Time for tea please?

They say tea fixes everything and I’m a great believer in this 🙂
It’s further said that you can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea!
My aim is to share my views and opinions on different teas and tea outlets so that we can all enjoy the most popular beverage after which is of course tea!


3 thoughts on “Time for tea please?

  1. Hello there!!
    I am Ping, the founder of Zippysparkles, a HK based small business. Our herbal tisanes are consciously crafted for the urban, busy woman; and I work to weave in elements of spirit, love & nature. Our aim is to inspire women alike to embrace everyday happiness and make space for daily self love & care. I am writing to see if we could by any chance send our blends to you for your review, would be an honor to have your honest feedback.

    We are currently working with yoga teachers, studios, and take part in wellness & spiritual fairs/events to spread our work of magic- such as with Wellness360 fair, The Garden Gathering. Being an animal lover personally, we also work with animal homes, The Society of Abandoned Animals HK where 5% of our sales proceeds goes to the care of our sadly abandoned fur friends.

    Look forward to hearing from you , I’ll leave my website and details below.

    With xx & regards


      1. Hi there, yes the offer still stands of course 🙂 I ‘d love to hear your feedback, and I enjoy perusing your blog for other teas. How should I best reach you?


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