Tee Gschwendner – Marani

Time for Tea Please?

There’s nothing I love better while traveling that trying new teas. Today’s #teareview is a tea that I had the chance to try while staying in Croatia. The villa that I stayed in was looked after by two lovely German ladies and they let me raid their tea stash! Where I cam across Tee Gschwendner – Marani.

Now I may not be able to read German but I do know how to read tea and I certainly wasn’t going to be put off by trying a tea at the time I wasn’t 100% sure quite what it was! However I’ll give anything a try once.

After looking the tea up it was possible to find out exactly what it was I was about to drink, which was a blend of green tea , marigold, rose and cornflower blossoms.

The brewing recommendation for this tea was for 2 minutes . Quite a short brewing time but I went with it anyway.

Whilst brewing like many loose leaf tea there’s always a few pesky bits that somehow always manage to sneak out. The aroma was delicately floral, with a few hints of green tea coming through while brewing.

The brewed liquid is a very faint yellow with a green tinge. As to be expected with a green based tea.

First sip was interesting green tea to me has a bit of a love hate relationship! I’m sure there’s tea out there that are the same for you.
Now I didn’t hate it but it definitely took a few sips for this tea to get going.

The mixture of the floral tonnes was just lovely , albeit faint it added a much needed depth to the green tea. For me personally I’d have preferred more floral less green tea to truly allow the floral notes to really sing. However this could have been all down to the brewing.

I like my tea strong ! Yes even the ones I’m not massive fans of and this blend wasn’t strong enough for my liking. Now this could have purely been down to the short recommended brew time and that a longer brew would have provided the kick I was looking for.

I certainly would try this tea again just brewing it for longer as it deserves a second chance!

Happy Sipping 🙂



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