Tetley – Super Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

It’s that time of year when flu and colds are flying around and thanks to Tetley I’m hoping their tea is going to give me a much needed boost to get through the winter months.

Today I’m trying Tetley Super Fruits. This tea is specifically for giving you a much needed boost when feeling tired and fatigued. With added vitamin B6 in a cranberry and elderflower flavour.

The tea blend includes: hibiscus flowers, rooibos, rosehip, natural flavouring, liquorice root, elderflower (1%), raspberry (1%), cranberry juice granules (1%), vitamin B complex (1%) [nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, biotin, vitamin B12, mannitol (wheat)], elderberry(0.5%).

On opening the box of tea you are able to smell the fruity from the word go.

Time to brew !

I prefer my herbal teas really strong and tend to leave the tea bag for as long as possible I know might sound weird and sometimes I don’t even take the tea bag out !

As expected with the cranberry the brewed liquid is a rich dark pink colour. On brewing, it keeps it fruity aroma but with ab almost menthol tinge.

Upon first sip it was lovely !

The fruity tones of the raspberry and cranberry are main flavours being followed up with the underlying rooibos tea kicking in afterwards. The final component of the sipping experience coming is a menthol kick. It’s certainly adds a boost per sip. Which is exactly what the tea aims to do.

Here’s hoping the benefits of added vitamins will give me a much needed boost to get through the winter blues !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Aldi – Prosecco Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Tea can suit any occasion and for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol I’m always on the look out for teas that might just be the flavour equivalent. So I’m hoping to see in the New Year sipping on Prosecco Tea by Aldi.

The tea combines Apple, Apple Pomace, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Rosehip, Favlouring (0.1% Prosecco Powder)

On opening the tea pouch the sweet aroma of the apples combined with berry tones of elderberry is an intense punch to the senses. Almost mouthing wateringly so. I’m very eager to try now.

The aroma while brewing is still rather sweet but less apple comes through than it did within its dry state. The berry tones are more prominent but it still smells crisp and fresh.

The brewed liquid is that of a light yellow in colour not too dissimilar to that of a glass or prosecco. Just minus the fizz!


It’s light in flavour but it’s not disappointing ! More of a leave the tea bag in longer kind of tea. It is a refreshing drinking experience with its fruity tones with crisp Apple and berry working together rather than outshining each other.

Now I don’t actually know what prosecco tastes like but I’m guessing not quite like this however it doesn’t take away from the pleasurable drinking experience and I’ll certainly be raising a mug of this as the clock strikes midnight.


Here’s to bringing in the new year as we mean to go on.

Happy Sipping 馃檪

M&S Bursting Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai Berry

Time for Tea Please?

In the spirit of keeping summer going as long as possible it’s time to celebrate those last few summers with a perfectly fitting tea brought to use from Marks and Spencer with their Bursting Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai Berry. The packaging is very summery and certainly colourful meets my need to maintain some summer vibes!

Like many teas there tends to be some added extras within the blend, in the case of this tea all together we have:
Hibiscus 路 Rosehip 路 Dried Apples 路 Dried Beetroot 路 Flavourings 路 Dried Blueberries (7%) 路 Acai Berry Juice Granules (7%) 路 Goji Berry Juice Granules 路 Pomegranate Juice Granules (6%). (Info direct from box).

On opening the tea bag the aroma is light and fruity. A sweet blend of berryness with apple tones. I’m looking forward to brewing this !!!


The aroma of tea while brewing come across with its blueberry fruity tones.

The brewed colour of the tea is a rich dark purple almost blueberry like which is fitting to the aroma.

First sip is intriguing ! It’s not possible to identify a specific flavour. It’s a combination of warming berries, with the after taste being that of the Acai berry. It’s one of those tea that actually perfectly it’s name as it’s certainly bursting berry. The perfect fruits of summer.

It’s also one of those teas that would be perfect ice cold too.

If like me you are hoping to hold on to summer a little bit longer then this could just be the tea for you. Even better it’s a caffeine free tea too.

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Twinings – Sweet Summer Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

I just love a flavoured black tea, so I’m really excited to try TwiningsSweet Summer Fruits. )

As soon as you take the tea bag out of the packet you are instantly hit with a fruity aroma. It’s not easy to pin point a particular fruit flavour but it’s certainly a mixture of berry flavours.

Get that kettle on !!!

Brewing for the recommended 3/4 as twinings suggests to guarantee the best flavour.

Seeing as it’s a summers day what perfect tea to try. The brewed aroma isn’t too dissimilar to it straight out of the packet. One thing that the aroma does remind me is that of a summers pudding which I guess fits with the theme on sweet summer fruits.
As expected for a black based tea it’s a dark brown in brew colour.

First sip doesn’t disappoint.

For a black based tea I just love the fruit combination with it, it just works perfectly together. They work alongside each other without over powering one and other. For a black based tea is light and fruity in one context yet dark and punchy at the same time.

If your looking for a black based summer tea that doesn’t disappoint in flavour then this could be the tea for you !

Happy Sipping 馃檪

PG Tips – Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Anything that has cupcake in the title always sounds good to me, so a liquid version even better, so say hello to Strawberry Cupcake Green Tea by PG Tips.

