Cherry Tea

Time for Tea Please?

On the next instalment of my Turkish Tea Travels introducing to a different aspect of Turkish Tea culture, the instant tea !

From the supermarkets to the shops they just love it! I’m sure it’s all part of the tourist trade, especially with some stores selling instant suited to improving your bedroom antics! (One for the grown ups) .

Now we could argue that instant tea isn’t really tea but that wasn’t going to stop me trying especially when it was super cheap !

Cherry Tea

Now I may not know Turkish but luckily for me there was some guidelines in English on the back.

As soon as you open the packet you are pretty literally engulfed in cherry ness so be careful of powder bomb going off. But it smells amazing so can’t wait to try!

Boiling the kettle adding 3 teaspoons of powder per mug for a hot version or 2 table spoons for cold.

As soon as the water hits the powder this amazing deep pinky red colour comes to life I guess you could call it cherry red hehe! The aroma isn’t distinctly cherry but it’s certainly fruity.

After leaving it a few minutes to cool, as know one wants to burn their tongue it’s time to try!

Mmmmm cherry !

After not having an overly strong cherry aroma the flavour is certainly there. After eating a lot of cherries while in Turkey it was refreshing to drink it for a change however it is rather on the sweet side. Now I have a sweet tooth and don’t mind that so you might just want to play around with it to suit your own needs.

It’s another one of those perfect summer teas based on its fruity sweetness that will just be perfect served iced cold.

Happy Sipping šŸ™‚

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