Rare Tea Co. – Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass

Time for Tea Please?

It’s that time of year when only certain types of tea are hitting the spot and thanks to the Rare Tea Co. I’m able to sip on there Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass.

Rare Tea Co.

Their “aim is simple; to source and supply the world’s best tea, directly from farmers and their tea gardens”. We travel the world in search of unique tea gardens and the skilled men and woman who craft the finest tea – where each harvest captures the most delicious flavours that their particular corner of the world can offer. (Direct from website) .

To find out more or to try Rare Tea Co. Hit their link : https://rareteacompany.com asda

Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass

I love the packaging that Rare Tea Co. Uses the tin makes perfect for reusable purposes but the packaging is also bold and effective. It certainly makes me want to try it.

Let’s Get Brewing

For this blend the Rare Tea Co. Uses Vibrant Lemongrass from Sri Lanka and Malawi which has been blended with soft, smooth Malawian Lemon Verbena.

As soon as you open the tea pouch as opposed to the tin you are instantly engulfed with distinct lemony aromas of the lemongrass and the verbena.

For brewing this blend I’ve decided to make my own tea bag with a reusable cloth tea bag.

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t massively change from its dry state. Other than it’s not as sharp/ harsh in its smell.

As to sort of be expected with a tea blend that contains lemongrass and lemon verbena the brewed liquid is of yellow colouring.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip is just wow!

This blend is super punchy and full on with its flavour. The lemongrass and the lemon verbena are a perfect match . They continuously work together to provide flavour and contrast.

The Lemongrass packs a super punch full of flavour but the smoothness of the Lemon Verbena adds soothing tones to balance the tang that you can get from the use of lemongrass.

This blend is tealicious sip by sip and it’s perfect for a flavoursom tea that soothes sip by sip and life as we know it calls for a much needed moment of calmness. Thanks Rare Tea Co. For making a blend that does exactly what it says on the tin!!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Twist – Strawberry and Rose

Time for Tea Please?

Taking time to have a cup of tea is more essential to me now than ever. Time to escape from the madness of Lockdown life. Especially after a long day at work. Thanks to Twist Tea for sending me some of there teas to try.

Twist Tea

Twist Tea was found in January 2017 by the Kavanaugh family to create ( taken direct from website) something really innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and bring a smile to its drinkers.

They’ve “always loved tea. There’s nothing like it to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether alone or with others, out and about or in the comforts of your own home”.

That sentiment is absolutely lovely especially at the covid would we find ourselves in with Lockdown in full swing again.

To find out more info or to try their teas hit the link: https://linktr.ee/twistteas

Strawberry and Rose

For this blend Twist uses : Chinese White Tea, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Freeze-dried Strawberry (5%), Elderflower, Orange Blossom, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Natural Flavouring.

As soon as you open the tea pouch the fruity floral aromas of the blend are coming through. While the white tea is taking a back seat.

Let’s get Brewing!

I love being able to see the tea blend through the pyramid teabags.

The aroma whilst brewing is primarily that of strawberry but on closer sniffing the Rose shines quietly through.

The brewed liquid is of a deep pink colouring. It certainly helps entice you in to want to drink it! Not that it doesn’t smell tealicious.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am surprised at how delicate the tea sip is. The white tea within the blend adds it unique flavour as an under lying taste to the tea blend. With its clean taste. Hard to imagine a clean taste but that’s just white tea for you. Crisp and clear.

The Rose is actually more prominent within the sip in comparison to the strawberry side of the teas naming. With the use of the other ingredients the tea flavouring is fruity berry and citrus with a floral side mixed with crisp white tea.

This tea would be perfect hot , cold or as a spritzer it’s such a versatile blend.

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Tea Bees – Rainforest Paradise Body Tonic

Time for Tea Please?

It’s the start of the new year so here’s kick starting it with a much needed body tonic as I have a feeling if your like me you may have slightly over indulged this Christmas and New Year. Plus for me I’ve got my birthday added within the mix. Not that any of the celebrations were normal this time round.

Today we are sipping on The Tea Bees and their Rainforest Paradise Body Tonic.

