Stash – Strawberry Pomegranate

Time for Tea Please?

One thing I love todo while staying away in hotels is looking at their tea selections. While away in Iceland I stayed in called Laugarbakki and while having breakfast came across Stash Tea.

Stash tea is actually an American brand, you may have read in a previous post that in Iceland they aren’t massive tea drinkers and have little choice on offer so I’m not surprised, plus their are a lot of American tourists.

Stash Tea got its name from tea folklore, based on tea being transported by ship, the captain would often be presented with his own fine tea otherwise known as his stash! Such an awesome way to name a tea company.

Today I’m trying their Strawberry and Pomegranate Tea.

This tea blends together Rooibos, rose hips, hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaves, pomegranate flavour, strawberry flavour and citric acid.

On opening the tea envelope there’s no mistaking that this is a Rooibos tea , with its distinct aroma hitting the senses closely followed by that of the strawberry.

Let’s get brewing !

The brewed aroma is not too dissimilar to that of its dry , other than the strawberry smell now being stronger than that of the Rooibos.

Once brewed the tea is a pinky tinged brown colour.

First sip is just delicious ! It’s not strong in its flavour but not overly delicate either. The Rooibos blends perfectly with the other ingredients to allow the taste of the tea be a perfect blend. Instead of the being the strongest taste the Rooibos works along side the strawberry and raspberry notes for a lovely berry blend.

It’s not until further down the blend that the more floral aspects of the tea to start come through as well as that of pomegranate tones. The floral notes just add an extra depth to the tea that wasn’t there before but with the berryness provide the more grenadine syrup style taste.

One thing I particularly loved about this tea is how naturally sweet it was. It certainly satisfies a sweet craving and without the caffeine!

Happy Sipping 🙂


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