscuits ! So they are perfect for a tea lovers gift box. borders biscuits are just yummy and Taylor’s tea is a top choice on tea flavour and quality wise plus the individual wrapped tea bags are packaged lovely.

The pairing of the green tea face pack which always needed for an extra bit of self care (with a cuppa or five) with the perfect accompaniment of Matcha Lindt balls. Not just based on its flavouring but an added bit of luxury. Plus who doesn’t love a Lindt ball.

So if you know a tea lover that needs a treat , a gift or you just need some self care then check out J&B Gift Box Co.

So hit the link !!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Femini-Tea – Pu Erh Sweet Romance

Time for Tea Please?

Love is in the air ! With Valentine’s Day having just been on Sunday it only seemed appropriate to have a love themed tea. Thanks to the lovelies at Femini-Tea for sending me their Sweet Romance blend to try.


Femini-tea was founded by Diána Cxapáry in 2019 while studying and realised the complexity about being a Women and wanting to others to understand their own feminist rather than vein anxious or conflicted by the female form. So she founded Femini Tea an online blog and store for and about women aiming to nourish and empower relationship between our bodies and tea learning ways to explore and nourish.

To find out more information for yourselves hit the link:

Sweet Romance

For this blend Femini-Tea Pu Erh red tea, apple, fennel, nettle leaves, pomegranate seeds, rosehip, figs, red rose, moringa, manuka honey, naural aromas.

As part of Femini-Tea ethos is to use ingredients with added powers. Pu Erh red tea has slimming and feel good properties, Rose petals are known to help with period pains and the honey isn’t used just for its sweetness but also its anti inflammatory properties. I’m all for a tea with benefits so can’t wait to try.

Let’s Get Brewing!

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed in fruity floral aromas. With an underlying earthyness of the Pu Erh mixed with the fennel and it’s liquorice hints.

I just love watching the blend brew especially when it expands and comes alive.

The aroma whilst brewing completely changes from its dry state. The best way that I can describe the aroma and this may sound found is that is very close to that of jelly with the teas sweet and fruity notes. With an underlying hint of the Pu Erh.

The brewed tea is of a browny red colouring almost like rust which is to be expected with the use of the Pu Erh red tea.

Let’s Get Sipping!

I’ve not drank a lot of Pu Erh tea so wasn’t massively knowing what to expect so was happy to be surprised. The earthyness that you could smell within blend and even more so when it brewed is there from first sip and brings an almost like cocoay side to the taste of the tea. Mixed along side the fennel seeds which adds not just a spiced side to the tea but it also helps to enhance the flavours of the other ingredients.

The use of the flavours both fruity and floral wise don’t come across as an individual. They are very much a blended as one mix.

The tea is also quite sweet in its flavouring which is the main way that the Manuka Honey really screams and let you know that it is there.

Through this combination of the cocoay earthy notes the fruity and floral tonnes with the added help of the honey has given the tea an almost syrupy taste. The closest flavouring that it reminds me of is of a mix of jelly and grenadine. Which mixed with the Pu Erh works wonderfully. They flavours work together rather than against making it an enjoyable sip.

This tea is nothing like any I’ve tried before and with the qualities that the tea has in relation to health it makes it even more enjoyable.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Teaspoon Tea Co.

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at the Teaspoon Tea Co. for sending me their February Tea Box to try.

This months tea box includes Rose Congou (no.14) , Yunnan (no.15) and Grantham Tea (no.33) .

Teaspoon Tea Co.

Was founded in 2014 when the owners left their jobs in retail and sales to open their own tea shop.

(Direct from website) So much has happened and our business has evolved but we have always kept to sell and serve only loose leaf tea. The quality and variety is amazing and although we currently have 50 types of tea, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Our tea journey continues and we hope you enjoy.

To find out more about the Teaspoon Tea Co. Hit the link:

No.14 Rose Congou

For this blend Teaspoon Tea Company uses Chinese Black Tea and Rose Petals.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with almost perfumey notes of the Rose. I love a tea with floral tones so can’t wait to get sipping. As if the Rose is coming through strong in the loose leaf then hopefully if will taste this way too.

