Namara Tea – Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream

Time for Tea Please?

As you should all know by now is that I love trying new teas and flavours and sharing them all with you ! When Namara Teas asked if I wanted to try their teas and their different flavours I was more than happy to oblige.

Namara Tea was founded in 2020 by Scott McNamara (hence the name) who like to try and create new things.

(Direct from website) Namara Tea is a farm-to-table tea company that aims at serving the finest artisanal tea to our clients. Namara Tea is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Our tea comes fresh right from the farms around the world. Quality is of utmost importance to us.

To find out more or to try their teas for yourself hit the link:

Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream

For this blend Namara Tea uses Ceylon Black Tea, Strawberry Pieces & Marigold flowers.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the aroma of the Strawberry and the Ceylon tea.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing is very similar to that of its dry state. The strawberry does intensify and the vanilla notes from the marigold starts to come through.

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is that of a dark brown almost black in its colouring for this blend.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I need another before I can make up my mind. The aroma of the tea in its dry state and whilst brewing the strawberry is very much at the forefront. Where as on first it wasn’t as apparent as I was hoping for it to be. This could be down to brewing time or maybe not so many strawberry bits .

The marigold petals within the blend do bring a slight vanilla notes to the blend but with the weakness of the strawberry you do get ice cream vibes. It may be even an idea of adding some milk to this blend may add to the icecream side but for my own personal preference I prefer black based flavour teas without milk. However tea is how you want to drink it.

This tea due to its lightness in flavour would be prefer blend for a hot summers afternoon sip. It has refreshing notes and would also be a great palate cleanser.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Me Tea – Mindful Me

Time for Tea Please?

I’m sure it’s the same for many of you but for me taking the time for a cuppa tea means having a moment of me time , a time to pause or reflect for a minute of calm. Thanks to Me Tea I’m able to try their Mindful Me.

Me Tea

Hannah, David and our Cockapoo Gus, the faces behind Me Tea.

(Direct from website)
We started Me Tea as we believe tea is not only a great drink, but it provides a sense of escapism, comfort and reassurance. During lockdown we started drinking a lot of tea and it was always to match our mood, whether it was…

Tea to wake up…🔋
Tea to sleep…😴
Tea to feel calm…😌
Tea to make us feel good..🤩

“When life is busy it makes the reason for why we started Me Tea even more important, to reclaim “time for me”” which I couldn’t agree with more!

10% of Mindful Me tea profits are donated to a range of mental health Charites. Which is such a great sentiment knowing your drinking tea for your own mental health while doing your bit towards helping others with theirs.

To find out more or to try Me Tea for yourself hit the link:

Mindful Me

For this blend Me Tea uses: 100% organic Ingredients: Quince, date (date, rice flour), apple, fig (fig, rice flour), grape (grape, vegetable oil), orange peels, natural flavouring, apple quarter, pomegranate, cardamon, goji berry, strawberry, chokeberries, lavender, marigold, mallow, cornflower blue, rose petals, elderflowers, cudweed.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with intense orange tones. It’s very sweet in its aroma almost like opening a bag of pick a mix.

It’s only upon further sniffing that your able to make out the quince and floral aspects within the blend.

Let’s Get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing isn’t too dissimilar to that of its dry state. The orange is still at the forefront but notes of the elderflower and cornflower are starting to show more too.

The brewed liquid is of a yellow in its colouring. With all the different ingredients I wasn’t too sure what the colour would be but it’s like a ray of sunshine and I’m hoping this blend will be like that too.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip is a lot light than I expected. The flavour is just lovely but doesn’t start off as strong as it could do. It gets more intense as you sip so I’d advise keeping the loose leaf in an infuser/homemade tea bag whilst drinking. The packaging does recommend a brew time of 15 minutes.

The main and most distinct flavour sip by sip is that of the blood orange. However with all the other fruit flavours and florals working along side together it’s almost like a tutti frutti combination.

It’s very naturally sweet and is giving sherbet vibes from the combination of the fruit and sweetness that mixed together it brings.

