Mystic Brew Tea – Creamy Caramel Rooibos

Time for Tea Please?

Today thanks to the lovelies at Mystic Brew Tea I’m spending the evening sipping on their Creamy Caramel Rooibos blend.

Mystic Brew Teas mission is to help you drink better tea. We care where our teas come from and all our tea suppliers are monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership.”

To try Mystic Brew Teas for yourself hit the link :

Creamy Caramel Rooibos

As soon as you open the tea pouch you are instantly engulfed with the distinct Rooibos aroma . On further sniffing you are able to detect the sweet caramel notes.

For this blend Mystic Brew Tea uses Rooibos, Calendula petals, Natural flavors. Doesn’t it just look BeauTEAful?

For this brew I made my own teabag !

The aroma whilst brewing is really sweet and intense. The Rooibos aspect of the blend unlike in its dry state is at the back of the smell. It’s the sugary notes of the caramel side of the tea that sings whilst brewing.

Like any tea that contains Rooibos the brewed liquid is of a browny red in its colouring.

Let’s get sipping !

First sip and I am hooked. The caramel aspect of the tea is just lovely. It balances out the flavour of the Rooibos and together they just compliment each other. Sometimes you can find Rooibos within a blend over powering but with this one it’s not the case.

The caramel side to the tea blend brings such a natural sweetness to the tea which is frankly quite amazing. Which makes it the perfect afternoon pick me up minus the caffeine.

Even as the blend gets cooler the flavours combination doesn’t change.

Happy Sipping 🙂

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