At The Tea Bees (taken direct from website) “we strive to source and supply some of the highest quality teas available globally. As a family business, we are working with some of the most experienced tea masters in the world.”

“We believe that nature is extremely powerful, and we love to reflect our values in our products, allowing you to see where we source from and the properties each tea has in responding to our bodies. Our range of balancing, well-being and relaxing blends allow us to form flavours so beautiful its hard to believe they are so beneficial too! We have even taken the time to create recipies as well as some more unusual ways to enjoy your tea, to ensure that everyone can benefit and enjoy our products.”

To find out more or to try their teas hit the link : https://www.theteabees.co.uk/

For this blend The Tea Bees uses Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle, Liquorice, Cardamom, Rooibos, Clove, Calendula and Safflower Petals.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the intense aroma of liquorice, cardamom. They pack super punch and actually remind me of opening a bag of liquorice alsorts.
It’s only on a further more in-depth breath that you can get a slight fruity floral hint of the Calendula and Safflower Petals and raspberry.

Brewing in a homemade teabag!

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t massively
Change. It’s just not as punchy. The nettle is starting to sing a bit more but the peppery spiced tones of the other ingredients are very much still there.

The brewed liquid is of a yellow almost turmeric in colouring , primarily down to the safflower and Calendula petals within the blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

It’s quite a surprising tasting tea. With all the ingredients in it I didn’t really know what to expect too much with its flavouring.

The use of the anise, liquorice , cardamom and clove there is a very light spiced and peppery undertone to the tea. There is a fruity floral lightness to the blend which comes from the use of the rosehip , raspberry, calendula and safflower petals. Which give it a much needed lightness and added gentle side to the sip.

Despite their being Rooibos within the blend it’s not noticeable at all which is a bit of shame but I’m happy knowing it’s there.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Whittard – Christmas Tea

Time for Tea Please?

With there only being 3 sleeps to go it only seemed appropriate to have a festive brew. Today I’m sipping on Whittards – Christmas Tea .

For this blend Whittards uses a Black Tea with Flavouring. Reading the box it says flavours of spice and citrus.

Let’s get Brewing!

Each tea bag is individually wrapped.

Upon opening the tea envelope you are instantly engulfed with the orangey notes. With underlying tones of the black tea and spices.

Whilst brewing the aroma of tea really changes from its dry state. The black tea is now very much at the forefront of smell. With the spiced and citrus flavour aspect is now taking a back seat.

Like most black teas the brewed liquid is of a dar brown colouring.

As this tea is a flavoured a black tea , then I’m choosing to drink it black with no milk. However if you want to use milk , go for it , as teas unique to you.

Let’s get Sipping !

First sip is just tealicious! It’s rich in flavour and depth. The black tea really sings and packs a punch. However this tea is unique in which it has a two part sip.

This is where the first part of the brew tastes of one thing in this case black tea with the second part of the sip almost an after taste but not quite is where the citrus and spices start to shine.

The citrus side of the tea packs an orangey punch but adds an almost lightness to it . Taking the edge off the black tea. Which on the second part of the sip the black tea mixes with the spices where I’m getting aniseed and cinnamon notes.

The three aspects of the tea work together in perfect harmony with a strong fruity spice kick sip by sip. The perfectly warming blend just screams festiviTEAs and is the perfect tea for the Christmas period.

Happy Sipping 🙂

T.E.A – The Enchanted Apothecary- Assam Black Tea.

Time for Tea Please?

There’s no better way than to start your day with a nice ol cuppa. Thanks to T.E.A I’m able to start my day with a mug of their Assam Black Tea.


Otherwise known as The Enchanted Apothecary (direct from website) :

T.E.A is a unique 21st century apothecary concept with a focus on natural products such as tea, herbs and spices that are fragrant and have a rich history which individually offer various health benefits.

T.E.A offers its followers a place to access learning resource, virtual workshops, collaboration projects, recipes and the online shop via social media. Our vision is to support you to enhanceand enrich your life with natural, sustainable and organic sources.

For more info or to try for yourself hit the link: https://gettea.co.uk

Assam Black Tea

How amazing is the packaging it’s simple yet effective !