This is also the perfect blend to drink not just hold but cold the flavour is that nice and mood lifting that it would be lovely either way and even maybe infused strong and with lemonade and ice for a little spritz.

The tea itself could be very versatile depending on what mood you are in.

The tag line for this tea:

“Find a moment to yourself to reflect, find calm and to be mindful”

Which just fits this tea perfectly. The ray of sunshine that this tea brings allows your mind to relax and become engrossed in its flavour and be in the moment and have some times for yourself.

Happy Sipping 🙂

House of Medusa – Black Tea With Forest Fruits

Time for Tea Please?

Most of you should know by now how much I love a flavoured black tea so when House of Medusa offered me the chance to try their Black Tea with Forest Fruits I was more than happy too! Even more so when it was coming to me from Belgium.

House of Medusa

House of Medusa is a tea company in Belgium but don’t worry they do post internationally ! They specialises in making sure the products are honeys and fair and make sure their products are of the finest quality. Producing a tea that is bespoke.

To find out more or to try their tea for yourselves hit the link:

Black Tea with Forest Fruits

I absolutely love the effect of the packaging the shiny black with turquoise and black detailing and the bold image is really effective. The branding is perfectly matched to their namesake.

For this blend House of Medusa uses Black tea, strawberry, raspberry, blackberries, currants, blackberry leaves , strawberry leaves and natural aroma.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with fruity berry aromas of the dried strawberries , raspberry, blackberries and currants. It’s really strong and enticing and starts to get the mouth watering.

Let’s get Brewing!

The aroma whilst brewing isn’t massively different to its dried loose state. If anything the berry’s are now becoming hydrated and more intense but the black side of the tea is starting to be more apparent too. Which I’m hoping this will be how it tastes too.

Love being able to see the berry’s rehydrating and adding colour to the blend.

As to be expected with a black based tea the brewed liquid is that of a dark brown in its colouring.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am hooked.

This tea does exactly as it smells. Now that may sound weird but what I mean is that the intense berry aroma is at the forefront of the taste with the black tea being the supporting act.

All the berry’s work together in perfect harmony rather than one coming out on top over powering the others. So it really does scream forest fruits it reminds me very much of a summer pudding with the all mixed berries blended as one.

With flavoured black teas I always choose to drink black and wouldn’t add milk to it. Although as teas unique to you , drink with or without depending on your personal tastes. The use of the fruit within the blend adds a lightness to each sip which is natural in its sweetnesses. It also takes away any bitterness that may come from the black tea.

The use of the berry flavours and the black tea compliment each perfectly so therefore would work as an enjoyable cup of tea or alongside different flavours sweet or savoury foods. Making each sip refreshing, with its palate cleansing qualities and would work perfectly with an afternoon tea.

It’s rare to find teas that are just what they say are but House of Medusa has managed it.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Twist – Strawberry and Rose

Time for Tea Please?

Taking time to have a cup of tea is more essential to me now than ever. Time to escape from the madness of Lockdown life. Especially after a long day at work. Thanks to Twist Tea for sending me some of there teas to try.

Twist Tea

Twist Tea was found in January 2017 by the Kavanaugh family to create ( taken direct from website) something really innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and bring a smile to its drinkers.

They’ve “always loved tea. There’s nothing like it to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether alone or with others, out and about or in the comforts of your own home”.

That sentiment is absolutely lovely especially at the covid would we find ourselves in with Lockdown in full swing again.

To find out more info or to try their teas hit the link:

Strawberry and Rose

For this blend Twist uses : Chinese White Tea, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Freeze-dried Strawberry (5%), Elderflower, Orange Blossom, Rose Petals, Orange Peel, Natural Flavouring.

As soon as you open the tea pouch the fruity floral aromas of the blend are coming through. While the white tea is taking a back seat.

Let’s get Brewing!

I love being able to see the tea blend through the pyramid teabags.

The aroma whilst brewing is primarily that of strawberry but on closer sniffing the Rose shines quietly through.

The brewed liquid is of a deep pink colouring. It certainly helps entice you in to want to drink it! Not that it doesn’t smell tealicious.