I love being able to see the rose petals within the blend especially as they had a vibrant colour to it , it just looks so BeauTEAful.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t majorly change from its dry state. If anything the rose side of the blend is heightened. I really do hope it tastes as good as the smell it’s enticing me with.

Like most brewed black teas the expected colouring of the blend is that of a dark brown.

Any kind of brew that has flowers / petals within the blend I always chose to drink black/ without milk. So the brewed liquid you see is how I drink it. Personally I’d recommend drinking it that way but teas unique to you as the drinker.

Let’s get Sipping!

First sip is just tealicious. For a black based tea it’s not heavy on the pallet. It’s rich in its depth and has an even added lightness to the blend through the rose side of the tea.

The rose is just magical despite the black tea it comes across as the primary flavour. The black tea is very much taking a back seat. The rose kicks start the taste followed by the black tea and the aftertaste is very much the rose again.

It’s rare that a tea actually tastes that way but hey I am not complaining. The rose is so florally that it even gives a Turkish delight vibe with how much strength this blend has. Which is a very nice surprise.

Another perk for this kind of tea is that screams afternoon blend. Even more so it would be a perfect pairing for an afternoon tea. The use of the rose petals almost adds a pallet cleansing aspect to the brew which would work great when eating sweet and savoury.

It also has a spring / summer vibe to this blend, where I can just picture sipping it outside.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Summerdown – Peppermint Tea

Time for Tea Please?

What more could you need than on a cold winters day than an uplifting mug of tea. Today I’ve got the chance to get sipping on Summerdown and their Peppermint Tea. So I’m very much hoping for a hug in a mug. A little ray of sunshine !


(Taken direct from website) As a family, the Colmans have always been inspired by robust, piercing flavours. For years it was mustard, but 25 years ago they turned their tastes to mint. (For someone who’s from Norwich and knows all about Colman’s mustard , I was happily surprised of Summerdown connection).

Back in 1995, Sir Michael Colman travelled to America in search of Black Mitcham peppermint – a notoriously tricky herb to grow and one which had, 100 years before, been native to England.

Growing, harvesting and distilling our (Summerdown) very own Black Mitcham peppermint for almost three decades, all from our family farm in the Hampshire countryside.

Thanks to the slow, sustainable way we farm, Summerdown Mint has a pure, invigorating taste and aroma – unlike anything you’ll have tried before.

If you’d like to find out more or to try there tea or other products made using their peppermint hit the link:

Let’s Get Brewing!

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with a smack in the face with the peppermint. I also love the packaging!

The difference between this peppermint and other is that Summerdown specifically uses their own Pure Black Mitcham Peppermint Tea. Which is intensely aromatic. They also infuse the peppermint leaves with its own essential oil.

The aroma whilst brewing is fairly different to its dry state. The peppermint isn’t as intense and boom in your face. It’s slightly more mellowed. However I have a feeling this could just be a trick to the senses.

Like most peppermint teas the brewed liquid is of a dark yellow with a slight green tinge. If you look really closer you can even see the essential oil the leaves are infused with floating upon the surface.

Lets Get Sipping!

First sip and I am hooked.

I knew the slight mellowness in aroma while was brewing was a trick.

The flavour is soooo intense. It’s zingy and punchy and let’s you know that the Black Mitcham Peppermint is here! It’s quite rare for a cuppa to make you sit up and listen but this one does.

With the use of the essential oils it’s supper refreshing and tongue tingling that you can’t help going back for more. When Summerdown said there flavour and tea is unique they certainly weren’t lying. There peppermint is nothing like I’ve tried before and knowing it’s different makes it even more refreshing and not just to the palate.

Even more so this is the kinda brew that you can drink hot or cold. I even think it would make the perfect base for a Mojito or a summer spritzer.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Fen Tiger Botanicals – Lemon & Ginger Ceylon Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Sitting down to a brew is one of my fave lockdown things todo. A moment to myself. Today I’m sipping on a tea by Fen Tiger Botanicals a tea company that was actually formed thanks in part to Covid.

