Turkish Tea

Time for Tea Please?

As most of you already know you I’ve just been to Turkey ! It was my first visit here in which I’m staying in the area of Oludeniz. A fairly popular tourist destination with plenty of things to see and do.

Before my exploring began it was essential to start the day with a Turkish Tea. Luckily for me at my hotel it was literally on tap.

Now there was a bit of trial and error and people watching to get the perfect combination. The trick seemed to be 1/6th tea to 5/6ths water in that makes sense. Although it means you can have it to your desired strength.

I love my tea strong and made the rookie error on first attempt filling it all with tea now that was too strong but I soon found the combo for me.

Unlike other europeans staying at the hotel I embraced the tulip glass cups to drink from. I can have a boring mug any old day of the week!

Plus there just super cute!

After filling up on lots of tea and freshly made pancakes at the Majestic Hotel it was off to explore.

I loved going on various boat trips to explore the crystal blue islands or hopping on the local bus and seeing some roman history, up a mountain or even taking a mud bath! Well when in Turkey !




Happy Sipping and happy traveling 🙂

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