Let’s Get Sipping!

First sip and I am surprised at how delicate the tea sip is. The white tea within the blend adds it unique flavour as an under lying taste to the tea blend. With its clean taste. Hard to imagine a clean taste but that’s just white tea for you. Crisp and clear.

The Rose is actually more prominent within the sip in comparison to the strawberry side of the teas naming. With the use of the other ingredients the tea flavouring is fruity berry and citrus with a floral side mixed with crisp white tea.

This tea would be perfect hot , cold or as a spritzer it’s such a versatile blend.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Twist – Orange and Lemon

Time for tea please?

Now we are full on autumn mode as well as being back in lockdown , taking time out for a cuppa is much needed. So when Twist Teas approached me about trying there teas of course I wasn’t going to say no !

Twist Tea

Twist Tea was found in January 2017 by the Kavanaugh family to create ( taken direct from website) something really innovative for lovers of tea and set about creating a range of the finest whole leaf teas, herbs and fruits, blended to delight taste buds and bring a smile to its drinkers.

They’ve “always loved tea. There’s nothing like it to lift the spirits and raise a smile, whether alone or with others, out and about or in the comforts of your own home”.

That sentiment is absolutely lovely especially at the covid would we find ourselves in.

To find out more info or to try their teas hit the link:

Orange and Lemon

For this tea , Twist Teas blends : Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Lemongrass (14%), Lemon Peel (12%), Orange Peel (7%), Orange Blossom (4%), Natural Flavouring .

On opening the tea pouch you are instantly hit with citrus notes of the blend. The lemongrass is the shining light in its dry state.

The blend itself just looks tealicious!

Now this brew is part of Twist Teas cold brew range however I’m going to have it hot.

The aroma whilst brewing is a complete marriage of the two main ingredients the orange and lemon so it screams st.clements

I was rather shocked by the brewed liquid colouring of a pink shade but then remembered the hibiscus and rosehip within this tea blend.

Let’s get Sipping.

First sip is just tealicious.

The orange and the lemon are a match made in heaven. It screams St. Clements. For me it’s a 2 sip tea. At first the tea tastes of orange and then the after taste of the tea is lemon.

Despite the other ingredients within the blend they aren’t majorly noticeable. The odd occasions you can taste the use of the apple , hibiscus and rosehip it’s does change the sipping dynamic. However they are used more to support, enhance and enrich the flavour of the orange and lemon.

You can tell that this tea is made to be had cold as well as hot due to the strength of the blend. As well as the fact that the flavour stays the same strength throughout the whole cuppa.

I really enjoyed the drink as a hot brew but served ice cold or even as a cheeky cold spritzer it would be just BeauTEAful!

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Duchess Tea Store – Strawberry Cream

Time for Tea Please?

Today we are sipping a BeauTEAful blend sent to me to try from The Duchess Tea Store which is their blend Strawberry Cream.

The Duchess Tea Store (direct from website) “was inspired, of course, by the well-known story of Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford. As it was customary for the evening meal to be served very late, the Duchess complained of a “sinking feeling” in the mid-afternoon and requested that a pot of tea and light food be brought to her private chambers.”

Their “interest in the world of tea began with the fascination of visiting various tea rooms across the country. We quickly became tea afficionados and began sampling the many different flavors of tea. “

To find out more on The Duchess Tea Store hit the link :

Strawberry Cream

For this blend The Duchess Tea Store uses Green Tea and Dried Strawberry pieces.

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with powers of the strawberry. It’s super strong and punchy and then green tea side of the tea isn’t majorly noticeable in its dry state !

Let’s get brewing !

Whilst brewing the aroma of the tea does change from its dry state. The main aroma is that of the strawberry but now the green tea is starting to sing along with it.

As with most green teas the brewed liquid tends to be of a yellowy green nature but this one is slightly more than yellow most.

Let’s get sipping !

First sip and I am hooked ! Which for me is a bold statement when it comes to a green tea. I either love it or hate it, it’s my marmite of the tea world.