On opening the tea pouch you are able to smell the distinct greeness yet with a fruity hint. Looking carefully you are able to see little pink bits ,guessing this is Strawberry!

Once brewing the aroma significantly changes , the greeness of the teas is no longer as prominent allowing the Strawberry tones to shine . It’s sweet in aroma too which must be the magic of the cupcake.

Unlike other green teas the tea liquid is more yellow in colour with a slight pink haze to it. Or maybe I’m just imagining the pink in relation to the Strawberry!

On siping the tea wow !!!!!

It was not what I was expecting at all. It really does taste like a strawberry cupcake . How this is possible I do not know! I’m not the biggest fan of fake fruit flavours and although it’s a tad on the fake side it combines together nicely to provide the overall flavour.

I’m that taken back by the Strawberry Cupcake flavour I almost forgot I was drinking green tea. Which for me is a bonus.

If you’re looking for a green tea without the green tea flavour this is perfect for you.

Happy Sipping 馃檪

Steeped Tea – Strawberry Swirl

Time for Tea Please?

Thanks to steeped tea to sending me this sample of strawberry swirl tea! Through connecting with each other on Instagram , you can find me there by searching for @timeforteaplease and find steeped tea at @Lbd_steepedtea we are able to share this tea with you.

On opening the pouch you are hit with a fruity aroma , I wouldn’t say it instantly reminds me of strawberry but it’s definitely fruity so I am excited all the same. As who doesn’t want to be berrylicious!

On peaking inside you’re able to see all the fruity pieces that include:
Strawberry, orange and apple pieces, lemon grass, hibiscus blossom.

On brewing, the fruity aroma just intensifies, its like a Berry fruit cocktail.

Steeping as recommended for 5 minutes you are left with one of the prettiest cups of tea I think I might ever have drunk. It certainly screams Strawberry in its vibrancy.

It’s only when Sipping the tea, that the Strawberryness really comes out. It’s still mingled with the other fruity flavours but it’s certainly a little ray of sunshine ! Together all the flavours work so it certainly suits its name Strawberry swirl.

This tea is a perfect drink for the summer and I’m sure it would be just as nice over ice on a hot day as it is warm on this sunny spring day 馃檪

Happy Sipping !

Strawberry and Forest Fruits Tea

Time for Tea Please?

Today we’re sipping Strawberry and Forest Fruits Tea.

First off how cute is the packaging!!!!

Well done asda that’s one way to get my attention.
Yup I’m a bit of a sucker for some cute packaging.

Although the tea bag look wise is nothing to shout about but the packaging itself is enough to forget about it.


On brewing the tea the aroma is just what the packaging says strawberry with those extra hints of forest fruits, which is a perfect afternoon pick me up.

Although the taste is underwhelming unfortunately it’s one of those teas that smells better than it tastes. Despite brewing for 5 minutes as I like my fruit teas to be strong it was still a bit of a let down. It wasn’t horrible just not as nice the aroma was suggesting.

It’s only as the tea cools down That the taste of strawberry really comes through.

Taylor’s – Sour Cherry

Time for Tea Please?

Tonight I’m sipping on Sour Cherry Tea from Taylors

Mmmm cherrylicious !!!!!

As soon as the tea bags out of the packet bam there it is ! Although there’s a slight kick of what I thought was liquorice but must be a combination on the star anise and dandelion.


As soon as the water hits the tea bag the vibrancy of the tea comes straight through . Bursting with pink and cherry red, as to be expected I guess. The aroma is no longer cherry liquorice but full on in your face cherry. Taking me straight back to lying on a beach in corfu nibbling on cherry bought straight from fruit selling guy. Ahhhh pure bliss.


I’m first sip I was taken back !
I know it says sour cherry but it’s so true to its name . To start with you’re almost fooled with the sweet cherryness but then hello sour kick ! Which I just love as I’m a sucker for a sour sweets.

It’s just one of those teas you addictively keep sipping despite knowing your going to pull that sour face but it’s all part of the magic.

Plus no “liquorice” taste though I have a feeling this might be causing the sour oomph.

So if your looking for a fruity kick to your tea then this is the perfect choice for you!

Happy Sipping 馃檪


Time for Tea Please?

Happy Christmas one and all !
Hope you all had a lovely day doing what you ever do on this day.

Today I did something a bit different and went for a walk along on the coast and saw the seals at Horsey.


I was also lucky enough to receive lots of tea and tea related goodies.





Merry Brewmas and Happy Sipping.

Mulled Fruit Infusion

Time for Tea Please?

As it’s December I am in full festive swing and any excuse to have a festive brew is fine by me !

So here is mulled fruit infusion by marks and Spencer’s it’s loosed filled pyramid bag with festive deliciousness.

As soon as you open the packet you’re engulfed with a smell sensation. Just imagine all your fave Christmas smells rolled into one and that’s what you’ve got!

It’s tastes fruity and rich with a slight Christmas kick to tingle the taste buds. Using spiced Apple , clementine and Cranberry it’s fruit undertones are enriched with

This is the perfect brew for you if like me you don’t drink alcohol as it’s a hot mug of mulled wine minus the booze! Or if you’re the designated driver you don’t have to miss out on the flavour combination.