Fen Tiger Botanicals

Fen Tiger tea started as an idea during the start of the covid pandemic. Where Keith and Paul’s Our existing business had been hard hit in April 2020 and we needed to pivot and pivot fast. With Paul’s love for tea and Keith’s knowledge within the food industry Fen Tiger Botanicals was formed.

(Direct from website) “Specialising in a range of teas that complemented the sustainable and ethical stance of our main company Organeco Ltd.

All of our teas are sourced from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership and where possible are certified organic.

At the end of the day, we love tea and we hope you will love our tea just as much.”

Well it’s a good job I do love so looks like I fit criteria ! Hehe

To find out more or to try Fen Tiger Botanicals for yourself hit the link:

Lemon & Ginger Ceylon Tea

The packaging for the tea is truly unique to Fen Tiger. Their image is clear and it’s bold and eye catching. Plus loving the matching ribbons for extra effect.

Opening the tea pouch you are met with a vaccum sealed pack holding the tea bags.

For this blend Fen Tiger Botanicals uses: Luxury black tea, Natural dried pineapple, Lemongrass, Ginger pieces, Calendula and sunflower petals, Natural flavours.

Upon opening the pack you are instantly engulfed with the spiced notes from the ginger with the citrus undertones of the lemon. The Ceylon aroma adds an extra depth to the blend and balance the aromas of the others.

Let’s get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t massively change from its dry state. The ginger and lemon are still the strongest in their aroma however the Ceylon black tea is much more prominent.

Like most teas that contain Ceylon the brewed liquid is of a coppery brown in its colouring.

Let’s get Sipping!

First sip and I am hooked. It’s quite rare to find a tea that does exactly what it says on the tin (or in this case pouch).

The balance of the main three ingredients lemon, ginger and the Ceylon work in a perfect harmony all along side each other but in perfect balance.

Sometimes black teas with flavouring can over power the other ingredients but this isn’t the case. It adds an almost lightness and refreshing aspect to the blend. It’s subtleness doesn’t take away from the tea but compliments it as it allows all the ingredients to sing.

The use of the calendula and sunflower petals is almost unnoticeable in its flavour within the tea but their use adds a further lightness to the tea which will compliment the black tea so it’s not so harsh on the palate.

This is also one of those teas that you know of you forget to drink it (not that that happens often) would be just perfect served over ice and drank on a hot day or mixed with a lemonade for a tea fizz. As it’s such versatile on its flavour it would work well hot or cold.

Although as it’s a frosty day in January hot hot hot it is! Grab a blanket get cosy and think of warmer times.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Rare Tea Co. – Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass

Time for Tea Please?

It’s that time of year when only certain types of tea are hitting the spot and thanks to the Rare Tea Co. I’m able to sip on there Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass.

Rare Tea Co.

Their “aim is simple; to source and supply the world’s best tea, directly from farmers and their tea gardens”. We travel the world in search of unique tea gardens and the skilled men and woman who craft the finest tea – where each harvest captures the most delicious flavours that their particular corner of the world can offer. (Direct from website) .

To find out more or to try Rare Tea Co. Hit their link : asda

Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass

I love the packaging that Rare Tea Co. Uses the tin makes perfect for reusable purposes but the packaging is also bold and effective. It certainly makes me want to try it.

Let’s Get Brewing

For this blend the Rare Tea Co. Uses Vibrant Lemongrass from Sri Lanka and Malawi which has been blended with soft, smooth Malawian Lemon Verbena.

As soon as you open the tea pouch as opposed to the tin you are instantly engulfed with distinct lemony aromas of the lemongrass and the verbena.

For brewing this blend I’ve decided to make my own tea bag with a reusable cloth tea bag.

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t massively change from its dry state. Other than it’s not as sharp/ harsh in its smell.

As to sort of be expected with a tea blend that contains lemongrass and lemon verbena the brewed liquid is of yellow colouring.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip is just wow!

This blend is super punchy and full on with its flavour. The lemongrass and the lemon verbena are a perfect match . They continuously work together to provide flavour and contrast.

The Lemongrass packs a super punch full of flavour but the smoothness of the Lemon Verbena adds soothing tones to balance the tang that you can get from the use of lemongrass.