Once opening the cute outer packaging of the tea you are left with the vacuum packaged tea. It’s even vacuumed pack on the tea estate to maintain its taste.

On opening the next pouch you are instantly engulfed with the aromas of the Assam. Which are rich and malty.

For this blend T.E.A uses Assam, Mangaldai – India. Grown 1000 ft above sea level.

Let’s Get Brewing!

Loose leaf tea to me always tastes that little bit different. T.E.A sent me a reusable tea bag to use for my brewing needs.

And they recommend using a heaped tea spoon of loose leaf Assam.

The recommend brew time is 3-7 mins so today I’m going down the middle with 5 minutes.

The brewed liquid is a coppery brown in its colouring which is common colouring for an Assam tea.

Drink how you like it with milk or like I am today black. It’s really up to you!

Let’s Get Sipping !

First sip is just tealicious. The flavour is just spot on and hits the spot thing perfectly getting rid of those morning blues.

It’s quite sweet in its taste so mixed with the earthy malty tones of the rest of the sip it makes a fantastic contrast to each sip.

Each sip also has a mixture of almost caramel like notes mixed with a citrus hint almost like an orangey kick. Which provides depth to each sip. Adding a natural sweetness.

There’s a slight almost sour taste to the tea which is most likely caused by not having milk with this tea but it adds a much needed little kick. I don’t know about you but I’m not much use till I’ve had my first cuppa of the day!

Each sip tastes the same throughout the whole mug which is just how it should be and the whole cuppa doesn’t disappoint.

Happy Sipping 🙂

TeaTeas Gifts – Masala Chai

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to the lovelies at TeaTeas Gifts for sending me a sample of their Masala Chai to try.


* Self-love, self-care & body positiviTea.*

Absolutely love TeaTeas headline and couldn’t agree with it more.

Direct from website: We want everyone to feel beautiful inside and out, so we made some little cozy treats to boost our wellbeing and self-esteem.

The more good stuff we put in our cuppa, the better we’ll feel, so we decided to ditch the powdered chai from the shelf full of sugar and additives, and make our Chai from authentic whole spice…and that’s it!

You may have been able to guess not just from the from the brand name and their packaging TeaTeas is also raising awareness and funds for breast cancer charities.

To find out more or to try their tea hit the link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TeaTeasGifts

Masala Chai

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are engulfed with spices warming your senses and enticing you. It’s rich sweet cinnamon and aniseed being the main aromas in your face.

For this blend TeaTeas uses a mixed spiced tea blend. It’s a secret blend which is fair enough but doesn’t it look BeauTEAful.

Let’s get Brewing

Whilst brewing the aroma of the tea doesn’t massively change, it’s tones are slightly more peppery and the aniseed has now mellowed out.

As with most teas that contain black tea in the brewed liquid is of a brown colouring. The liquid may look a bit a strange to some of you but I live in a hard water area.

Let’s get Sipping

First sip is just tealicious. From the strength of the dried tea , to it mellowing whilst brewing I wasn’t sure what to expect but the blend is magic.

All the flavours work together rather than fighting against each other for your attention. By this happening it makes the tea sip sip just calming. The spiced aspects of the blend adds an extra warm ness and is like drinking a hug in a mug.

It’s not till the after sip of the tea that you get a peppery aniseed punch. Which injects an extra added heat to each mouthful.

The only downside to this blend was that my mug just wasn’t big enough !

Happy Sipping 🙂

Date Coffee Co. – Dafé

Time for Tea Please?

Today we are trying something a little bit different thanks to the Date Coffee Co. Who have sent me some of their Dafé to try. They describe Dafé as a chocolate coffee tea and so here’s to giving something a little different a go.


(Direct from website) The Date Coffee Company brings you Dafé; a fresh tasting, naturally caffeine-free coffee alternative made from the highest quality date seeds. We work hard sourcing, roasting and grinding before delivering.

To find out more or to try Dafé click their link: https://www.datecoffeeco.com

Let’s get brewing !

Upon opening the tea pouch the aroma you are instantly hit with earthy rich tones not like anything you can compare it to.

For this brew it was recommended to use a cafetière and 16g of grounds per serving.

