Loyd – Blackberry and Blueberry

Time for Tea Please?

Feeling a bit fruity today I just couldn’t resist a mug of this Blackberry and Blueberry Tea by Loyd. Sometimes you just need a fruity kick to make yourself feel better.

As soon as you open the box your are hit with the fruity sensation of the blueberry and blackberry essence ! So I was very much hoping it tasted just as good as it smells.

Plus I love the fact that it has the Loyd tag line The Magic Experience written on it, which makes me rather intrigued to try.

As soon as the boiling hot water hits the tea bag the magnificent pinky purple colour transfused through to infuse the flavour . While brewing the tea the colour intensifies as well as the fruity perfume of the tea to waft and entice the taste buds.


Leaving the tea to brew for 3/5 minutes I couldn’t wait to try.
It’s safe to say it smelt exactly as it tasted! It was fruity and perfectly blended as a unique refreshing taste. It was light and crisp and not overly sweet at the same time. The blueberry and blackberry flavour was blended just right with a slight more blueberry edge. Which was fine for me as I love blueberries.

It was a lovely tea to drink and was a perfect afternoon pick me up !

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