This tea is all about the strawberry. It’s way stronger than I expected it to taste as there wasn’t massively loads of dried strawberries within the loose leaf however that doesn’t matter. It’s super fruity and berry licious.

The fact that the green tea flavouring is only noticeable at the after sip makes you just want to keep sipping and sipping.

So if like me your not the biggest fan of green tea then this one is certainly for you !

Happy Sipping 🙂

The Duffy Tea Company – Midnight Snack

Time for Tea Please?

Morning , noon or night I can drink tea ! The only difference being what kind of tea depending on the time of day. Today thanks to The Duffy Tea Company I’m going to be trying their evening blend of Midnight Snack.

The Duffy Tea Company “supply high quality, superior grade loose leaf tea, Beverages and accessories across Ireland and worldwide our tea is high in flavour and tastes as good as it smells” (direct from website)

To find out more on The Duffy Tea Company hit the link

Midnight Snack

For this tea blend The Duffy Tea Company uses. Rosehip, apple pieces, hibiscus, Melissa, linden blossoms, lemongrass, natural flavour.

As soon as you open the tea pouch the main aroma is the Lemongrass and woody tones.

Let’s get brewing !

Made up a little tea bag !

Whilst brewing the aroma doesn’t majorly change there is a bit more of the fruity notes of the apple and the hibiscus but the floral notes.

I love seeing the loose leaf tea grow!

With the combination of the ingredients it was hard to predict what the brewed liquid would be.

The brewed liquid as you can see is that of a redy brown tinge.

Let’s get Sipping !

On first sip I am intrigued. It doesn’t majorly taste like it smells. The lemongrass for me is now at the back of the sip and a more woody earthy taste is at the front. It has an almost pomegranate like taste to it.

For me as the tea cools the flavour of the tea actually gets stronger.

What I love about this tea is the reasoning of the use of Melissa and Linden blossoms both of which are known to “reduce anxiety, boost cognitive function, help ease insomnia and other sleep disorders” (from website)

It’s part of my evening routine to have a bed time tea so this is a perfect brew for me and there’s always something quite comforting knowing your sipping on a cup of magic. It’s like drinking calm.

Happy Sipping 🙂

Tea Treats from Tea Break Bakes

Time for Tea Please ?

Today I’m super excited to share with you some goodies from Tea Break Bakes .

Tea Break Bakes is a small business in Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire. Set up by Lizzie as a business from home while she was on maternity leave. Through the help of family and friends she was able to try and test her recipes. She’s now ready to share them with you too !

I absolutely love their ethos of “eating them with a cup of tea, and just taking a couple of minutes away from everything,” which is fitting with their name of Tea Break Bakes. As thats one of the things a cuppa means to me taking a moment away from it all , a moment to relax.

Each box is delivered direct to your door and ready for you to devour!

Let’s see what’s inside !

One of my fave breakfast teas and the perfect choice of tea for a company based in Yorkshire.

Love the packaging!

But we all want to see what’s inside!!

The Brownies:
Triple Chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Classic Brownie

The Blondies:
White Chocolate & Raspberry
White Chocolate Blondie
Cinnamon Swirl

Let’s get Brewing

Time to choose which brownie!

Based on having a steaming mug of Yorkshire Tea , I’ve decided to go with the classic white chocolate blondie.

This way the tea will be just right and the flavours will compliment each other, rather than over powering it.

The blondie itself is the perfect balance of soft and gooey yet with a crisp top.

There’s not just white chocolate drizzle but also white chocolate chunks too. The snap of the white chocolate chunks just adds a perfect extra texture to the blondie.

The Yorkshire tea works as the perfect palette cleanser as it’s not to sweet and the dash of milk works perfect with the blondie aspect.

If I was to be having a brownie I’d choose more of an Earl Grey where the perfume aspect of the tea is likely to compliment and refresh especially the bakes with fruit in it.

If you fancy giving these delicious brownies a try for yourself pop along to and even better until 31/12/20 you can receive a 15% discount on orders using Timefortea15 .

Happy Sipping 🙂

Triple Choc
Raspberry and White Choc

Clean Tea – Byron Bliss

Time for Tea Please?