Like a coffee brew I was told to use a cafetière .

I brewed for around 3-5 mins.

The aroma whilst brewing was an intense version of its dry state.

On pouring it looks very similar to a black coffee. Even with a slight crema.

Let’s get Sipping!

First sip and I am very intrigued !

It’s got an unusual yet unique taste something I don’t think I’ve ever tasted before.

I don’t really know what i was expecting it to taste like. Dates maybe , given the name. It has a lovely strong taste. With rich fruity tones and is naturally sweet so think dates , caramel , sweetness and richness.

It’s a weird yet very nice sipping experience. To me it gives me the taste sensation of drinking coffee with its earthy rich notes and the colouring of it. Yet it feels like I’m drinking tea. With the calming properties it brings.

The Dafé even resembles tea if you choose to add milk. I made a mug of both to compare and a touch of milk just takes the slight bitterness off it so takes off the Americano feel to the brew.

As this blend is caffeine free it’s the perfect late evening brew for any tea or coffee lover. Due to its richness in flavour which packs a pick me up punch.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Twist – Orange and Lemon

Time for tea please?

Now we are full on autumn mode as well as being back in lockdown , taking time out for a cuppa is much needed. So when Twist Teas approached me about trying there teas of course I wasn’t going to say no !

Twist Tea

Twist Tea was found in January 2017 by the Kavanaugh family to create ( taken direct from website) something really innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and bring a smile to its drinkers.

They’ve “always loved tea. There’s nothing like it to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether alone or with others, out and about or in the comforts of your own home”.

That sentiment is absolutely lovely especially at the covid would we find ourselves in.

To find out more info or to try their teas hit the link: https://linktr.ee/twistteas

Orange and Lemon

For this tea , Twist Teas blends : Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Lemongrass (14%), Lemon Peel (12%), Orange Peel (7%), Orange Blossom (4%), Natural Flavouring .

On opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with citrus notes of the blend. The lemongrass is the shining light in its dry state.

The blend itself just looks tealicious!

Now this brew is part of Twist Teas cold brew range however I’m going to have it hot.

The aroma whilst brewing is a complete marriage of the two main ingredients the orange and lemon so it screams st.clements

I was rather shocked by the brewed liquid colouring of a pink shade but then remembered the hibiscus and rosehip within this tea blend.

Let’s get Sipping.

First sip is just tealicious.

The orange and the lemon are a match made in heaven. It screams St. Clements. For me it’s a 2 sip tea. At first the tea tastes of orange and then the after taste of the tea is lemon.

Despite the other ingredients within the blend they aren’t majorly noticeable. The odd occasions you can taste the use of the apple , hibiscus and rosehip it’s does change the sipping dynamic. However they are used more to support, enhance and enrich the flavour of the orange and lemon.

You can tell that this tea is made to be had cold as well as hot due to the strength of the blend. As well as the fact that the flavour stays the same strength throughout the whole cuppa.

I really enjoyed the drink as a hot brew but served ice cold or even as a cheeky cold spritzer it would be just BeauTEAful!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea India – Chai Latte

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m trying out something a little bit different, thanks to Tea India, I’m able to try their Chai Latte.

Tea India “master blenders Chirayu Booroah and Jimmy Jal Medhora have created a range of authentic tea blends inspired by their motherland, India. From Chai to Ayurveda blends they have created a tea to help you find joy, balance and contentment.” (Direct from website)

To find out more about Tea India hit the link https://www.teaindia.co.uk

Chai Latte

On opening the chai pouch you are instantly engulfed with the spiced aromas.

One perk of having a chai latte sachet is that all you have todo is open the packet , pour it into a cup , boil the kettle , pour the water in , stir and sip!

First sip is just tealicious !

Now I know it doesn’t really count as a tea but the tea and spices work perfectly together. You get enough of a kick but it’s also nice and balanced.

The latte consistency well balanced of watery yet thick too which sounds weird but if your an instant coffee/ hot choc sachet drinker you’ll know what I mean. With a nice spicy frothy head.

A chai latte is just perfect this time of year , the spices add a little kick to the autumn days.

Happy Sipping 🙂