Tea Read: The Tea Book by Linda Gayland

Time for Tea Please?

Today we are having a look at my latest Tea Read
The Tea Book By Linda Gayland


Linda is a tea sommelier and sees it her mission to convince tea drinkers there’s more to tea than a tea bag in a mug but the mystery around all aspects of tea. Allowing everyone to have a tea adventure.

The book doesn’t focus on individual tea type but all of them.
Looking at history, growth , plantation to teapot to the perfect infusion.

Giving guidelines and advice to allow you to make tea choices to suit your needs and flavour combinations.


The book goes further and looks into Tea culture around the world , looking at tea etiquette in different countries and how this relates to the style of tea. From the British afternoon tea to Japan Chanoyu or the Russian Samovar.


I loved the section on Tisanes where Tea is used for its therapeutic purposes. Not all herbal teas are seen to be “tea” as they aren’t produced from the camellia sinensis plant , where as tisanes tend to use parts of various other plants to make an infusion.


The book finishes up with various recipes to try your own tea combinations , cocktails etc.

So if you’re a tea lover looking to learn a little bit more about tea then this book is just perfect.

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