Today’s tea review features Clean Tea and their Byron Bliss blend.

Clean Tea is a company that’s “creates blends from the heart, with our own hands, that we hope you enjoy, and will leave you feeling amazing.

Why Clean Tea? Because it is clean of chemicals or artificial flavours. Just organic, natural herbs and fruits in delicious beneficial flavours. Made with love from Byron Bay

Handcrafted and family operated by a mother and daughter team, we both have a love and passion for health and tea.” Info taken direct from their website.

To find out more or to try Clean Tea for yourself hit the link :

Byron Bliss

For this blend Clean Tea uses the following ingredients : Lemon Verbena, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Orange Peel & Hibiscus.

As soon as you open the pouch your are instantly engulfed in a magnificent fruity aroma enriched with spearmint. It smells amazing and it’s making my mouth water just smelling it. It almost smells like one of my favourite cocktails a mojito!

Let’s get Brewing

Whilst brewing the aroma of the tea doesn’t majorly smell likes it’s dry state with the main smell being that of the spearmint. Which I’m quite surprised by.

Also surprised by the way the tea has brewed ! It looks like a planet !

After taking the brew ball out and giving it a little stir , the brewed liquid is that of a deep pink . It’s now that the aroma has changed again and it’s now the turn on the hibiscus and lemon to scream at you.

Let’s get Sipping

First sip and I am hooked ! It is just tealicious. It’s super fruity and enticing and you just want more and more of it. I can’t quite believe how well this blend works.

For me and you regulars of mine will know what I mean when I say it’s a 2 sip tea and heres another one of them!

First part of the sip is where the fruity magic happens. The hibiscus , orange peel and lemon verbena blend together in perfect harmony neither over power the other and together they provide and intense citrus berry fruity side of the tea. The second part of the sip is the spearmint which leaves you with a refreshing after taste an almost palette cleanser in preparation for the next sip.

The only ingredient within the blend that isn’t obviously tasted is that of the chamomile but there’s something almost magical in the sipping experience knowing that it’s there and it just adds to the calming effect of the sip.

This tea really is what it says on the tin it’s just bliss and I wouldn’t mind being in Byron bay sipping on this tea either !

Happy Sipping 🙂

L’Atelier du Thé – Pink Panther

Time for Tea Please?

What better way to spend an afternoon than sipping on a brew ! Thanks to the lovelies at L’Atelier du Thé I bring you their Pink Panther.

L’ATELIERduThé is a French tea company, which fuses their rich Chinese heritage with their French Palates to blend high quality global teas that taste great. Along with working with a Eco-conscious mindset. To find out more or to try their teas hot the link !

Pink Panther

For this tea blend L’Atelier du Thé uses : Black Tea, Dried Strawberries and Natural Strawberry Flavour.

Upon opening the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the strawberry tones of the loose leaf tea. Is mouthed wateringly enticing and here’s to hoping it tastes as good as it smells!

Let’s get brewing !

The aroma whilst brewing doesn’t differ too much from its dry state which is a very good sign indeed.

With any black based tea even with an added flavouring your expecting to get a brown brewed liquid. This tea is no exception to this.

Let’s get sipping !

First sip is just tealicious.
The balance of flavour is just perfect. The black tea aspect of this blend is just right and it’s not over powering the strawberry. It is able to shine through along side the black tea base in perfect harmony. Which is an amazing find within a tea blend.

The use of the strawberry within the blend brings an add sweetness to the sipping experience. It’s just uplifts the tea and almost takes off what can be a bitter side to the tea sip with a black tea.

Any black tea with a flavouring I personally always drink black and recommend that you do too. I can’t help but feel that with this tea if you were to add some milk it would give off a strawberry milkshake vibe.

This is tea isn’t one to be rushed. It’s the kind of tea for a full on moment. It’s flavour is to be savoured. Light and refreshing but dark and sweet too. This tea is one of great things where you really do get from the blend what it says it’s going todo and that is a sip worth enjoying at a leisurely pace.

A BeauTEAful brew!

Happy Sipping 🙂