This blend is tealicious sip by sip and it’s perfect for a flavoursom tea that soothes sip by sip and life as we know it calls for a much needed moment of calmness. Thanks Rare Tea Co. For making a blend that does exactly what it says on the tin!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Twist – Strawberry and Rose

Time for Tea Please?

Taking time to have a cup of tea is more essential to me now than ever. Time to escape from the madness of Lockdown life. Especially after a long day at work. Thanks to Twist Tea for sending me some of there teas to try.

Twist Tea

Twist Tea was found in January 2017 by the Kavanaugh family to create ( taken direct from website) something really innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and bring a smile to its drinkers.

They’ve “always loved tea. There’s nothing like it to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether alone or with others, out and about or in the comforts of your own home”.

That sentiment is absolutely lovely especially at the covid would we find ourselves in with Lockdown in full swing again.

To find out more info or to try their teas hit the link:

Strawberry and Rose

For this blend Twist uses : Chinese White Tea, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Freeze-dried Strawberry (5%), Elderflower, Orange Blossom, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Natural Flavouring.

As soon as you open the tea pouch the fruity floral aromas of the blend are coming through. While the white tea is taking a back seat.

Let’s get Brewing!

I love being able to see the tea blend through the pyramid teabags.

The aroma whilst brewing is primarily that of strawberry but on closer sniffing the Rose shines quietly through.

The brewed liquid is of a deep pink colouring. It certainly helps entice you in to want to drink it! Not that it doesn’t smell tealicious.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am surprised at how delicate the tea sip is. The white tea within the blend adds it unique flavour as an under lying taste to the tea blend. With its clean taste. Hard to imagine a clean taste but that’s just white tea for you. Crisp and clear.

The Rose is actually more prominent within the sip in comparison to the strawberry side of the teas naming. With the use of the other ingredients the tea flavouring is fruity berry and citrus with a floral side mixed with crisp white tea.

This tea would be perfect hot , cold or as a spritzer it’s such a versatile blend.

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Tea Bees – Rainforest Paradise Body Tonic

Time for Tea Please?

It’s the start of the new year so here’s kick starting it with a much needed body tonic as I have a feeling if your like me you may have slightly over indulged this Christmas and New Year. Plus for me I’ve got my birthday added within the mix. Not that any of the celebrations were normal this time round.

Today we are sipping on The Tea Bees and their Rainforest Paradise Body Tonic.

At The Tea Bees (taken direct from website) “we strive to source and supply some of the highest quality teas available globally. As a family business, we are working with some of the most experienced tea masters in the world.”

“We believe that nature is extremely powerful, and we love to reflect our values in our products, allowing you to see where we source from and the properties each tea has in responding to our bodies. Our range of balancing, well-being and relaxing blends allow us to form flavours so beautiful its hard to believe they are so beneficial too! We have even taken the time to create recipies as well as some more unusual ways to enjoy your tea, to ensure that everyone can benefit and enjoy our products.”

To find out more or to try their teas hit the link :

For this blend The Tea Bees uses Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle, Liquorice, Cardamom, Rooibos, Clove, Calendula and Safflower Petals.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the intense aroma of liquorice, cardamom. They pack super punch and actually remind me of opening a bag of liquorice alsorts.
It’s only on a further more in-depth breath that you can get a slight fruity floral hint of the Calendula and Safflower Petals and raspberry.

Brewing in a homemade teabag!

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t massively
Change. It’s just not as punchy. The nettle is starting to sing a bit more but the peppery spiced tones of the other ingredients are very much still there.

The brewed liquid is of a yellow almost turmeric in colouring , primarily down to the safflower and Calendula petals within the blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

It’s quite a surprising tasting tea. With all the ingredients in it I didn’t really know what to expect too much with its flavouring.

The use of the anise, liquorice , cardamom and clove there is a very light spiced and peppery undertone to the tea. There is a fruity floral lightness to the blend which comes from the use of the rosehip , raspberry, calendula and safflower petals. Which give it a much needed lightness and added gentle side to the sip.

Despite their being Rooibos within the blend it’s not noticeable at all which is a bit of shame but I’m happy knowing it’s there.

Happy Sipping 🙂