Bluebird Tea Co. – Christmas cake

Time for Tea Please?

Bluebird tea co – Christmas cake

How cute is this lose leaf yes it even has little snow flakes in it !!!! It also smells devine. Slightly fruity but woody with a hint of spice.

Time to brew …

Oh wow I think I even spy some glitter all adds to the magical feeling of Christmas.

The aroma while brewing isn’t too dissimilar to its lose leaf state if anything It smells a little more woody.

The brewed tea is exactly what you’d imagine for a Christmas cake with rich brown tone.

On first sip I’m rather intrigued as I can’t place what I actually taste !

According to the Boyf it tastes of his fave frangipani cakes , it does have almonds pieces so maybe I’ll let him have that one.

Looks like I need a few more sips…

It’s hard to distinct a specific flavour but a collective blend of the smokey tones of the ceylon black tea mixed with the cloves and what Christmas cake would be without a bit of Orange !

Oh I almost forgot this tea actually has prices of Christmas tree in !!!!!!

If you can get more festive than that then when can you.

I’m not sure if this is quite my cup of tea but it’s certainly a fab Christmas brew for any tea lover.

Happy Sipping 🙂

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