Tea India – Espresso Chai Latte

Time for Tea Please?

Today I’m trying out something a little bit different, thanks to Tea India, I’m able to try their Espresso Chai Latte.


As soon as you open the tea pouch your sense are instantly engulfed with the spicy tones which are distinct to chai tea.

As an instant tea powder it’s very quick and easy to make ! All you have todo is boil the water, pour the contents of the sachet into your mug , pour in the hot water , stir and away you go.

While I say brewing , the aroma of the tea is more intense wether has anything to do with the use of the espresso who knows.

First sip and hello chai tea. I always find chai tea quite hard to dres robe as chai is chai , although blends differ and are unique.

The texture of the tea sip itself is quite thick , I have a feeling this down to the use of the instant tea powder, compared to brewing the individual components like in some other chai teas.

A plus side of wanting to try this tea and now don’t hate on me for this tea lover but I do enjoy the odd latte and was very intrigued to try a tea that blended both tea and espresso. However can I taste the coffee within this blend for me not enough ! Like my tea I like my coffee strong. For me though I can tell that the espresso is present within the blend. Although not overly being able to taste it along side the other flavours I know it’s there because to my tastes buds the flavours are more intense and are enriched by the use of the espresso. Until I get sipping on another one their chai’s I won’t know if this how they choose to blend or it’s the use of the espresso.

Happy Sipping 🙂


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